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“A Connecting Principle, Linked to the Invisible” -or- “It’s a Poor Sort of Memory That Only Works Backwards”.

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pl. syn·chro·nic·i·ties
1) The state or fact of being synchronous or simultaneous; synchronism.

2) Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality.

Carl Jung came up with the idea that two (or more) events that occur at the same time, but don’t seem to have anything in common, actually have everything in common. That there is an underlying pattern that connects everything and, when certain seemingly unrealted events occur…well, it’s meant to be.

He called it Synchronicity.

Don’t buy it? According to Princeton University, it’s possible.

“A recent study within the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (the PEAR lab), suggested that there is a small, though statistically measurable, link between human thought and patterns that occur in random data sets” (Check it out)

The Police said so, too…but that’s not as hip as Princeton.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because I believe it. Totally. I think we miss more signs and signals in life than we catch. Way more. Infintely more. Like 1000 times more. I think we are so wrapped up in the overt, that we miss the subtle. I think we disregard “Synchronicities” because we’ve decided that it’s crazy, it’s insane, and it’s not overt. We need overt. We need to get hit in the head…hard. Otherwise…well, that would mean…

We’d be vulnerable.

We can’t just put ourselves out there! Based on…what?! Collective consciousness? That’s like claiming the throne because some watery tart threw a sword at you! (Monty Python, gotta love ’em) But you know what? That’s what I buy. I don’t get that the randomness of the universe is completely random. I buy the interconnectedness of shared physiology. I think that things are attracted to each other based on much, much more than just a strong jawline and a nice rack.

We all accept that we use 10% of our brain…but what do you think is going on in that other 90%?

Think about it…according to Wikipedia, the most classic examples of synchonicity used to explain the phenomena are;

1) A well-known example of synchronicity is the true story of the French writer Émile Deschamps who in 1805 was treated to some plum pudding by the stranger Monsieur de Fortgibu. Ten years later, he encountered plum pudding on the menu of a Paris restaurant, and wanted to order some, but the waiter told him the last dish had already been served to another customer, who turned out to be de Fortgibu. Many years later in 1832 Émile Deschamps was at a diner, and was once again offered plum pudding. He recalled the earlier incident and told his friends that only de Fortgibu was missing to make the setting complete — and in the same instant the now senile de Fortgibu entered the room.

2) During production of The Wizard of Oz, a coat bought from a second-hand store for the costume of Professor Marvel was later found to have belonged to L. Frank Baum, author of the children’s book upon which the film is based.

So, let’s say for a minute that you’re in a downtown restaurant and this happens. You order something a certain way and someone else does, too, but with a subtle difference…and yours shows up at their table and vice versa. Call me crazy (and you wouldn’t be the first, yo) but I think that there’s something at that other table for me beyond my dinner. I do. And that belief spurs me to action more often than not. I will say something. I have said something.

And more often than not there’s more to the story than a crossed up dinner order. It doesn’t mean that my soulmate odered the Salmon with capers and I ordered it without. But it opens the door to finding out something that is usually, well…more.

I bring this up for lots of reasons. One is I think we read too many books and watch too many videos and take too many quizzes about how to find meaning, but we don’t look around and see what’s in front of us. And even when we do look around us, we don’t always SEE. I’m not talking about crystals and chants (and neither is Princeton, yo) but I am talking about opening ourselves up juuuuuuust a little more and surrendering to the possibilities.

You could say I’m nuts. Or you could just give a it try and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You might just stumble down a rabbit hole towards new meaning.

And that doesn’t really suck.

(The title of this post is taken from the Police, Synchronicity I and Carl Jung’s favorite quote regarding Synchronicity. It’s from Through the Looking Glass.)


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  1. This is a damn eerie phenomenon, but you’ve just got to run with it. I mean … me being at my current job is pretty much directly connected to a PR DISASTER they suffered through four years ago when they cancelled an event for political reasons. My mom’s place of work picked up the festivities, she met a guy who worked in Minor League Baseball, I ended up with an internship a summer later, and that rolled into my MLB.com job, which – six months later – rolled into the HOF gig. It’s a coincidence that I progressed from the minors to the majors to the HOF in three summers? Get the fuck out.

  2. (1) If I went ’round claiming supreme executive power just ’cause some moistened bink lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!

    (2) Capers are yummy. Why would you order salmon without them?

    (3) I’ve always kind of felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. Usually, I think it’s “Shut up,” but occasionally I wonder if it’s something even more profound.

  3. College Grad said,

    I still believe that there is an awful lot of randomness in the world, and that it accounts for the majority of our actions. Sure, sometimes that randomness is bound to be the same as some else’s. I mean if you randomly rolled two dice they’ll both land on the same number every once in a while. It’s just figuring out whether or not there’s actually a connection in that space that’s something more than random.

    Still, I like the idea that we need to look at something beyond the simple facts or observations of everyday life that we cling to. That there’s something more subtle impacting our world than the banal everyday occurrences we instantly recognize.

