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5 Questions From a Friend

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on April 17, 2007

I got one of those “Any 5 Questions” games yesterday…and they were damned good questions. Fun questions. Apparently the game is that you agree to answer, you guessed it…Any 5 Questions and publish your answers.

Here’s the Q’s and A’s.

1) We both definitely have the Maine thing going on. If you could have any ONE thing from life up there, and mix it in perfectly blended with life down here, what would it be? Why that thing?

The one would be the small town sense of unity. In the city (any city) if something bad happens to someone, there’s a feeling of “better you than me”…we’re all islands. In a small town, if something happens, there’s a feeling of “that could have happened to me”. It’s all connected. I miss that. It’s the upside to “everyone knows your business in a small town”. They might know your business, but they’ve got your back, too.

2) You have to give up one category or food or drink for the rest of your life (example: all candies, all breads, all alcohols) – what do you choose to live without?

Probably candy/sweets. I’ve always been far more of a “savory” guy than a fan of “sweets”. My Dr, however, would say “all alcohols”. I give him moments of that, not lifetimes.

3) You can be anyone’s personal assistant in the world – who would you work for and why?

Either Richard Branson or Paul McCartney. Hands down. Branson, because he’s completely self made and a little nuts. He started with a paper, then a record label, and just never stopped. But he’s got this sense of adventure AND a sense of obligation to give back that I would love to be exposed to…to see in action.

Paul because…well…he’s PAUL McCartney, yo. And I would like to think that as bad as I am at picking women, I’ve GOT to be able to improve on his one legged money grubbing porn star bitch of an ex. I’ll screen his dates and find someone Beatle-worthy. Tune his bass. Make him sandwiches. Whatever. Just every now and then sit down at the piano and sing Beatles tunes…and the occasional Wings song. (Tell me Band on the Run doesn’t straight up rock…I dare you.)

4) In honor of the time tested tradition of object-claiming: if you could be any form of hat, which would you be and what sort of person might wear you?

Darlin’ you should have known the answer to this…I’d be a Yankees hat on a starting player’s head.

5) You’re making a mix tape (or cd, though that doesn’t sound nearly as emo), for your closest blog friends & fans – it’s your chance to expose them to any sort of music you like – what songs/artists do you put on it?

OK, here’s what would be on it as of today….tomorrow it could be completely different.

Phone Call from Leavenworth, Chris Whitley

The man was a genius of pure (and I mean PURE) blues….and when I got tired of waiting for his new album to come out and logged on his site to see what the delay was and learned he’d died that month, I got choked up. If you even like a LITTLE BIT of the blues, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Hell and Malfunction, I Mother Earth

A Canadian band that was HUGE up there and just could NOT break in the US…brilliant, heavy, jam band-esque music. There’s really no one that you could say “oh they sound like this” and convey the right idea. This song was off their last album. The lyrics read like TS Elliot and the tone of the whole thing just sets me off. When he is screaming “I will think of love, think of truth, and think of why I never had a run, I never won, and it’s just too late now” I get chills.

Tea in the Sahara, the Police

I don’t know why this song kills me the way it does…but it does. The imagery, the bass line…it just moves me. Every time.

Fixing a Hole, the Beatles

This is one that people have either never heard or immediately light up when I list off as one of my favorites. It’s pure Beatles genius and I just dig the hell out of it. It’s on Sgt Pepper’s though, so it’s often completely overlooked. And George Burns sings it in the Bee Gees/Peter Frampton movie, Sgt Peppers…what? You say you’ve never seen it? OK, you must run out and get a bottle of whatever you dig, consume it as fast as you can, and watch it. DO NOT skip step one. You won’t enjoy it.

Open Letter to a Landlord, Living Colour

An assault on racism, gentrification, capitalism…and it’s friggin’ HOT. I miss this band all the time.

46 & 2, Tool

May you never, ever be this angry. But if you ever ARE, hope it sounds this amazing.

Graduation Day, Chris Isaak

Growing up, moving on, and letting go have never been this poignant.

Masters of War, Bob Dylan

Cauze it’s jut GOT to have some Dylan, and this is the one that would feel the most right and be my “I don’t support the war on terror the way they mean it on their catchy bumper stickers” song. And don’t anybody DARE ask if I like the Pearl Jam version. I do not.

Goldilocks, King’s X

Holding out hope that true love is real is exhausting, but you gotta have faith. That faith sounds like this song. “I stand behind you and I watch you from a mile away”…great, great stuff.

And of course,

Your Love, the Outfield.

Cuz it’s just a catchy ass guilty pleasure song.


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  1. I’ll definitely check out Chris Whitley, thanks! And Dylan’s Masters of War is really — and unfortunately — timeless.

  2. Kristin said,

    The Outfield was my first concert ever. Actually, they opened for Mike and the Mechanics at the Ohio State Fair, which was my first concert ever, but I prefer to leave out Mike and the Mechanics and the state fair. Make myself sound cooler.

    Nice list.

  3. Bozoette; I get chills when I hear that song…especially when he says that he’s going to stand over their graves to be sure that they’re dead. CHILLS.

    Kristin; ummm…WHAT? You saw the Outfield?! AND Mike and Mechanics!? WHAT A SHOW!!! That makes me want to put on a Synchonicity shirt!

  4. redhead said,

    I would totally pick Maine’s lobster rolls. And Band on the Run really rocks. Ah…memories of 2nd year undergrad…

  5. freckledk said,

    I got to hang out with Chris Whitley after a show he did at Iota. Nice man – and he matched me, drink for drink, which was no small feat at the time.

  6. Redhead; Since I’m allergic to shellfish I wouldn’t know…but from what I hear, yeah…tough to pass up!

    freckledK; and you get even cooler, yet again. He was amazing. When he would sing Dust Radio I would just want to curl up…cuz baby got vision child, like a loaded gun…great stuff.

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