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Happy Hour With Fredericke and Y’all.

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on March 29, 2007

“When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss also gazes into you.”
– Fredericke Neitchze

Yeah yeah…I know. Leading with Nietchze is pretentious as all hell.

When I started writing this blog, I asked someone who I considered the ultimate guide to blogging for advice on the whole thing, and she asked me if I wanted to have readers or not. Since I was really only writing this as a day by day diary of the marriage process for exFiance, I wasn’t sure. On the one hand, the comments would be fun…I figured I’d get hit up with all kinds of hate mail and when she and I went back and read it that it would only add to the enjoyment. On the other hand, there was something to be said for the unread word. That it would be for her and her alone.

I chose to go for having some readers…and then things went a little off book.

But I keep writing because every time I share something with you, no matter how small, stupid, lame, or mundane, I learn something about myself. Both from re-reading it later and from the things that you write back to me. I shared the personal expecting apprehension and I got encouragement. I shared the traumatic expecting ridicule and I got understanding. Whenever I threw something out in to the abyss and expected the abyss to hurl the worst back at me…

I got the best.

Brunch Bird once commented to me that when we post these things it’s like a message in a bottle…and that’s exactly what it was. It’s a brilliant analogy that she made. But when you cork the bottle and fire it in to the void of the ocean you don’t expect to wake up and find “a hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore”. But I guess that’s what we all are…”a hundred billion castaways”.

And tonight, I get to meet a small sampling of the abyss. I give up my anonymity and say hello in the old school analog way.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the Happy Hour tonight. If for no other reason than to say “thank you”. And sure, OK…to see who’s cool and who’s not and who’s hot and who’s terrifying and…


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  1. carrie m said,

    So glad you’re coming tonight. Looking forward to meeting you and continuing to read your stuff. 🙂

  2. I should be there for a bit, at least – looking forward to meeting you. 🙂

  3. EDW said,

    Oh, have fun! I need to get some blogger friends in my own area – it’s all these DC and Pittsburgh peeps in my online world.

  4. Airam said,

    EDW – I totally can relate to you!

    J, hope you have fun tonight at the HH!


  5. Freckledk said,

    I’ll make it easy for you….I’m terrifying.

  6. Carrie M and Dagny, the feeling is mutual. I enjoy a Total Waste of Make up and Seeking John Gault (have a minetioned how much I love that blog name?!) all the time, and it’s going to be great to meet the writers behind the words.

    EDW; it’s a shame you’re not local! Ummm…go Stillers?

    Airam; Toronto doesn’t have a rockin’ bloggers scene?

    FreckledK; you and me both.

  7. Red said,

    I haven’t been to HH in so long that I don’t know the new players. You think I could bring my 12 yr old?
    Loving your writing. Definitely keep it up.

  8. Maria said,

    Well we don’t have a site like “DC BLOGS” that puts it out there … not that I know of at least.

  9. Jo said,

    I just went to my first happy hour about a month ago and let me tell you it’s a surreal experience. Completely bizzare. You look at each other and you “know” so much about each other but you still don’t. Some people look exactly like you expected them too and others surprise you. Best part about it is making friends. Definitely!

  10. Kathryn said,

    See you there. I can’t wait. I’ve been away so long I’ll just be a gawker reader geek, it’ll be fantastic. Anonymity is underrated.

  11. Dupont said,

    Can’t wait! I was going to skip, but can’t bring myself to do it. It’s been months since I went to one, but I gotta meet you (and Carrie too, for the first time, so sadly!) because if I don’t, I’ll just be that weird person who keeps saying “hey, you might recognize me in the circle one day…” and I don’t wanna be that weird chick. Been there, done that…


    Jersey and I’ll be there around 7, probably won’t stay too late though (it is a Grey’s Anatomy night after all) but hope to see you there!

  12. sbmaya said,

    Ahhhhh….MAN! why do all the Happy Hours (in DC…thousands of miles from me) happen when I can’t go? Gah!!!

  13. AmyD said,

    Have a great time! I agree with you; having a blog has opened my eyes, too, as well as brought some really great friends (and well-intentioned advice) into my life – something I didn’t expect AT ALL. Since I’ve met about 7 of my readers in real life now, I fully support and encourage your meeting yours. Some may not understand the strange world that this blogland, but those same people are missing out, on a LOT.

    Right now, you are venturing out into a world much different than the one you bargained for, and meeting new people who will walk through and help clear the muddled path for you is a great way to go. Good luck, and have a blast!

  14. EDW said,

    Well, it sounds like it was fantastic. I just have to add that IUm not from Pittsburgh…oh, good God, no. I’m local when you come for a Yankees game. 🙂

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