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Not Hiding, Just Laying Low

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on May 4, 2007

I’m not dead, friends and readers. Oh no. Rather alive in fact. I’ve had a houseguest this week and things have been going very well. It wasn’t necessarily supposed to be THAT kind of houseguest, but you know…well…yeah.

In my defense (and not that I think I need one here, honestly) it’s been very honest, no bullshit, no pulling punches or playing house or anything like that. It’s been very good. Freeing. I’m going to pass on giving out details but I can say that sometimes the wrong thing gives you everything that you need for where you are at that moment. Wanna know how I know? Because think of how many times doing to right thing sucks and leaves you with nothing more the knowledge that you did the “right thing”. The converse of something is usually true, and that’s the case here.

So enough about that.

From where I’m sitting, things are good. It’s gorgeous in DC…there’s a Horserace this week (which I have always thought of as Pre-automobile NASCAR.) in case you have been living under a rock and didn’t know. Put on your hats, prepare the pefect drink for the event and get ready to scream “GO BABY GO!!!!” at the guys that didn’t make it in the Lollipop Kids.

Then, sportsfans, it’s fight night. I don’t wanna brag, but you KNOW you heard it here first…and now EVERYONE is calling it the best fight of the past 10 years. Two marquee names…the fight that could reinvigorate the sport…

De La Hoya-Mayweather.

Oh GOD this is gonna be good. The smack talking and general disdain that Floyd has for Oscar has been old school and unrehearsed. This is a man that is fucking tired of knowing he’s pound for pound the baddest man alive but being reduced to playing second fiddle to De la Hoya just because of his marketing prowess. This isn’t staged, this isn’t fake…there is going to be blood and it’s going to come early.

I am not backing off my pick.

Floyd in 7.

Other stuff;

That Strat is still there, and it looks like the pawn shop is about to drop the price. The “salesman” said that I should stop by next week, as no one has really looked at it and one more weekend sitting there will drive the owner nuts. I took another look at it and still want to save her. All she needs is to be in the right hands and everything is going to be fine. A new nut…new pickups, new pick guard, buff out the frets, smooth out some of the dings, neck adjustment…set the bridge…yeah.

She’s going to be just fine.


Kid brother’s newest addition should be arriving any day now. As he says “Just COME OUT!!!”. Her name is Brooklyn Parker and we are all sitting on pins and needles waiting on her. Much like her mom though, she’s holding out to make an entrance. And, about the name…thoughts? I think for a Red Sox household, that’s an ironic name. Should I send up a Yankees set of infant PJ’s now?

And he swears that this is the LAST ONE. No more. 3 is enough. I hypervenitllate at the thought of one…but 3? WOW. He’s a better man than I! And he doesn’t drink…at all…

It’s like a superpower I tell ya.

Don’t look now, but the Yankees are coming back to life. All you hatas better get it out of your system now, b/c by the All Star Break we’ll be in first.

For rizzle.


14 Responses to 'Not Hiding, Just Laying Low'

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  1. Original Me said,

    Any Given Saturday…giddy up.

  2. shadowsofourselves said,

    “The Yankees will bring up right-handers Darrell Rasner and Matt DeSalvo to fill their depleted rotation for their weekend series against the Mariners, putting them on track to become the first team in major league history to use 10 starters in its first 30 games.” (May 3 – AL Notes: AP)

    The Yankees must be so proud with their new record. But yeah, good luck with that.

    And by the way, if so many times, the “right thing” sucks and leaves you nothing other than knowing you did the “right” thing, then is the wrong thing really wrong? You said yourself there’s no bullshit, it’s been good, and freeing.

    Take it from someone who’s done the “right” thing for years, and suffered because it was right. For everyone except for myself. And then one day, you wake up, and say, “Who the FUCK am I?” And realize that everything you thought was true was really just smoke and mirrors. Except everyone else got the game. And you didn’t. Everything you thought was true was not.


  3. If both parties leave better off than they arrived, it was probably the right place to be, I think.

    Fortunately, the fact that the race is also on Cinco de Mayo allows me to substitute my true love for the mint julep. Phew!

  4. Original Me; Run or you’re glue…that’s not a good thing to yell, right?

    shadows; oh ye of little faith…just you watch. The bigger question is how aer we only 5.5 games back, like the rest of the AL East, when homeless guys are winning. We will improve, the Sox will slow down…

    Dagny; See, it’s all a compromise. Wash it down with…wait for it…you know…SC&L.

  5. If it’s honest and freeing, it sounds like a good thing to me. Enjoy it, doll. (And I’m with on Floyd, too.)

  6. That would be with YOU on Floyd. Damn.

  7. John said,

    Someone’s in a good mood. The Yankees in first by the All-Star Break? Maybe you were just a little crazy when you wrote that…

  8. shadowsofourselves said,

    Go Sox.


  9. redhead said,

    oh, someone did get laid! That’s why your posts have been so happy and philosophical.

    You know what – good for you! Sex is the best anxiety reliever I know. 😉

  10. Bozoette; Hell yea it’s Floyd…and thanks.

    John; Y’all forget…we were 11-19 two years ago. Won the AL East. Moose looked great last night. Wang’s hammy is healing so he can leverage the sinker again. Andy P looks damn good. Igawa looked GREAT last time…we are going to stabilize, have a higher than normal team ERA (say 4.5) and avg 5+ runs/game. I’m taking bets.

    shadows…yeah yeah

    redhead; If they could bottle it….

  11. The Punisher said,

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is anyway that boxing can be reinvigorated by this fight. I watch the Contender because they have better storylines then real boxing, and that’s not saying much. However this fight is gonna be sooooo sweet. My bet’s gonna go with Floyd because I don’t think Oscar has a chance, but Oscar’s so pretty he can’t get beat too bad. Maybe he can slow down Floyd and catch him with some lefties to make it interesting.

  12. jess said,

    Moose always looks good in the early part of the season, INPY. Heh heh. You Yankee fans have the luxury of early-season worry becasue you just know they’ll light it up by June-July.

    Very, very happy you’ve found your bottled promise. 🙂

  13. kayla said,

    ‘sometimes the wrong thing gives you everything that you need for where you are at that moment’.. So true. Sooo true.

    I love the baby name – I really love the name Parker.

  14. gn said,

    I found a pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights in my purse this morning that might belong to you. Haha.

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