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Opening Day, Thank God

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on March 26, 2007

I signed my new lease this weekend…which is good, as the couch thing has gotten old much faster than I would have expected. I’m starting to get my things together…which is odd, since it seems like I just unpacked them. But overall, I’m actually starting to get in to a groove about the whole thing. I’m sure once I’m in the new place that might feel a bit different. We’ll see.

However, it’s all starting to feel much better. Not GOOD. But, better. exFiance and I have been talking, and I’ve no doubt that we’ll remain friends. Hell, close friends even. I see her points and there’s not a lot left to say except “OK”. And, for a guy like me…if this HAS to happen, right before opening day is, I guess, the best possible time. (Christmas, I should think, would be the worst possible time) I can almost hear myself saying “Yes, I’m calling to order the baseball package” now.

So, the lease is signed, the boxes are being packed, and I’m not really sure that there’s all that much to say through this medium anymore. We’ll see. Although I did just get my first (albeit wildly incoherent) hater, and I’d hate to make her have to find someone else to hate on so quickly. (Mets Cardinals Sunday night, BBTY)

At any rate…I don’t want to wallow anymore. I want to get on with it. I’ve got my opening day tix, a workload that is going to just explode when the Gov lets the money flow again, a new niece that should be here in May, and a new guitar that’s still right out of the wrapper. That list will keep me busy, and busy is good.


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  1. Red said,

    Baseball can cure most of what ails you. If not then add a beer and a kielbasa dog with plenty of mustard and the heartburn will take you mind off anything.

  2. Freckledk said,

    You know, a game would be a great idea for a Blogger Outing.

    Congrats on both of your pending moves – moving in and moving on.

  3. carrie m said,

    Ooh, I like the idea of a game as a Blogger Outing!

    Congrats on finding a new place and your projects. I hope you don’t stop writing though – hey, a new focus isn’t a bad thing!

  4. Red; we park our cars in the same garage.

    FreckledK; GREAT CALL. I’m in for any game.

    carrie m: Thanks. I just might keep it up…I’m thinking that I’ll change the name and start fresh.

  5. I’ll see you at the Mets/Nats Game…you’ll be the one crying.

  6. BBTY; Yawn.

  7. Baseball games rock. If you do start afresh, let me know! Also, will you be at HH on Thursday?

  8. Mandy said,

    I’ve been tending to convince myself that the busier I stay lately – the harder it will be to dwell on things that are out of my control. It’s not avoidance – it’s truly not. But it helps with the tough bits.

    Or trips out of town. Those work too. Promise.

    HH thursday?

  9. Dagny; If I decide to keep writing, you’ll certainly know. I’m leaning towards it, as it’s cathartic. Kinda like running a copper mine for Francisco D’Anconio.

    Mandy; That’s the logic I use…always have and always apparently will. Right now I am thinking about going home to Boston and/or Bennington for a long weekend before going to Maine in May to see my new niece once she’s born. I fiugre that should be a good trip.

    And HH? I’m thinking that I will be there…but I really can’t drink. I went out with Arjewtino and kinda messed that up and paid for it. So, yeah…I’ll be the tall sober guy.

  10. carrie m said,

    after the debaucherous drinking at the last HH, I’m hearing from several folks that they won’t be hitting the sauce as hard either. You should definitely come though!

  11. Freckledk said,

    We’ll see about that, Carrie M. Sounds like a lot of big talk to me.

  12. It’s always easy to say you won’t be drinking before you get there! But I ummm…won’t be drinking. No really. REALLY.

  13. Freckledk said,

    Okay, well I won’t be drinking either. Not a one. Not at all. None for me, thanks.

    I say all of this but will be unintentionally blotto within 15 minutes of my arrival. Social anxiety and the like. Luckily, I don’t really get hungover. But I do always – ALWAYS – feel like a jackass the next day, even if I behave myself.

  14. Heather B. said,

    Oh we’ve done the multiple bloggers at baseball thing before and it involved jello shots at 11:30 AM in the middle of humidity of July. Awesome.

    Anyway my sentiments exactly, thank God for opening day. It’s pretty much the one thing I’m super stoked for.

  15. Dupont said,

    Glad to see you’ve gotten the new place sorted out – I don’t know if you’ll be hanging out in the circle much, but if you do – you’ve always got company in me if you want 🙂

    As for the HH – I’m glad to hear I won’t be the only sober one there (though I’ll be the short sober girl).

  16. Maria said,

    Sounds like good times will be had this Thursday evening in DC!

  17. One Brain said,

    This all sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me. All of it. From the relationship that probably never was, to the breakup that probably never happened to the women you are now collecting in the wake of your misery. It’s a perfect plan, I must admit. Congratulations Big Head Rob.

  18. THIS IS ROB?! FUCK, I was trying to flirt with this dude. DAMN!

  19. Carrie M said,

    like I told Arjewtino, famous last words…famous last words…;-)

  20. sbmaya said,

    Thanks for the sweet email – Best, best of luck with the new apartment….and remember the West Coast drinks offer still stands from guitar guy and I. Cheers, bro.

  21. Blondie McBlonde said,

    Let’s see your new place. Have a housewarming party. Girls only.

  22. Heather B: Post All Star Break, I’ll be good to go on Jello Shots before noon. Either way though, I’m in. (Hell, I’m in for most home games anyhow!)

    Dupoint; thanks. I friggin’ hate moving, but at least this time I’m leaving most of the furniture and ordering new stuff…karma free. Green tea for two at the HH!

    Maria; sadly, there is no Metro stop for Toronto…but you’ll be there in spirit, right?

    One Brain; I’m not sure if one brain is saying that he IS Big Head Rob, or if he thinks I’M Big Head Rob. But at any rate, here’s the deal; Would you like to help me move in this weekend? Hang out with me when my meds don’t kick in? Give a pop quiz to exFiance? Is it that you don’t think I’m telling my story? Or could it have more to do with the “women I’m collecting”. Dude, grow up.

    BBTY: I have no idea if it is or not…but either way, you’ve got a soulmate there. Run along and breed little haters because hate is so original, so difficult, and in such short supply, right? Oh wait…it’s not.

    SBMAYA; you rock, congrats again, and if I’m ever on the left coast I’m bringin my 6 string.

    Blondie McBlonde; Housewarming? You never know. We’ll see how the HH goes!

  23. Apparently, I came across as a little too harsh on BBTY….I didn’t mean to. I actually enjoy some of her venom, and she has an excellent character witness in LMNTal. It was more a rant on the hate…and the general teeth gnashing that the name BHR brought out of me. My bad. Cheers BBTY.

  24. No worries, love. Have a go at me all you want. You know BBTY can take a hit on the chin!

    And if LMNtal is my character witness…uh oh!!!

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