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Styles Make Fights

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on April 11, 2007

Possibly the most cherished idiom in all of boxing, “Styles Make Fights” is one of my favorite sayings as it pertains to life.

This phrase means, literally, it’s not how good you are or how bad your opponent is, but rather how you match up that will dictate who wins and who loses…or more importantly, how good a particular fight will be. If you take two classic counterpunchers and put them in a ring together…no matter how great those fighters are, that fight in and of itself is going to suck. Why? Because the two classic counterpunchers will more than likely wait for the other one to make the first overt move so they can, of course, counterpunch.

Now, the perfect fight happens when you have two opposing styles with simialr philosphies. For example, one of the greatest fights you will ever see in my humble but knowledgable opinion is Marvellous Marvin Hagler v. Sugar Ray Leonard.

Hagler liked to ATTACK. No, that’s not accurate. Hagler only knew how to attack. Put something in front of him, turn him loose, and watch him tear the fucking skin off of it. His brutality was matched only by the hardness of his bald head (that many a man broke his hand against) and his ability to cover what few mistakes he made with his power. Pure unadulterated power. He was, in a word; AWESOME.

Now, Sugar Ray? Sugar was as smooth as a fighter could possibly be. He could move and fire punches in and from any direction. His lateral movement was something that should be in textbooks. He was a “now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t” fighter who had enough stopping power to drop Tommy Hearns (No small feat) and enough firepower to make Roberto Duran say the now famous “No mas”. He would back up and slide, back up and slide and then as soon as he saw you make one mistake (a punch that was too slow getting pulled back, a misplaced step, a lowering of the hands) he would plant his back foot, tip his shoulder and fire off a series of punches that were devastating in their accuracy and all but invisible in their delivery…and then he’d be gone again…backing up, backing up…

Until it had happened so much that you realized now, suddenly, he was coming forward, and coming after you, and it was pretty much over by then.

They were completely opposite styles, but the exact same philosophy. ATTACK. They used completely different ways to do it, but their attacks were both equally the stuff of legend. And that made for the type of fight that anyone would love to see.

But the worst fights, like I said, are the ones where the styles may be similar, but the philosophies are diametrically opposed. For example, the type of fight where one person is ready to attack at the ding of the bell, and the other doesn’t even see the need to get in to the ring.


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  1. Beautifully put.

  2. Maria said,

    Hmmm … “one person is ready to attack and the other doesn’t even see the need to get in to the ring” … I’ve been there. The worst is when the smoke clears and you’ve had time to think about things and put them in perspective and are ready to move on in a civil manner but the other person hasn’t. That sucks.

  3. NWDC said,

    Bravo! No need to meet the school bully behind the cafeteria just so they can beat you up. Leave them standing there wondering why you never showed up. Trust me, it makes them look like stupid blockhead they really are!

  4. aileen said,

    Ummmm…does this somehow mean the “exchanging of the stuff” with the ex-f took place?

  5. Dagny; thank you. I’m glad that you got it.

    Maria; Somehow I don’t think that this smoke will clear, nor do I think it possible for me to care any less.

    NWDC; Amen.

    Aileen; not exactly.

  6. LMNt said,


    No better reaction than NOT to fight when someone else wants to.

  7. I agree with LMNt. Not only does it piss off your opponent, but it puts you in power.

  8. Jay Gatsby said,

    Boxing can be brutal, but it can also be like ballet if the fighters are strategic in their attacks and defenses. Anyone can simply wail on someone else, hoping that 1-of-3 punches might actually land. The problem is that type of boxing is messy and tires a fighter out way too quickly, making his attacks more and more sloppy as the fight continues. If he’s up against a strategic fighter, the bout will be over in a few rounds. That, of course, pisses me off if I’ve paid good money for PPV or ringside seats.

  9. Jo said,

    But somehow even when you decide to stop fighting they keep punching.

  10. LMNt; there’s really nothing to be gained, right?

    SCC; exactly.

    Jay; You mean like say…ALL of Tyson’s fights until he started getting knocked around?

    Jo; not alot that I can do about that. But really, I’ve got nothing to hide, so whatever.

  11. Heather said,

    Beautifully written.

  12. Dupont said,

    Well put – I’ve recently found myself a similar “should I react (fight) or not” situation and have instead decided to take the “high road” in hopes that the problem just goes away… or, you know, disappears inexplecibly.

  13. Heather; thank you…

    Dupont; Disappears? Where, exactly, is your BF from again? Hold your head high. These people are just bottom feeders.

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