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The Nice Guys Happy Hour Bribe

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on May 14, 2007


So, as you know, it’s T-minus 4 days and counting to the Nice Guys Happy Hour. LMNtal and I are looking forward to seeing all of you there and having yet another fabulous night with the bloggers we read and love. But you know, as he and I sat back in the Nice Guy Fortress of Solitude and waxed nostalgic about Happy Hours past, we realized something…

One of the things we both really dig about these things is meeting new bloggers. No, we’re not tired of the crowd that always comes…HELL NO! We love all y’all blogger freaks and can’t wait to have more stories to tell about another rollicking good time. But, the more the merrier, and we love meeting new bloggers who come in all shy and leave stumbling towards taxis. You look so cute when you show up…all shy and “hi I don’t know anyone…”

So here’s what we’ve decided. We’re going to bribe you.

If you are a blogger that comes to these events and you bring a new blogger with you…one that neither LMNtal or I have met; your first round is on us. A shot, beer, mixed drink, WHATEVAH! It’s on us as a “thanks for expanding the crowd” AND a “thanks for coming, newbie.”

If you are a blogger who has never come and you arrive as a free agent all by yourself, ditto. First drink is on us.

Now, no grabbing the person at the door and saying “OK, just make up a name and tell them you write a blog”….that’s not nice and really, no one likes a faker. But, if you’ve been reading a local blog and always wondered what that person is like, invite them. If you’ve got a friend that rarely leaves home but blogs regularly, bring ‘em. And if you’re reading this and always thought “that looks like fun”, then come on down. We don’t bite (well, not all of us bite and we’ll point out the ones that do) and I can’t imagine how on Earth you could manage to have a bad time at one of these. It’s the nicest group of people you can imagine and chances are anyone that you think might not be cool is probably much cooler than you would believe.

Trust me, I was the new kid not so long ago. This is a great time and you can’t lose. At worst, you get a free drink and you can bolt right after.

We look forward to seeing you there. I mean, hell…we’re bribing you to come!


15 Responses to 'The Nice Guys Happy Hour Bribe'

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  1. The Punisher said,

    So you say a free shot for coming…you have found my weakness haha. Sounds like a good excuse to come to one of these. Well played.

  2. John said,

    Man… a free shot… I should’ve waited for this one. Haha, I’m just kidding. (As someone who was new last time, it’s really not that scary. It’s even fun!) A pity I will be out of town, I love meeting new people.

  3. Daniel said,

    Argh…. I swear that everytime one of these things gets scheduled someone is peeking at my schedule to see when I am busy….

  4. Mandy said,

    You realize this means you have to stay sober at least half the night?

    Because either A. you’ll remember (or think you remember) just about everyone or B. you won’t remember a damn thing. Shots for everyone!

    I, alas, cannot make it – I’ll be at the redneck wedding of the century (no offense to my extended family of course). I expect very thorough recaps upon my return. Have fun!

  5. sunchaser said,

    Hope you all have a blast! 🙂

    I’ll be drinking mojitos by the sea with sadly soon to be former colleague.

  6. As a newbie in the blogging world, maybe you guys can teach me a thing or two. I’ll try and make it Friday.

  7. average jane said,

    Do I finally get the soco and lime you’ve been promising me since the first time we met? Because somehow I keep missing out. Can’t wait to see you…

  8. Punisher; VERY cool…I KNEW I’d hook some people with the “free alcohol” angle!

    JOhn; what in the name of god could you POSSIBLY miss this for?!?!? Kiddin’…see you at the next one.

    Daniel; BLOW. IT. OFF. This HH will be MUCH more fun.

    Mandy; I know I know…what can I say? I’m willing to take one for the team on this. That’s hox committed to the DC scene I am.

    Sunchaser; OK, I wanna do that instead.

    Ronnie; You are MORE than welcome, but I’m totally going to pitch you my idea about becoming a Mervis Diamonds spokesperson…I mean it. “I’m INPY and I got stood up for my wedding. The right diamond can go a long way in getting you from the ‘I will’ to the ‘I do’. So don’t let what happened to me, happen to you…call Ronnie Mervis”

    It’s good, huh?

  9. Average Jane; You’re not new!!! Oh all right.

  10. Lisa said,

    So looking forward to it! And here’s hoping that any regular readers who don’t blog but like the blog world feel comfortable joniing as well. It’s a really nice scene!

  11. CR said,

    I might be there — I don’t blog yet (mostly because I already have enough ways to procrastinate at my job), but I definitely read enough of your blogs. Seems like one of my friends who blogs will be there, so if she doesn’t mind me tagging along, I’ll join you guys.

    Otherwise, I’m too afraid of going by myself — what can I say? I do better in packs! I’m not shy at all, unless you put me in a room full of strangers with not one familiar face. Ick.


  12. carrie m said,

    If Ronnie Mervis comes to the HH that I can’t make, I fully expect someone to call my cell phone and leave a voicemail with Ronnie saying, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good” or “Nobody pays retail anymore, so why should you?”

    Or at the very least someone else with a good Ronnie Mervis impersonation.

  13. Belle said,

    Free booze? I’m in…

  14. Daniel said,

    Sadly blowing it off is not an option…… I think as I recall its called UA – Unauthorized Absence (though it used to be called AWOL)…….
    I so want to go to one of these and see the people whose lives I peek in on…

  15. Heather B. said,

    What if you’re a blogger who moved 400+ miles away and you show up anyway? Do you get anything then?

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