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May Be of Interest To Me And Me Alone

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on April 10, 2007

1) These are some of the searches that have lead to my site.

“getting married under the influence”

You may wish to rethink this. I think nothing good can come of the idea of slurring your words when you say “I do”.

“Dodger highlights and opening day”

Fucking Dodgers fans.

“how to break up with your fiance”

Great…I’m a self help site for people bailing on their engagements?

“wife gone all day every weekend planning”

Ummm…I think you might be in for a bad day at some point in the near future.

“what do the mets fans wear opening day?”

The blood of puppies, I believe. But it only worked once in ’86, and that was because there was a curse involved. (In ’69 you didn’t need the blood of puppies…after all it was just the Orioles)

2) This makes me fucking crazy. Are you kidding me? He dreamt her number, sends her a text, they wind up dating and they get married? Clearly either I have been doing things wrong my whole life OR this guy was stalking her and came up with a genius idea to get her in to his life. Either way…wtf?

3) Carl Pavano became the first Yankee starting pitcher to post a win…in 6 tries. The apocalypse cannot be far behind and I am starting to regret a wager that I’ve made.

4) I am going to be seeing exfiance for the first time at some point in the near future. Maybe even before the weekend. I have not yet begun to think about this all that much. We have to exchange some things that wound up with me and that I left there. I am torn between “here’s your shit, later” and sitting down to see how she’s doing. Some things I guess you can’t know until they happen.

5) I bought the new Sony Walkman MP3 player this week, and it flat out rocks. I realize that this will offend a lot of you, but I refuse to join iPod cult. Flat out refuse. The Sony is 8gb, 24 hour battery life, and sounds fantastic. It’s $160, (or $10 more than a 2gb iPod or $40 less than a 4gb…and $80 less than a comparable 8gb) comes with a set up for Sony Connect Music, and can be used with any service (save for iTunes) that you want to link it up to. I love it. Wish the screen was brighter, but I love it. The first song I uploaded? You guessed it;

Your Love.

Which is now sadly ironic, but still just a bad ass little pop song.

After that it was Big Star, baby.

6) I just realized that the Oscar De La Hoya/Floyd Mayweather fight is less than a month away. Sweet jumpin’ Jesus it’s time for me to get excited. My hatred of De La Hoya runs deep and wide and seeing him get pummeled by Floyd-poundforpoundthebaddestmanalive-Mayweather is going to be phenomenal. Maybe even better than seeing Oscar hit the deck against Hopkins.

Floyd in 7 folks. It’s gonna be brutal.

And this might be the first open invite to the new apartment. Bloggers and Boxing? Why not. Just leave the punch throwing to the people on the screen, OK folks?



15 Responses to 'May Be of Interest To Me And Me Alone'

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  1. Jay Gatsby said,

    If you’ve got a flat screen TV, count me in…

  2. carrie m said,

    This just goes to show you that only trouble comes from associating with Arjewtino. 😉

  3. Jay; I’ve been debating whether to purchase one this month or wait…I think I might just have to. 5/5 is fight night.

    carrieM; WORD!

  4. I hate De La Hoya too; can I attend?

  5. Jo said,

    The searches are weird. I mean, half the time I’m wondering what nutcase is actually googling this stuff.

  6. Bozoette; Hell yes. The more De La Haters the better.

    Jo; I never really bothered to look at those…and MAN are they bizarre!

  7. brookem said,

    good luck for when you see exfiance.

  8. webcowgirl said,

    The best bet with exfiance is short and sweet, and a “scheduled” drink with a good friend right after. That way it won’t drag on to long.

  9. Maria said,

    #2 is hilarious! I think your theory on that one is bang on.

  10. mm said,

    I saw #2 in the news yesterday and thought the story was flat out cute. The romantic in me refuses to believe your theory.

  11. brookem & WebCG; thanks…I’m thinking that it’s going to be quick, as it’s the first time. After that, we’ll see.

    Maria and MM; I WANT to buy in to this. I do…

  12. EDW said,

    I have a friend that got married, TWICE, under the influence. You would think after the first time she’d learn…but now she’s a totally upstanding member of society. No more crazy weddings.

  13. EDW; it’s always the wild ones that settle down and become “upstanding members of society”…

  14. Question: why do you even want to find out about the searches leading to your site?

    I guess I just don’t see what the value in knowing this is (and unles it’s something that could be easily generated, I wouldn’t have time to mess with anything like that, personally).

  15. Lesser being; it’s in the blog stats section of wordpress. I didn’t go looking, it was just there. If it wasn’t I’d have never gone looking.

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