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Strike That….Reverse It….

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on April 23, 2007

Disregard that last post..it sounds so….whatever.

Truly, things are good right now. I had a weird realization followed up with a Red Sox sweep of my Yankees chaser and it all rubbed me wrong. But after a long day yesterday of doing very little to recover from an amazing HH and a fantastic game watching extravaganza Saturday, I feel well…

Really fucking good.

Some quick news;

-The Happy Hour was bad ass. Thanks to the Organizers and to all of you who showed up. It was as another blogger noted a drama free rockin’ good time. I met some bloggers that I read and love and saw some others that never cease to make me smile. Or wince. Or both. After 2 weeks of stark white sobriety, it was also nice to do my part to drive up the stock price for the Southern Comfort Corporation. I will now be going right back to clean livin’…until this weekend when the Sox play the Yankees again. In my park. With our real pitchers back from the DL.

Thank GOD.

And it’s a REALLY good thing that there was that list of people who refused to come….there wasn’t really much room for them in there anyhow.

-As a follow up to Ping Pong and Bad Decision..as of yesterday, Sarah is getting a divorce. Just sayin’.

-I do indeed for the first time get that I shouldn’t have been marrying exFiance. With that right hook to the kidneys comes a certain amount of relief. It also takes the edge off the anger.

-I feel in love with a beautiful girl this weekend. I saw her in a store window and thought “Oh sweet, sweet girl what are you doing in a place like this??” I went in and talked to her for awhile and it was clear that she was banged up. Badly. But you know, I can work with this. She just needs a little love. OK, a LOT of love.

She’s a mid 90’s Fender Strat in a pawn shop. All fucked up. But I can’t stop thinking about her and I might…MIGHT have to save her. She can be saved. The owner seems to think she’s worth quite a bit more than anything in her condition should cost…but if she sits there getting dusty and looking lonely with her busted bridge and her messed up pick ups so badly needing a neck adjustment that I wanted to scream “ABUSE” at the people working there…

If she sits, he might just get that no one is going to try and fix this thing and drop the price.

And then I’m going to fix her. And she’s gonna rock again.


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  1. mm said,

    good luck with your new lady…haha

  2. freckledk said,

    I thought you were talking about a puppy at first.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend — and I’m sure there will be many more to follow.

  3. Dupont said,

    -Good luck with the Fender *loves on Fender*

    -Glad to hear the HH was fun! I’m looking forward to the day that I can easily and breezily enjoy being at a bar again – until then it’s cherry cokes and soda water with limes for me and a lot more of the sitting at home stuff. But yay for drama free 🙂

    -Sorry to hear about your friend (Sarah I mean), even if it’s might be “right”, it’s always hard to see friends go through things like that.

    -Thank goodness for taking the edge off the anger, I sighed outloud when I read that. Good for you, honestly.

  4. Jo said,

    I also thought you were talking about a puppy. Then I realized who I was reading and thought “of course, it had to be a guitar”. Nice seeing you again.

    P.S. What was the second book you were telling me about? I meant to put it on my Amazon to buy list but I forgot the name.

  5. […] For a brief, three-word recap on most happy hour attendees, visit Roosh. More early recaps found here and here. I’ll add more today as they go up. A MAJOR thank you to Pat from DC Blogs for his […]

  6. Lisa said,

    Wow – a weekend of epiphanies! It sounds like you’re in a really good place. I’m so glad.

  7. Average Jane said,

    I thought you were talking about a mannequin. I was kind of hoping you were talking about a mannequin since that was one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME EVER.

    Actually, could you actually do me a favor and fall in love with a mannequin?

  8. mm; Thanks…I think. Errr…NO!!

    freckledK; I would so get a dog if I lived somewhere that I could…but no…she’s a Strat. Such a pretty, pretty one too.

    Dupont; You take care of you and we’ll all still be here when you’re read to come back.

    Jo; I think it was the Unbearable Lightness of Being and Atlas Shrugged.

    Lisa; I am…it’s you we’re saying prayers for…call for anything.

    Average Jane; Mannequins? I’m not that hard up just yet.

  9. Virgle Kent said,

    mwha ha ha ha ha, we made it rain didn’t we!

  10. jess said,

    But does the guitar have a name? I mean, you could at least have asked…

  11. VK; we always do, it seems.

    Jess; she gets a name when I bring her home, take her apart, and lovingly restore her back to her original state. Whoever treated her like that doesn’t deserve to name her. Probably some punk ass Blink 180whatever fan.

  12. Ha, I thought you were talking about a real person. Good luck fixing up your new love interest. I’m sure you two will be very happy together.

  13. Genevieve said,

    So that was you buying the shots? Thanks! That shit was sour but wooow!

    Such a good night.

  14. Soco and lime…. yummy!

    Thanks for the libation, and have fun with the new find!

  15. Soe Catchy Chick; well, first they have to get seriosu abotu the cost…THEN I’ll be bringing her home, stripping her naked, and…no really…repairing her.

    Gen; yes it was…I have launched the SoCo and Lime phenomenon of DC. Blame me. I can take it. And you’re welcome…that was a great time.

    Dagny; Apparently SC&L makes you dance. Interesting. Good to know.

  16. Jay Gatsby said,

    Good meeting you INPY. Sorry I couldn’t stay for the later festivities. Next time, I’ll hang with everyone a bit longer.

    As for the guitar, I suggest you find a way to take “her” home. There’s nothing worse than a classic guitar that’s been abused. Rock stars who smash fine instruments just for kicks should be shot. Btw, I don’t play but I prefer the look and feel of a classic Les Paul.

  17. Jay; No worries…it was good to finally meet you. As for the LP…they weight a TON. Totally uncomfortable. But I do love the sound of a Paul and a Marshall. Always have. But not like a Strat.

  18. Maria said,

    Sam Roberts. You know!

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