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The Nice Guys Happy Hour

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on May 8, 2007


It’s once again that time, friends and readers…that time honored tradition that dates back to like 2005 and has been since continued with great fanfare and tremendous following…

It’s Time for another Blogger Happy Hour…this one, so dubbed;

The Nice Guys Happy Hour.

As some of you may have either heard or read, I66 was looking to pass on his Happy Hour Coordinator responsibilities, and after a long and difficult search he was stumped. The story goes that since no one else could pass the background investigation, the gig fell to none other than LMNtal Attraction and myself. (Cuz most of our convictions have been overturned, yo)

So, now that you know, you’re probably asking “Hey, INPY…what gives? Nice Guys? What Nice Guys?”

I’m glad you asked!

See, we don’t write politics or talk shit about anyone, ever. It’s not our bag, baby. We aren’t here to sling mud, call you names or tell you that your outfit looks ridiculous. We will not mock your choice of fruity beverage nor bring the smack game about your car. (Your baseball team however…)

LMNtal and I are here for one thing and one thing only; to make sure that a good time is had by all….much like the lead singer of Stillwater who (Almost) famously said, “We’re here to find the one person who isn’t getting off and we’re going to MAKE them get off.”

(Editor’s Note: Get off = have fun. This is not a coupon of any sort redeemable for well…hmm..maybe LMNTal will…he’s a nicer guy than I am)

On Friday, May 18th, we’re going to Cue Bar, (Green/Yellow Line; U St. Metro Stop) a great little metro accessible Fun-o-Rama pool hall with (yes yes y’all) a ping pong table, cute little bartenders, and it just so happens I know the owner just enough to maybe get a comped something. Or not. I’m not sure he likes me. Anyhow. Bring your friends that blog…or read your blog…or can just spell blog. Come in work clothes or work out clothes. Bring a smile and your thirst and have a great time with us. Shoot some pool. Ping some pong. We’ll provide compliments and the occasional SoCo and Lime shots because, you know…

We’re Nice Fuckin’ Guys.


28 Responses to 'The Nice Guys Happy Hour'

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  1. LMNt said,

    Stillwater kicks ass — I actually got the version of the DVD that came with a Stillwater CD.

    You da man, yo.

  2. freckledk said,

    Thanks for picking up the torch. I’m grateful for any excuse to drink.

    I just love that we continue to call these Happy Hours, when they begin looooong after the work day ends.

  3. mm said,

    Woot! ping pong! I’ll probably be there.

  4. LMNtal; Peter Frampton wrote those jams…Fever Dog being my fav.

    FreckledK; we do what we can to keep the dream alive. But you might be right…we might need to rename the thing. At 11:30 when you start to hallucinate, it’s not a HH anymore.

    mml; that’s what we want to hear! Wait…probably?

  5. LMNt said,

    Actually, Frampton wrote one of them. The rest were Nancy Wilson. But yeah, Feverdog’s pretty killer.

    That reminds me to rip that cd to my iPod.

  6. Dupont said,

    haha – have a good time, wish I could make it!

  7. Kathryn said,

    I was going to correct you on Nancy Wilson, too. Give the lady some credit!!! And just ignore the fact that she’s Cameron Crowe’s wife already. She got that job on merit, dammit. Pure MERIT.

  8. Jo said,

    Oh yay! I’ll definitely be there!

  9. LMNt/Kathryn; Damnit…I totally spaced on that and would in no way want to intentionally take away from Nancy. I mean, Dog and Butterfly? Hell yeah.

    Dupont; wish you could be there too, kiddo!

  10. Jo; Hell’s yeah!

  11. Hey Pretty said,

    Yes, you all do seem like nice guys. I will do my best to be there, and to stay longer than the time it takes to drink two diet cokes.

  12. carrie m said,

    Yeah, I was going to say I thought Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson wrote most of the music for Stillwater. Which explains why I like it so much. I have the DVD with the Stillwater CD too.

    Wish I could make it, but I’ll be in Toronto for a torturous 8 days. Drink one for me. Or six. Whatever.

  13. Lisa said,

    Ohh, I haven’t been out big in ages, and by then I will seriously be ready to tie one on! Looking forward to it!

  14. Arjewtino said,

    Nice guys don’t steal other bloggers’ venue ideas.

  15. Hey Pretty; some of us…the rest well…but glad to see you’re coming!

    CarrieM; you will be missed…we’ll have a few for you…


    Arjewtino; Was that your place to go for the 2011 HH?

  16. You did not really just link to yet another whining Sox fan bemoaning the fact that after he was shown the door in Boston, at the twilight of his career…he won 5 more Cy Youngs…did you?

    Just for you:

    3 fans walk out of a bar. A Dodgers fan, A Yankees fan, and A Cubs fan.

    They come across a dead body. It was the body of a naked woman.

    The men decide to call the cops and cover up her private parts in the meantime. The Yankees fan places his cap over her right breast. The Cubs fan places his cap over her left breast. The Dodgers fan places his cap over her lower private area.

    The cop arrives. He questions and asks the men to stand to the side while he assesses the body. He takes the Yankees cap off of the right breast. He takes the Cubs hat off of the left breast. As he grabs the Dodgers hat, he says “now that’s interesting.”

    “What’s interesting?” the men say

    “Usually you see an asshole under a Dodgers hat”

  17. BabyBanana said,

    As much as I like to drink and make fun of other people’s baseball teams (or just baseball teams) at the SAME TIME…May 18 is no good for me. As I am sure someone will be spewing filth about my Twins though so just make sure someone answers back with something equally disparaging about the White Sox or Tigers or Indians — but be nice to the Royals though, I am still indebted to them for last season’s division title.

  18. I’ll be there – this time, though, I might have to pick *one* type of shot for the evening, and stick with it!

  19. Justin said,

    Have one on me, INPY. Enjoy! You’ve earned it.

  20. KassyK said,

    So sad I will be missing this…I am away for a bachelorette party weekend…BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Maria said,

    Holy Christ … everytime I turn around it seems you DC crew are having a happy hour!!!! –> yes this is me being jealous!

    Have fun!

  22. Maria said,

    Holy Christ! Everytime I turn around it seems you DC crew are having a happy hour!!! –> me being jealous 😉

    Have fun!

  23. gn said,

    “And the chicks are great.”

  24. Oh, boo. I want to come.

  25. Roosh said,


  26. […] Um.  I’ll see you all here, I hope!  I’m hoping to bring the J of J&T, so if you see me drinking something blue, […]

  27. miss bee said,

    thanks for the invite, i’ll see what i can do. friends’ band is playing the same night over in brookland, kind of committed to that…

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