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I’m A Big Enough Man To Admit When I’m Wrong

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on April 26, 2007

A break from the ex stories…although there are more.

I can admit when I am wrong…really. When I AM wrong, I fucking own it.

And there is a topic that I am…well, totally shocked that I was wrong about. But I am starting to think that I was. No, that’s a cop out. I WAS wrong. Flat out 100% wrong.

I had good reason to say things like…



Fucking tool to the corporate grind.



Downright full blooded clepto without an ounce of ability in his lame ass little white boy body.

Then I umm…well…I heard something. And at first I thought “CLEARLY I was drunk…there’s no way that…I mean it just couldn’t have been….like, yeah, that was something else. I’ve mistakenly given him credit for something he didn’t do”

But then, there was this thing I got stuck in my head and it just wouldn’t go away, and I was sure that I was remembering it from something else…but I had this sneaking suspicion that it was actually from well…

Fuck it.

This just flat out rocks. Listen to it and I dare you to tell me I’m wrong. Go ahead.

If I wrote something like this, just ONE THING…I would consider myself a genius. It’s Stevie Wonder and The Four Tops and Jamirquoi and Sly and the Family Stone and Smoky Robinson and Michael Jackson beforehelosthismind and…it’s NOT copping their licks…it’s derivative without being plagiarism. It’s just…he takes those influences and makes it HIS. And that, to me, is really, really special. It’s Prince as opposed to later Lenny Kravitz.

I’ve ALWAYS said, “Doin’ it in the studio is jack shit. Play it LIVE if you want to impress me.”



I’m done fighting it.

This kid is the real deal

NOTE: It was the SNL performance that I saw and thought I hadn’t really seen…and it’s the guitar part that (1) I got stuck in my head..what a hot HOT fucking HOT progression and (2) just fucking KICKS this into a whole other gear. And for those of you that know me, there is the OBVIOUS reason I always hated this guy. Even that I’m getting over now.

And of course, this song just talks to me right now. Unreal. Maybe this is the sign that I need to be medicated? No…it’s just a great GREAT song.


25 Responses to 'I’m A Big Enough Man To Admit When I’m Wrong'

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  1. Average Jane said,

    It hurt my soul to admit that I, too, like justin timberlake. He’s a talent. A true talent. He can play, write, dance, and beat box. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s fucking GORGEOUS. Naturally. Spectactularly. He’s the gorgeousest.

    There actually came a day when I had to admit that Kid Rock had talent. That hurt more.

  2. Airam said,

    I bought tickets to his concert in August and cannot wait to go!! He is the real deal and I think that a lot of people are starting to realize it. I remember a few years back when Toronto got hit with SARS and nobody wanted to come. I’m sure you remember this but Rolling Stones held a benefit in Toronto to help put TO back on the map as a good thing. JT was one of the performers in that show and not only did he get booed when he was playing but he had garbage being thrown at him on stage. That kid is talented and I think he’s here to stay.

  3. Airam said,

    Sorry I just realized I had no point to my SARS/Rolling Stone story. Just that everyone thought he was this loser but he’s just getting stronget and stronger as the years go by.

  4. Gossips Galore said,


  5. Average Jane; it’s hard to admit that the kid’s got talent. But Kid Rock? I will never get that.

    Airam; He got showered with trash? I saw that Fabulous T Birds get pelted with beer bottles and thought, “well, they DO suck” but that really shocks me…

    Gossips Galore; Good to see the homophobic intelligentsia are with us tonight.

  6. Average Jane said,

    So, you know that whole “prove it to me. play it live.” concept? Yeah. He did that. I know it’s what rock stars do to prove they’ve got cred, but he went around to every instrument on stage including turntables and drum kit and rock the f-out. I don’t like him. I don’t like his music. But he’s got talent.

  7. Dupont said,

    You know? I admitted the same thing around the time that SexyBack came out – not because of that song, but the CD it was one (I can’t think of how to spell the album name, forgive me). It’s just good music. It’s something you can listen to, chill to, dance to, sing along with — I loved it. And the kids an entertainer on top of it all, it’s impressive, as hard as it may be to admit.

    Welcome to the Slightly Shamed Society of JT Supporters.

  8. carrie m said,

    SSSJT? I’m in that. When I discovered my Future Sex Love Sounds CD out on the passenger seat of my car for all to see, I immediately hid it away.

    INPY, you are but mere shots away from getting onstage tonight and singing Senorita. I will bankroll those shots just to hear you go: “I don’t know what I’m thinkin’ bout…really leavin’ witchyou…”

  9. AJ: OK, I will give him that he can play…but write a song that I haven’t heard…and what is with the midge…errr…little person?

    Dupont; there’s a CLUB? Oh jesus, Iknew this post was a mistake.

    CarrieM; Your shots I will take…but I am NOT singin’ JT.

  10. Jo said,

    Most real musicians really do give JT credit where credit is due. They might not like his style of music, but they don’t deny he’s good.