  4. Brooklyn Boy; All I got out of this was that you work for the HoF…and ummm…why did you never share this? Have you missed my baseball addiction? Where do I send my resume?

    Dagny;(1) I honestly KNEW that you would send this quote. I KNEW IT.

    (2) I would actually order it WITH capers. And that would probably be my opening line to the person that ordered it without.

    (3) that was almost another keyboard.

    College Grad; Even if youjust look a little deeper, as opposed to thinking everything is connected, that’s something. At least, I think it’s something.

  5. Miss B said,

    I don’t think you’re nuts at all. I believe that all things happen for a reason, that there are signs everywhere, that there is something called ‘fate,’ I read my horoscope daily, and I’m a hopeless romantic.

    Could this all be why I’m still single? LOL.

  6. carrie m said,

    I think this is a really interesting post, however, here’s my problem: at what point are we looking toward these ‘signs’ too much? There’s a part of me that is definitely into signs, and an ‘oh isn’t that strange’ phenomena.

    But just a few minutes ago – literally 10 minutes ago – I was crossing Connecticut Avenue after 1. possibly seeing the idiot I just walked away from and 2. Hearing a reasonably attractive man saying how much he loved his wife. Before I heard the guy talk about his wife, I was already upset and hearing that guy made me want to shoot said scimitar at the dude. I wondered if hearing him was a sign. A sign of what? That I’m fucked? Or that I will find someone, blah blah blah? Then I thought, when ‘you’ are in a certain state of mind your brain, vision, hearing, whatever is more attuned to that frequency. In my case just now it was the whole dude, where’s my boyfriend. It’s ridiculously easy for me to pick through the last few days or whatever and find ‘signs’ relating to that. However, I’m really not sure if it’s said synchronicity or if I’m just picking up my own radio station.

    I realize that might not be *quite* what you’re getting at, but I hope it illustrates my point.

  7. Haha … i suppose I was going for the oddity of me getting that first internship because the Hall messed up, which started me down the road to working there three years later, only after I had paid my dues working at single-A and in the majors. That’s got a synchronous feel to it, I think.

    But yeah, as for not mentioning it … trying to separate blog and work, I guess? If you’re ever in a road-tripping mood (about 6 hours from DC), just drop a line and I’ll leave tickets for ya (and a guest or two), ha.

  8. PS I can’t really recommend working/moving up here unless you’re ready to settle down. It’s smaaaaaaall, and 30+ … there’s a reason I’m on the way out soon.

  9. Original Me said,

    Word. But how could you NOT believe in crystals, chants, charts, and ouijas – hey, I’m still holding out for (and googling) Cliff Stargon – know him? 😉

  10. WiB said,

    Help! Help! I’m being repressed!!!

    Sorry. I’m just always ready and willing to hop on a Monty Python quote-train.

    I think this whole idea is very Buddhist. If you buy into the idea of the interconnectedness of the universe, then synchronicity is not only believable, it’s mathematically inevitable. But it is hard to swallow in the self-deterministic, I-make-my-destiny sort of Western culture we live in.

    I haven’t run into too much of this, I don’t think, although I do have a habit of running into people I know in random places (side of a mountain in WY, for example). It certainly does make life more interesting.

  11. Jo said,

    I belive it, there have been too many “coincidences” in my life for me NOT to believe them. I’m the person who’ll be talking about someone and they’ll walk through the door, or thinking about someone I haven’t talked to in a while and 5 minutes later the phone rings.

  12. I believe it.

  13. Katie Hey-Oh! said,

    YO. I saw you on the train this morning and had to come check out your blog. Impressive! Coincidentally (ha!) I actually have some thoughts on this subject.

    When it comes to sychronicity, I harbor two beings inside of my person. One of them believes in something I heard a long time ago – that these coincidences that happen at times, compared to every other moment in your life without a remarkable random and seemingly connected occurance, are normal in that it would be WEIRDER if stuff like that never happened. That the chances are, these things must happen at some point because everything will happen at some point given the time and the elements. Monkeys writing the bible and what not.

    The other being I have inside me scoffs at anyone who thinks they know anything about most things people try to know stuff about. This is the part of me that gets freaked out by those ghost hunter programs and likes the idea that some things are simply inexplicable. This is also the total agnostic part of me that thinks anyone who thinks they know there’s a god and knows what that god is like (!!!!) no less is a fool. But that’s a whole other subject.

    But what I really think is that in the small space and time that we are allowed in this life, it only matters what you take from your experiences. That will impact you far more than the randomness of coincidence, when it’s all said and done. But what the fuck do I know, right?

    Cheers, man. Hope to run into you again soon.

