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I Want a Do Over

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on March 5, 2007

Unfortunately, this weekend was a lost cause. Fiance is exhausted from her class and work, and I’m stressed out from having to get all of these tests done and my job. That ticking time bomb pretty much blew up this weekend. It wasn’t that we were fighting, it was that we just couldn’t say anything to each other without it coming out completely wrong. And I mean everything.

Somehow, it seems, we woke up on Sunday and just got on each other’s nerves. Anything she said, I took wrong…and I didn’t do a great job of expressing my discontent. After a few hours, it just sucked out loud. Fiance decided she’d had enough and went to study at a coffee shop. I spent time cleaning the apartment and playing guitar…but it just sucked.

It wasn’t that either of us have been spoiling for a fight. It was really more of a perfect storm. Two tired, stressed out people are bound to crack at some point. And this Sunday, the fault line opened up.

Today I apologized. In previous relationships, it was damn near a rule that in situations like this I NEVER apologized first. It’s petty, I know. But that’s how I rolled. I’m not above admitting that I was petty. Now, not so much. I felt awful when I woke up this morning and I wanted her to know.

But I would still like a do over for the weekend.


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  1. Dupont said,

    😦 There are bound to be times when everything just sort of collides and things get snarky – but at least it seems you both understand that and are all right now… Being able to do do-overs would be such a weight off the shoulders though, I agree completely.

  2. My Kids Day said,

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