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One Bad Ass Happy Hour and a Last Minute Save

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on June 18, 2007

Where to begin with my recap? That it was fantastic? That my Co-Hosts are all confimed rocks stars and the only thing that could have possibly made it better was OG host Rock Star, Kathyn On, rolling in with her posse? That the shots flowed and new friends were made? It was all that. And more. A LOT more.

Let’s start at the beginning…

I rolled in at 8:00, dragging Arjewtino kicking and screaming the whole way. Apparently he was on Arentinian time and wanted to get there at 11:30, but I wasn’t havin’ it. And, from the moment we arrived, there were bloggers there and bloggers walking in the door. Within a very short amount of time the hosts were firing down the SC&L’s, inlcuding the Happy Birthday shot for RooshV and the party was underway.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many bloggers were there…there was no list that I kept…but there are pics out there to be seen, and I have to tell you…I’d be kind of afraid to see any of me. LORD, y’all just bring out the lush in me.

Grand Central? An excellent choice by Roosh and VK. They kept the vino flowin’ and the music goin’ and left the rest up to us. We squatted the entire lower floor area and just had at it.

And what did I learn on Friday? I learned the secret to having a rockin’ HH. You wanna know the secret to bad ass, hotel trashing, Oh My GOD I don’t want to see pictures Happy Hour? Shall I share it with you?

New Bloggers (and in some cases commenters)…

I’m telling you, that is the key. It’s the Holy Friggin’ Grail of the Happiest of Happy Happy (Joy Joy) Happy Hours. Can’t be beat. You mix in a strong supply of fun, hip writers with the old guard and POW! Instant Super Zen Happy Hour. You newbies can just PARTY. I can’t keep track of how many I met (and please do send me hate mail for this…I know, I know…) but I can say WOW! Our super heavy duty ultra cool clique is going to need more seats in the cafeteria.

I want to thank ALL of you that came out for the first time on Friday. You made that night just fantastic….and consequently, a subtle reminder…

When we announce the next one sometime in July, remember to invite the bloggers you read. You’ll thank me, trust me. Oh, and when there’s new people there you get to be the uber cool old school blogger they come to for introductions. And that’s a nice little cheap ego stroker, too.

Now then, for the “Last Minute Save” portion of our program…

My brother and his wife came home from the hospital on Sunday, but at some point during Saturday night they had an epiphany. I like to think that they heard my voice coming from somewhere in the cool Maine summer night…rolling in off the water with the fog and gently spilling in the hospital room…

“Brooklyn is a stripper name, yo…”

Ladies and gentleman, meet Braelyn Grace. (click on the pic for a better view)

My niece Alayna holding her sister.


My niece Cameron, taking her turn.



28 Responses to 'One Bad Ass Happy Hour and a Last Minute Save'

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  1. gn said,

    Props to the host, of course. πŸ™‚

    “Oh — I thought you were Arjewtino …”

  2. Jo said,

    AWESOME happy hour. I had an amazing time. Hooray for newbies!

  3. carrie m said,

    oh, so that downstairs portion worked out for us, did it? FANCY THAT! πŸ˜‰

    awesome time, my friend. as always.

  4. KassyK said,

    My post coming soon…Amazing time as well. Best Happy Hour I have had the pleasure of hosting or attending. πŸ™‚

  5. […] Great to meet and see everyone, had a great time. More recaps from co-hosts: INPY […]

  6. I-66 said,

    Good times… Good times.

  7. Virgle Kent said,

    It kind of finally hit me, when the lights came on…. that I’m probably going to hell.

  8. Arjewtino said,

    “Braelyn Grace”. Thank you, Christ in Heaven.

  9. Beach Bum said,

    I wasn’t at my best on Friday so totally missed it! Hope I’m around for the next one!

  10. mm said,

    your niece is a cutie!

    Great turnout at the HH, I had fun.

  11. Nikita said,

    Thanks for being really persistent and convincing about my attendance. Amazingly, going stag to that Blogger HH was probably the least nerdy thing I have done in a long time. And the most fun. Huzzah!

  12. GN; that was HYSTERICAL. But I definitely got the better ummm, end of it.

    Jo; the newbies make the scene, don’t they!? A great time.

    Carrie M; you are a wise wise woman and you were totally right about that.

    KassyK; it was a pleasure hosting with you and the others!

    i66; awesome as always to see you, sir!

    VK; See, I usually figure that out in the dark…

    Arjewtino; Even the Jews are thanking Christ for that one!

    Beach Bum; the next one will be bigger…this is the Summer of Outrageous HH’s.

    mm; Isn’t she?!

    Nikita; Thank you for coming. 6′ tall blondes are always welcome…especially ones with lines like yours!

  13. Liz said,

    I had a fabulous time on Friday! Great chance to connect the blog to a face and meet new people. Hopefully, I’ll stick around and make it to the next one.

  14. janet said,

    thanks for being such a great host! πŸ™‚

  15. Sounds like Friday was happy super fun time. Congrats on the new niece, even though the bro stayed away from naming her after the better borough. (Agreed on the stripper/SI swimsuit model potential of that one, though)

  16. Kathryn said,

    OMG I’m blushing.

    BTW, your nieces are just beautiful. Congratulations to your family.

  17. Liz; ya better come back! We don’t like the one and done newbies!

    Brooklyn Boy; thank you thank you…great town, but I woudn’t want my niece sharing the namesake!

    KAthryn; It’s always better when you show up, and thank you!

  18. Daniel said,

    Thanks for hosting, though I don’t think I actually met you at the event (not so far as I can recall….).

    Nice critical save on the name…. there are just some names that can push to a certain career field…

  19. Nikita said,

    Btw, hope all’s going well with your new office bitch. πŸ˜‰ Don’t let him get out of line.

  20. Airam said,

    Aww .. what a cutie!

  21. Roosh said,

    I didn’t get a chance to meet most of the new people 😦

  22. […] of those “What happens at happy hour, stays at happy hour” things. Arjewtino, KassyK, INPY, and Virgle Kent had better […]

  23. Miss B said,

    I wish I lived closer so I could join in the madness…

    Maybe you could all migrate north some weekend this summer for a HH in Boston…reading these recaps makes me want to get myself down to DC, pronto!

  24. Daniel; We’ll have to meet at the next one! And yeah, Brooklyn is DARING your daughter to wear lucite heels and use a pole in her work.

    Nikita; new biatch is next week…

    Airam; I KNOW! All three of ’em are. I cannot say no to them…whatever they want, Uncle INPY is pretty much gonna give ’em.

    Roosh; Next time we’ll pace the shots out a little better…but it was your bday, and that kills all deals.

    Miss B; Take the shuttle. Totally worth it.

  25. INPY, what’s your email address? I like your idea of becoming an online spokesperson. Let’s brainstorm a bit and see what we can do.

  26. Kathryn said,

    BTW, I meant to say – Brunch Bird, ASJINE’s Johanna, and I were merely Etcetera’s entourage. She’s the real rock star.

  27. Brunch Bird said,

    I’m not sure what Kathryn’s talking about. The Bird doesn’t do entourages.

  28. Ms. Tart said,

    Thanks once again for hosting! It was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

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