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EXODUS Happy Hour

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on July 16, 2007


You knew it was coming…you KNEW it. All the bail has been posted and fines paid from the last time…for like a week you were probably saying “I am NEVER going to another Happy Hour hosted by these people again…” And honestly? We don’t blame you…really, we don’t.

What do we do?

We wait.

We waited until your hangover subsided…then you got the stitches removed…you completed your cycle of antibiotics…and we waited until you started thinking; “Man, when are they gonna get off their asses and have another Happy Hour?”

Your wait (and ours) is over. It’s time for another HH. Oh YES.

And this isn’t just ANY happy hour. Oh NO. This is EXODUS. Allow me to explain. No, there is no time. Allow me to sum up.

For those of you that don’t know, our dear friend RooshV is leaving the country. Apparently, there is a limit to how long you can duck the law, paternity suits, and angry husbands and boyfriends. Well, Roosh has hit that limit and is going to Bolivia. Or somewhere in South America. Anyhow, he ain’t gonna be here no mo’.

Imagine that? A DC without Roosh? I remember the first time that I discussed Roosh with Kathryn On, and she told me “He’s nothing like he seems to be from reading his blog.” I thought to myself, “Yeah. RIGHT…he’s probably a total prick.”

Well, it’s a little from Column A and a little from Column B. But either way, it ain’t gonna be the same without him here. You know it. I know it. He’s dropped his knowledge on us, it’s starting to sell, and he’s fleeing the scene like a bandito after a bank heist.

So come say goodbye to the man. Buy him shots. Tell him the baby is his. Get him to autograph a copy of Bang for you. Whatevah! We’re going to send him South in style AND have a damn good time doing it at what is sure to be another bad ass happy hour. I mean, we’ve been on a roll lately! Were you at the last few? Did you see how many new and old bloggers were tripping all over themselves? It was a love fest!

And to that end, Invite-a-Blogger is on again. Invite anyone you read…we want them there with us, and besides, it’s their last chance to meet Roosh until the extradition proceedings bring him back to the US.

When: Friday July 27th, 8:00pm until the last person realizes that they got stuck with the bar tab. (400+ SC&L’s add up…)

Where: Science Club. That’s right…the Science Club

With your hosts;

Yours Truly…



Arjewtino (who is in Guatamala, but will return next week.)

And of course, Mr. BANG himself.

So, get yourself to the Science club Friday the 27th so that you can;

…send Roosh off in style

…get an advanced copy of VK’s new book (entitled Midget Clowns in Heat; The True Story of My Alternative Lifestyle)

…console Arjewtino (after the 3-nil ass whoopin’ Argentina took at the hands…errrr…feet of Brazil)

…hit KassyK up for pics of hottie Israelis

…and get your obligatroy SC&L with me.

See ya there.


17 Responses to 'EXODUS Happy Hour'

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  1. Jo said,

    So far, I think I’ll be there. You guys finally picked a good location 🙂

  2. Virgle Kent said,

    I think i’ll be there too, who the fcuk am I kidding, Pre gaming at Dans…. that’s all I’m saying

  3. Jo; The Science club is kinda taking it all back to the day.

    VK; It’s ON. Pregame at Dan’s….a glass o’ bourbon and a warm diet coke.

  4. KassyK said,

    Cannot wait…Science Club is where this whole blogging thing started for me. This time no jail though! You promised!

  5. YAS said,

    4 comments all day, 3 of which are from the hosts. Is your attendance at the high-five circle jerk festivals waning? All these people know each other already. They all hang out and do things with the people they like and avoid the rest. No one needs an overhyped happy hour that long ago jumped the shark. Besides, some of the best bloggers are the ones you will never get to come to these things, so why bother putting these events on anymore? So you and Virgle can hit on any blogger chicks you may not have hit on yet?

    The talk behind your all’s backs is pretty funny. Save yourself now. Not that many people like you guys.

  6. Roosh said,

    I’ll get my liver ready.

    *I wonder who wrote the comment above mine :extreme eye roll emoticon:

  7. Yas; So then, you’re not coming? What a shame, you sound like such a fun person to party with. I mean, clearly YOU hold the list of what bloggers are worth hanging out with and all…

    Ill take our ever growing happy hours just the same. But thanks for your input.

    Roosh; Practice practice practice.

    And really…whoever could that be?

  8. mm said,

    Yas sounds like a barrel of sunshine. I hope to see him/her there!

  9. KassyK: OK< abotu that promise…I think I said I would TRY. That’s not to say things can’t like just…ya know…go like, wrong.

    mm; “A barrel of sunshine”…doesn’t he? I’d LOVE to have the haters come. Or in the case, the whiners.

  10. Belle said,

    Aw, I’ll miss this one, too. 😦 Have an SC&L for me. And next time…

  11. Daniel said,

    Darn. Back to scheduling these things on my drill periods… Hope y’all have fun! (especially if that killjoy YAS doesn’t show… I don’t think you would want him there if he even wanted to come;)

  12. Ms. Tart said,

    Yay! I had fun at the last one. I will def. try to make it to this one. Also, good call on NOT having it this coming Friday (7/20). You do not want to counter-program Harry Potter.

  13. Belle & Daniel; Sorry to hear y’all won’t be there. But there’s always another one not far away…

    Ms. Tart; Messing with Harry Potter is NOT a good plan. We’re no fools…and we hope you make it out for this one!

  14. Virgle Kent said,

    All I want to know is…. WHO THE FUCK TOLD YAS ABOUT OUR CIRCLE JERKS!!! Guys that was our thing, I thought we’d keep that between us!

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  16. Texpundit said,

    Sorry. Can’t make it this month. Had way too many bills to take care of. See you guys/gals next month, though.

  17. Red said,

    No Tex! Damn! I just procured a babysitter so I could go. At least I know a few others so I can find you guys.

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