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Big Wedding? OFF!

Posted in Nuts and Bolts of this shindig by inowpronounceyou on March 2, 2007

As of 1:04pm today, the wedding we were planning is officially off. We have decided on a MUCH smaller wedding, and have gotten all of our deposits back…how, I have NO idea. But we got every dime back.

We had been debating this for a while, and talking about how everything that we said we wanted seemed to be fading away, and that everything we said we wanted no part of seemed to be making its way into our wedding. As of today, that is NO MORE!

Originally, we wanted a small wedding in Maine. My family, her family, and some friends. We’re talking like 20 people. Somehow that became 50 people in Virginia wine country. Then 60-70 people in Virginia wine country. Then, we’ll send out 100 invitations and hope that maybe 80 are coming. It was going to be maybe $8000…then $10,000…then $15,000…

In the words of Roberto Duran; NO FUCKING MAS!!!

We are now getting married in Maine, with 20 people.

Moral; don’t let your wedding get away from you, folks. You know what you want, so stick to it. Ferociously. In the blink of an eye it can turn in to something only Meadow Soprano would love. You want to be in Maine for the foliage with your closest friends and family? Do it.

We are.


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  1. Dupont said,

    That’s fantastic! And Maine is going to be beautiful – I grew up there, the Fall, as I’m sure you know, is unbeatable. And congrats on reclaiming the day for yourself that’s what it should be all about – personally, I’m a big fan of just eloping simply because it doesn’t give anyone a chance to mess with your plans.

  2. J said,

    Dupont; I spent part of (and sometimes ALL of) every summer of my younger life in Down East Maine with my grandparents. Now, my brother and his family live there, as does my father. It’s one of the few places I have ever truly felt at home…and I can’t get there fast enough!

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