    Personally, I think he’s awesome and from what I’ve heard he puts on an INCREDIBLE show.

  11. LMNt said,

    I’ve recently come around to a similar opinion myself. I think it was SNL that did it, although it pains me to admit that “Bye Bye Bye” was a guilty pleasure in its day — I knew it was crap, but liked it anyway. Much like the recently released Chris Daughtry album.

  12. Jo; and I do indeed consider myself something of a musician. And really…it’s the musicianship of that somg that kills me. It’s a total package deal. The arrangement, the vocals…all of it.

    LMNt; see, it’s the Bye Bye Bye shit that I just cringed when I heard. This is just a whole different world for him. SO good.

  13. jess said,

    Part of me is dying inside, but I have to admit that’s good. It makes me think of good John Legend, too, as well as Stevie. Have you heard Stevie’s version of ‘We can work it out’?

    I had a friend in NYC who argued that anything that’s popular must be good, because it’s popular. While I think she was wrong on many counts (she used this as justification for liking Britney Spears…) I think it applies here.

  14. Jess; I hate your friend’s logic more than I can explain. HATE IT. People say that to me all the time and I cringe. Here’s why I wind up clearing my throat finishing my drink and saying “your education in music will begin right now”:

    Something is not GOOD because it’s popular, it’s popular because ACCESSIBLE AND FAMILIAR. But good? No, that’s a stretch. There is nothing musically note worthy about the Brittany’s or the NickelBack’s or whatever’s of the world EXCEPT to say that they sound like, well, everything else. In it’s familiarity it’s accepted.

    And in sounding like everything else it perpetuates itself.

    That’s why when you hear the blistering guitar that comes out of this JT song, it’s so surprising…but it works. Yes, it’s still a hook, but this is not “GIMME A BEAT” (CRINGE) This is a complete song. Not popular because he’s Justin Timberlake. This would stand on it’s own in the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s or 50’s.

    When you hear the Motown influence instead of the “song doctors” it’s refreshing b/c it’s familiar ENOUGH (by drawing on some great influences) but different enough to hold its own.

    It’s also why when you heard Smells Like Teen Spirit after years of Poison and Warrant and Skid Row it was SO LIBERATING. It was still a guitar and a bass and drums…but it was back to the basics, which sound like revolutions in your stereo when all you’ve been getting is the Unskinny Bop.

    I will now get off my soapbox. I do not like your NYC friend.


  15. Kristin said,

    I don’t know when I started liking him. It just kind of happened, and I normally don’t tell anyone that I do. I still have a package of Pop Rocks with his picture on the label (with ‘N Sync). It’s hard to reconcile that image with a credible artist.

  16. Kristin said,

    Note: I have NO idea where/when/why/how I got a pack of Pop Rocks with ‘N Sync on the label.

  17. Kristin; I was JUST about to say “where the hell did you get those poprocks?” and then you answered. However, if I ever met him, just to hold out that one last shred of “I cannot admit I dig your tune” cred I’d have…

    That’s what I’d ask him to autograph.

  18. freckledk said,

    I know you dig it, and I don’t think he’s a hack either —- but men aren’t supposed to like Justin Timberlake! They just aren’t. It’s not natural.

    You can still listen to JT, as long as no one is within earshot. And, if caught – DENY, DENY, DENY! It’s best for all parties involved, really.

  19. Arjewtino said,

    This song did NOT make me hurl. That’s as far as I’ll go.

  20. FreckledK; I can’t lie. I dig it. I will not live a life of denial.

    Arjewtino; You were groovin’. Don’t front.

  21. Kayla said,

    I am not ashamed to admit I outright LOVE JT. I mean “Dick in the box” is a fucking awesome song… (you gotta give it on up for homelessville while you are at it).

  22. gn said,

    INPY: I didn’t think it was possible, but you are now nine times cooler than I thought you were. Two words: three pairs.

  23. Helen Skor said,

    I love JT. My roommate’s girlfriend gave me a copy of Future Sex Love Sounds right when Sexy Back first came out. At first I was horrified that she thought I might actually be into that kind of music (after all, she’s 23, what the hell does she know?!). But one day I found myself in the car with no CDs except that one, mocking me from the passenger seat. So I put it in and was absolutely blown away. This song immediately became my favorite on the album. It resonated with me, but for completely different reasons than it does with you, I think.

  24. Kayla; I totally remembered that Dick in a Box skit on SNL…it was hysterical…but it was the performance that I blocked out.

    gn; Flattery will get you everywhere with me. And, I just read that post…fucking classic. FUCKING CLASSIC.

    Helen Skor; I think I needed a slower introduction than the whole CD. I probably wouldn’t have put it on in that circumstance. I needed to Jedi Mid Trick myself in to listening to it.

  25. Lee said,

    So does that mean you’ll be hanging out in the front row of the next JT video that pops up online? I mean, those guys in this video set the bar pretty high…they knew the words AND the moves.

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