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She’s My Sweet Little Thing…She’s My Pride and Joy

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on March 2, 2007

Did you know SRV wrote that about his guitar, not his girlfriend? It’s true…look it up. I’ll wait…go ahead.

See, told you.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night and all day Saturday I get the place to myself due to a class that Fiancé is taking. She’s getting her Real Estate License, so I get control of the remote (HOORAY for Classic Baseball games) and the ability to play my guitar uninterrupted. This, basically, ROCKS. I had not picked up a guitar in well….pretty much forever, due to life/work and whatever. Seriously, it had been YEARS. And, honestly, I gave away or sold off most of my gear. I mean, it was just sitting there and I really didn’t ever think about it…

Then I got the jones. It started when I realized that I was listening to music completely differently. Breaking it down in my head, measure for measure. Visualizing. Moving my hands a little up and down an imaginary fretboard and bending imaginary strings. That was the first step. Next came King Crimson…

For those of you that don’t know King Crimson, I have nothing to say. Really. Nothing. It’s music you’re either going to get and love or just never want to hear again. It’s all guys who are just PHENOMS at their instruments basically writing jaw dropping arrangements. It’s the kind of stuff that music majors just flip out over when they first hear it. But I digress…

…this really does have a point….

The other side of my music lovin’ self couldn’t be anymore different, or any further away from King Crimson. Get me to start rattling off some of my favorite songs and eventually I’m going to get to my guiltiest pleasure of all…

80’s music. And, more specifically, my favorite song from the 80’s.

“Your Love” A CLASSIC 80’s song by the Outfield.

I am not here to tell you that this is great music. God no. In fact, I refer to this as whole note rock. Why? Because it’s just so damn simple that you wonder if they know there are minors and 5th’s and quarter notes…but I love it just the same. In fact, I can (and do) find myself blending genres all the time. I will go from a Peter Gabriel (OLD PG, thank you very much…) mood to a full on Styx freak out in two seconds flat if I find a chord progression that fits both “Here Comes the Flood” AND “Babe”…

Which leads me back to my sudden urge to pick up a guitar…

I mentioned to Fiancé that I needed…not wanted, not was thinking about…but NEEDED to go out and buy a new guitar. And an amp. This might not sound like a big deal, BUT keep in mind that we are (1) paying for a wedding and (2) putting money away for our house and (3) my last guitar, which was sold off in a moment of PURE FUCKING STUPIDITY, was a $3000 Fender Custom Shop (I’m getting misty as I write this) Strat with a totally vintage mid 70’s Super Reverb amp…

Well, me saying “I need a new guitar and an amp” would be a rather scary thing to hear for a lot of people in her position. My girl? Not so much. We struck a compromise; I get a new, inexpensive rig, get myself back in to playing (just to be sure it doesn’t become a passing urge) and assuming that I get back in to it, THEN I go out and get the rig I want.

I now get to sit at home Tuesdays and Thursday nights and all day Saturday playing my Epiphone Dot Hollow body through a Line 6 Spider amp. Total cost? $500 after negotiating a bit…and for good measure, I bought her a new iPod.

And now she is encouraging me to band together with some of the musicians that will be attending our wedding to play something at the reception. She thinks it will be a blast, and she’s probably right.

“Your Love”, sadly, will not be on the play list. I mean, great though it may be…songs about cheating with a very young girl while your gf is out of town are verboten at weddings. I wonder how she’d feel about some Corey Hart?


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