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“Take Off This Uniform and Leave the Show”

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on July 20, 2007

On August 10th I will officially be recharging my batteries…and not a minute too soon. See, occassionally I find myself clenching my teeth and rubbing my temples while looking at a spread sheet (or a significant other…it happens) and I realize, “Dear GOD I need a break”.

Now, I’m not talking a vacation. I don’t recharge my batteries on the beaches or in Vegas. I chill out and remember who I am best when I find myself in Lubec, Maine. Never heard of it? Of course you havent.


Lubec has one road in, as it sits on a penninsula jutting out in to the ocean…it’s the Eastern Most town in the US, in fact, and that might be it’s only claim to fame. It’s got two gas stations and one grocery store…well, two if you count the IGA on the way out of town. One bar and one coffee shop, and two restaurants. There’s a little hardware store and well…not a whole lot else. It’s quiet, and damn near nothing ever happens there that would make the news, local or otherwise.

And by God, I love it.

I grew up spending my summers there with my grandparents. (My grandfather worked in the postal service and my grandmother ran one damn tight ship at home.) As I got older I kept going back and in lots of ways the progress of my life can be measured by my summers in that town. I got my first real kiss there from a local girl named Sandy. I still remember the first time I made the drive, which at the time was my first really good, really long road trip North. My brother was married and started his own family there and more than likely he’ll be there the rest of his days.

I used to beg him to leave because the world was so much bigger and better than Lubec, Maine. Now I realize just how arrogant I was when I said that. In fact, I think that I can measure my own growth as a man by the ways my view of this sleepy little town have changed. From wide eyed wonder at it when I was a boy to contempt when I was a late teen and early twenty-something to outright admiration now.

Lubec is where I cool my jets…where I spend time sitting on the rocky cliffs of Quoddy Head (the actual Eastern Most spot you can be) looking out at the ocean and thinking about absolutely nothing.


For whatever reason, this former fishing town (complete with a run down museum of the history of canning) brings my peace. It always has. There is damn near nothing to do, but I find myself always feeling like there wasn’t enough time when I have to leave. And every time I DO start to pack to go, there’s Kid Brother and the Old Man asking me if I’m sure I want to go…

And every year it gets harder and harder to say “yes”. This year I’m flying in to Manchester, NH, then driving North in a rented Ford for a good 5 or 6 hours of my beloved Asphalt Therapy…up through Portland and Augusta, ditching the main highways for the routes that cut through Bangor and Ellsworth…out of the reach of the Starbucks and the McDonalds…North and East, North and East until suddenly there’s just no land left…and as soon as I get there I remember the time before when the Old Man asked if I really wanted to go, if I really wanted to be so far away… so far away from the place where headaches aren’t an every day occurance and family stops by without knocking. Where I don’t wear a suit that feels like a uniform…

And once again (as I’ll do this time too) I said “yes”. But this time, it’s going to sting juuust a bit more than last year. And next year it’ll be a bit worse. Because, I don’t know what your picture of heaven is, but mine looks just like this;


And for 9 days this August, I’m gonna soak it all in.


14 Responses to '“Take Off This Uniform and Leave the Show”'

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  1. gn said,

    OK, Jack Kerouac.

    Just kidding — it sounds like a really nice place! I definitely understand that early-20s arrogance…

  2. Airam said,

    Those pictures are just gorgeous. Seems like a place where you can just lose yourself.

  3. Lee said,

    Absolutely gorgeous picture of the sun rising. Gorgeous!

    Good for you for having one of those places…the place where life can stop…where you can feel completely removed from the rest of the world, if you want to. For me, it’s Mom & Dad’s house in backwoods Kentucky, where I can hole up, lose myself in the books stacked around the house, and not have a care in the world. Everyone should be so lucky to have a place to escape to.

    Look forward to reading about how much you enjoy your August retreat.

  4. Solitare said,

    I love northern Maine!! I have family up in Perry so I visit Lubec, Calais, Eastport etc.. when I’m there. I’ve been there in the winter for Christmas and had wonderful White Christmases as well as spent a few weeks in the summer at my Aunt’s lakefront cabin– talk about serenity!! I normally fly into Bangor and drive up.
    Happy Travels.

  5. Miss B said,

    That looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve never been up to Maine, but hear wonderful things about it from my students, who head North for the summer. I’ll definitely have to make a trek one of these days.

    I can relate 100% to having an escape – a place where you go to shut yourself off from the rest of the world and recharge those fried batteries. For me, it’s the Cape, on the beach (preferably without the throngs of summer tourists), listening to the waves lap on shore, the salt air invading my nostrils, getting lost in books, my thoughts, etc.

    Enjoy your summer retreat :o)

  6. megan said,

    My Lubec is Pinecrest Lake, California. Have fun!

  7. julie said,

    Of course I have heard of Lubec, ME.

    It’s on my list of places to see.

    I’m jealous.

    I’ll be on Lake Sebago from Aug 10-16, while not as peaceful and quiet as Lubec, it’s about as much as a city girl like me can take.

  8. roissy said,

    lubec sounds like one of those places, like jersey, that you *have* to leave in order to later appreciate.

    actually, jersey is one of those places you have to leave, period.

  9. m said,

    Damn, that place looks nice. I didn’t even think I needed a vacation till I read this post and could practically feel that feeling of peace and tranquility you describe. I’m def. adding this place to my must visit list. And more important, I’m not gonna wait till I can get to Maine to have a getaway like that, I’m going to start planning one in my region very soon. I hope you have a great time, and that you really get to relax and enjoy yourself.

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  12. sandrar said,

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  13. Phil said,

    My great great grandfather was one of the last lighthouse keepers at quoddy head his name was Wilson G Joy.

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