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New Friends, Cold Drinks, and Fredo.

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on May 21, 2007

I gotta tell you…and not to toot our own horn or anything, but this Nice Guy’s Happy Hour thing? Little secret, just between us? It rocked. It did. I was a little nervous when I got the list of all the people who were choosing NOT to come. I mean, SAY WHAT?! And you know who you are…and from me you get a Fredo. A big fat fucking Fredo.

You’re dead to me.

OK, maybe not DEAD, but it will take a So Co and Lime to get back in my good graces. Maybe more depending on how good your excuse is for not coming…

But, let’s talk about who DID come…

There’s a full (or as full as we can hope to make it when we’re, you know, greeting and drinking and mingling and drinking…and yeah) list of attendees on my partner in HH Hosting’s site. And you know what? It was well worth the amount of shots, drinks, and beers I bought as part of our bribe to get you to come out and party with us. The consensus was that there had never been that many new people at any one HH. And that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Really, thank you…and you…and you too.

I got to meet most of the new people and see some of my favorites and friends. So I had a great time and I feel pretty good about saying that a great time was had by all. I am proud to say that no bloggers OR ping pong balls were injured during the course of this night, but many, many shot glasses met their untimely demise. There were many new friends (and a little love) made (not by me, yo…you know who you are…and you had SO better come back) and I am relatively sure that if we keep this up…this “Invite a Blogger” approach…that we will be having the first HH of 2008 in the Convention Center. And I’m down with that.

Some quick take aways?

It’s always great when the New Yorkers roll in.

Blue may not be your color, darlin’, but you wear it well.

I dig meeting new people. If we didn’t scare you away please come to the next event and we will try harder.

It did my heart good to see you with a smile on your face.

Somehow it’s more of a party when you look up and see certain people. As in, “Oh God lookout“.

Always a pleasure.

For a while I thought it was just going to be you and me when no one else had shown up!

There are others that I know I’m forgetting, but that’s all I’ve got time for today…I’ll make it up to you at the next HH, which I think we’ll be doing sometime early next month. We’ll see. I’d like to do something big…ginormous…I dunno. Send your suggestions…for real. I want to know what you want to do next. I’m all making your weekends brighter kids.

And to those of you Fredos that missed this one…I still love ya. Just not as much as before.


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  1. mm said,

    Aw, I’m flattered. Thanks for hosting. It was a great turnout.

  2. Thanks! I’ll remember that the next time a certain someone is “persuasive”. Still, I think I’ll stick to Herradura or SoCo as much as I can in the future… 😀

  3. freckledk said,

    I don’t think I’ve ever been offered one of these famous shots, and am beginning to take it personally.

  4. Lisa said,

    Thank you thank you. I had a great time. What a fantastic crowd you guys amassed! And it was so nice to see you – thanks for being so lovely.

  5. mm: Thanks for coming! It’s always great to see you and your partner in crime walk in the door.

    DT: You cannot lose with SC&L.

    FreckledK: How is that possible?! OK, I will fix that the next time I see you, HH or not.

  6. Irina said,

    i had an excellent time. come to nyc for a blogger happy hour. i’m not promising any drinks though because i’m poor.

  7. gn said,

    Asian persuasion! Haha. You’ve been waiting to quote “The Godfather” for so long, haven’t you? 😉

  8. Lisa; Glad you made it…and I do have to see the Qwery Kid!

    Irina; I’d definitely come to NY for a blogger happy hour…just let me know when!

    GN; Since the DAY I started this blog!!! See, I thought I’d made exFiance an offer she couldn’t refuse but …umm…well…

  9. Belle said,

    Thanks for hosting! It was definitely fun, and I’ll be back for the next go-’round.

  10. VaryingDegreesOfConArtistry said,

    HH was fantastic! Glad I could make it, and it was great to meet so many new people. Good turnout!

  11. Jo said,

    Thanks! And thanks for hosting I had a good time. I promise I’ll try my hardest to drag Bergle out next time.

  12. LMNt said,

    Good times. We’ll have to do it again, huh?

  13. Kristin said,

    I see how you are. I have to leave for the airport, and you neglect me entirely. Sheesh… Good times, though. I liked that place.

  14. cheerfulcynic said,

    Were you the one responsible for the So Co’s and Limes (yes, plural….)? Helluva good party.

  15. Belle; Very glad to hear that we didn’t scare you off…

    Varying Degrees; Thrilled you enjoyed it…we do know how it’s done in DC.

    Jo; I told you, I don’t believe he’s real.

    LMNtal; SOmething bigger and better next time. We’ve set a high bar!

    Kristin; Damnit. I shuold have totally had you there!!! MY BAD!!!

    Cheerful Cynic; more than likely that was my fault. Come to the next one so at least you can know they are coming from me.

  16. Miss B said,

    Hmm, I’ve never felt “cool” enough to attend any of these events, but I think you’ve convinced me to try one soon. It sounds like a great group.
    Thanks for changing my mind!

  17. Kayla said,

    I heard this was the best HH ev-ah… even though I wasn’t there. Which saddens me because I was convinced that there ain’t no party like a kayla party cause a kayla party don’t stop…

    yes, yes.. I have hit an all-time low.. I am quoting Coolio.

    I think the next HH needs to have a lurker sans blog (like myself) on the planning on committee… 😉 just sayin. I ain’t buyin’ everyone drinks but I will give out hugs.

  18. MissB; we let Arjewtino in…you are CERTAINLY cool enough.

    Kayla; EV-AH?! RAWK ON! And I am not at all opposed to a Coolio-quotin’
    lurker on the planning comittee. You just have to get other lurkers to come, too.

  19. Kayla said,

    ok.. what in the hell is a “planning on” committee. Too many on’s in that sentence. sorry. Possibly I was just trying to get my plannin’ on. Who knows.

    And I am a good hugger.

  20. Kayla; Your hugs are being added to the bribe list as I type.

  21. Hey Pretty said,

    Didn’t scare me at all. Always a little un-nerving to socialize with people who only know you in the context of reading about whatever drama is currently percolating within your social life, but it definitely wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated…

  22. MK said,

    such a good time! I don’t know how you’ll top it…

  23. Carla said,

    Good times… It was great meeting you all!

  24. carrie m said,

    Hey, I’m out of the country! Sorry I missed it, y’all. And I’m really sorry I didn’t get to meet DC Wedding Photog – I’ve been bugging her to come out and I missed her. Ah well.

  25. katinka said,

    ill be there next time! who can resist a SoCo and lime?

  26. Heather said,

    Oh man, I don’t want to be a Fredo! And SoCo & lime is my fav. Glad it was a blast, though. I’ll be sure to be at the next one 🙂

  27. Genevieve said,

    I’m so late to comment. Apologies!

    Somehow it’s more of a party when you look up and see certain people. As in, “Oh God lookout“.

    Haha! Damn straight! 😀

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