  14. gn said,

    Love it. The coincidences, the near-encounters, the brushes with destiny — it’s all very romantic. The rational part of me (or the part that wants to be rational, as I don’t think I have an ounce of reason in my being) tells myself that we are in control of ourselves, that we make our own destinies. But it seems there’s too much in life that is out of our hands — that which depends on chance, on Nature, on God (if that’s your thing) — that there must be some grand meaning behind it.

    I guess it’s what WE make of those random occurrences that matters.

    I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

  15. MissB; I dont’ know if thinking that things are interconnected is fate…I don’t know that I go that far.

    Carrie; I think your own radio station is kinda the idea, really…theze things lead you to certain things and you can either see them and react, not react, or not see them. That’s my take anyhow.

    BB; you’re totally on. I want a super special pass where I get to like use the gear inthe hall and light fire to the Sox Sock.

    WiB; it’s very Eastern, that’s for sure. And when you’re in the West it sounds like a bad sci-fi movie.

    Original Me; Never heard of him…but i’m gonna bust out my google stick in just a minute.

    Jo; I KNEW you’d be down for this. 🙂

    Mary; And you, too.

    Katie; Great to see you, too…LOVEd the first paragraph re: it would be wiered WITHOUT it. So right on…

    gn; Have you been drinking? Are you leaning on a tree right now? Actually, I think you’re on to it here. It IS what we make of the randmoness…and if you make something of it, then it’s not really so random.

  16. Kristin said,

    I think I’m always looking for the connection. The meaning. It’s funny, though. I’ll see four lanes of red cars in my rear view mirror, a baby pool full of Barbie heads and think, “If my life were a book, if my life were a movie, this would mean something. As it is, this is just life.”

  17. miss bee said,

    so i went to the bar alone last night for happy hours because 1. i couldnt get a hold of any friends and 2. i just wanted a damn beer.

    a kid next to me got carded and pulled out his ID. i saw it said PA (my original residence) and i asked whereabouts he was from. as it turns out, he graduted HS along with my ex-boyfriend’s best friend and a few other people i knew from college. RANDOM.

  18. miss bee said,

    OH WAIT. and the guy who i met, well he’s friends with the kid who was the last tenant in the place that i am currently renting.

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  20. a)The Jungian Theory of Syncronicity, is a clear demonstration that
    everything in this Universe is predeterminated.The Heisenberg’s
    Indetermination Principle comes from the human ignorance
    (we cannot see the reality in its totality)…so only an ignorant,can believe in Free Will.

    b)Matter is a complex form of energy; Energy
    is a complex form of Information; Information…is God’s Thought.

    The Universe is God…so we are parts of God.

    c) Every kind of “human desire”,is followed by a Chain of “Electron wave
    functions collapses” (in agreement with Schrödinger’s Theory) which will not
    follow ours expectations! …So the paradox is: if we want to get hold of
    something,we shouldn’t have to search for it. (Men stay still,and the mountains move…).
    A curiosity: The connection between the electron
    wave-function and the human intent has to do with the fact that
    experiments have proved that the intentions of the operator of a radio
    transmission facility, directly and instrumentably alter the
    “footprint”, the radiation pattern of the antenna. It has also been
    shown that the intent of the human being causes a divergence in
    the quantum field (which is the information field).
    Any divergence in the information field results in
    alterations of “probability”, which directly influences
    the outcome of any system which contains any element
    of chance, directly influencing the resulting observable
    events. (See the work of Princeton Engineering Anomalies
    Research at http://www.princeton.edu/~pear/).


    “In agreement with Henri Bergson’s thought (see the last pages of “Entre
    le temps et l’éternité” of Ilya Prigogine ,Librairie Arthème Fayard,Paris),
    we can accept the idea of a “Space-time absolute value”, where
    all the “Space-time relativ values” are incorporated (in agreement with Einstein’s
    theory of relativity); the conclusion is that there is only one Real
    Matrix of the Universe…so every other possible /potential parallel
    “event/dimension/future” it’s only a human illusion.

    All the other parallel Universes (or Multi-Universes,as Phd. Everett said)
    can only exist in our minds…perhaps whilst dreaming.

    Unfortunately several physicists are conditioned by Heisenberg’s Principle of
    Indetermination…which, as you will know, is enough explain the
    existence of Free Will.

    Well, the Principle of Indetermination is hardly bound by the limits of
    observations made by the human brain.

    (We cannot see the reality in its totality…Bohm taught).

    If we accept the idea that our Universe really is God,well,in a infinite
    Caos of Energy too, there must to be a logical (but not for human
    brain),exact,specific,and perfectly organized …Plan.

    How many significant (important) coincidences can happen to a person in his
    life,living in a unorganizated and stupid Universe?…I think no-one.
    Every synchronism in our life, is like an open-eyes-dream (Jung
    taught)…and we can thank the fine intelligence of our Universe…if
    they happen.”

    Fausto Intilla
    (Inventor-scientific divulger)

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  22. […] course you do, everyone does. Some people call it “synchronicity”, which is defined as a “coincidence of events that seem […]

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