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Send Michael Vick to Jail

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on July 24, 2007

I’ve been moved to talk about something that I was not only going to leave alone, but that I hadn’t really even considered writing about…I mean, really, I write about anything but current events. However, this I can’t stay out of.

The story of the year in sports is, without question, Michael Vick. If you don’t know what this means, I think it’s time for you to crawl out of the rock you’ve been under because this is big news. Mr. Vick has been charged with being the Mr. Big of the dogfighting world. He’s accused of raising, training, transporting, and fighting dogs. I don’t need to go in to all the details because there are approximately 15 million other websites where you can read the charges and the reactions of the pundits and prognosticators from around the world.

Here’s what I’m going to wade in to…the subject that has me up in arms.

There is a line of thinking that I’ve heard over and over again that states that this is only getting so much attention for one reason; Race. That if Michael Vick were a white guy…if he was Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, this would all just blow over. He’d get a slap on the wrist, apologize, and life would go on. But that because he’s black people are calling for his head.

Furthermore, it states; what’s the big deal? It’s dog fighting. So what?

I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy either of these attitudes. I find the first misguided and the second to be completely shortsighted and I’d like to spend this page today telling you why I think it’s important that these arguments be knocked down.

But first, let’s talk Vick.

What Michael Vick is accused of isn’t attending a dog fight. He’s not accused of coming to an event and enjoying himself, throwing around a few wagers, and heading home. No no, Ron Mexico is accused of “conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in animal fighting venture”.

Get that? He’s basically a team owner for dog fighting.

But wait, there’s more;

From the summary of the 18 page indictment (read it all here if you’d like)

Based upon court documents obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act and information outlined in the 18 page federal grand jury indictment [25], it is alleged that Vick’s property was used as the “main staging area for housing and training … pit bulls…and was the scene of dog fighting events” as Vick and co-defendants Purnell A. Peace, 35, Quanis L. Phillips, 28, and Tony Taylor, 34, spent six years “knowingly sponsoring and exhibiting in an animal fighting venture” and that the property was purchased and developed for that purpose.

Effectively, this indictment breaks down that Vick bought a property for the purpose of housing his dog breeding and training camp and then used it for such a purpose, not to mention that he then held dog fighting events on the property. This is all very highly, and very well known to be; ILLEGAL.

Do I think that there are other athletes involved in dog fighting? Of course. Do I think that there are any as big as Michael Vick who are going to this extreme?

I very much doubt it.

If someone can explain to me how this is racist, please do so.

“Wait, wait” you’re saying…I can hear you; “it’s the fact that they are going after him that makes it racist.”

What complete and utter bullshit.

Let’s break down the widely held idea that this is a racist approach. Selective persecution, right?

Like it or not, dogfighting is illegal. You can say whatever you want about whether it should or should not be, but you’re no different than the shocked stoner getting arrested mid pizza and cheet-ohs dinner. That is to say that if you know something is illegal and you choose to do it anyway, don’t whine about the right or wrong of the law when you get caught.

Oh, and don’t do it in your back yard where the whole world can see you. Just a thought.

But, you want to talk about why it’s illegal? Fine. Let’s.

Look, the Romans were all about this; Death for amusement. It’s wrong. It demoralizes society. It cheapens life. You might not like it, but watching two animals fight to the death is bloodlust, and bloodlust is the lowest common denominator and that should NOT be encouraged or even tolerated. (And don’t give me this shit about boxing, as it’s structured and you can step away. Dogs can’t. And that’s the point…they CAN’T and those watching are watching for the death.) Death sports are not something evolved societies should condone, and don’t we pride ourselves on being an evolved society? Or is that just something you say to comfort yourself when you see Afghanistan and Iraq on the evening news?

Oh, that’s right…that’s humans, not dogs. Wake UP. When you desensitize there is no “I’m ok with this thing dying but not that thing”…once you start it, you start it. It’s the true gateway drug theory in action. The idea that it’s hypocritical because you’re wearing leather shoes is only partly true, because if you had to watch those shoes get made, you’d probably never wear them again. Well, the inverse is true, too…if you watch it enough you’re going to have less and less trouble with death and violence as a whole, not just to the animal.

You can’t pay evolution lip service. It either is or it isn’t, and allowing this sort of thing in to a society takes you in the wrong direction. If you don’t see that, please don’t move in next door to me no matter what race, religion, or creed you belong to.

This is me on my soapbox, but hear me out; you see a little kid tearing the legs off of flies and torturing mice, you think “that kid is fucked up” and you hopefully make sure he gets a little help. Because you know he is going to wind up a problem at some point…that his behavior in this incident is indicative of what his behavior in other incidents will be.

But, you see a fully grown multi-millionaire breeding, training, and inciting two dogs to tear one another apart for his own amusement and then electrocuting, shooting, drowning, or beating the loser to death, and you think “it’s racist to want this stopped”?

Excuse me, but that’s crap.

Furthermore, this man is putting a significant amount of his considerable resources (He’s got a $130MM contract) not to mention his considerable cache/celebrity behind dog fighting. You know what that means? The sport has an unbelievably high profile athlete endorsing it and financing it. Not Qyntel Woods this time…it’s Michael Vick. That means it’s poised to grow. SIGNIFICANTLY. And yet, it’s racist that the feds want to lock him up? To say to America that no matter how famous you are if you are this involved you are getting the full weight of the US Government thrown at you?

Get real.

To revisit the stoner analogy; if you get busted playing video games and smoking a joint, you’re looking at one scenario. But if you get busted with a basement full of weed, four vans outside decked out for transportation, $500K in cash and a trunk load of assault rifles, you’re looking at something completely different. The stoner broke the law and gets a slap on the wrist. The money, muscle and moving vans man gets just a wee bit more.

Michael Vick was not just smoking a joint playing Madden, folks.

If he’s guilty, Michael Vick deserves jail. He’s earned it. And so does anyone else that does what he does whether they are white, black or otherwise. The penalties should be metered out according to your involvement and damn near no one was as involved as the US Government’s case states he was.

If he’s guilty of what he’s accused of, fuck him. 6 years sounds just about right to me.

Now then…tell me I’m a racist for believing that.

I’m not naive. I know about “driving while black” and I wouldn’t dare to pretend to know what it’s like to be a minority in this country. I do know, however, that to me (and to an awful lot of people in general, as well as the US District Court) this isn’t about being black. It’s about the standards by which we as a country choose to live and what will and will not be tolerated by this society as a whole. Dog fighting and death sports that make life a trivial thing to be wagered on should not ever be something we allow regardless of the race or stature of who’s found to be involved in it.


To say otherwise, in my humble opinion, just leads us back to tossing Christians in with lions to see how long they’ll last.

NOTE: This is in no way a rebuttal of VK’s post regarding the same topic. VK and I are good friends who argue sports and whether or not Roosh really gets laid all the time. We are saying two different things with these posts, so please make sure to read both carefully rather than dive in half cocked. Gracias.


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  1. Heather said,

    Amen. Another great post.

    Vick should go to jail. How sick is it that he has every opportunity for amusement and entertainment in the world, yet he chooses to engage in and support the most boorish behavior imaginable?

    Yes, he should go to jail. It’s so not about race. It’s about decency…sheesh, we have to say that some things simply cannot be tolerated. Enough. It’s just enough.

  2. jess said,

    I was on the fence before I read this mostly because I didn’t care and I’ve disliked Vick for a long time. VK’s post made me think of all the reasons why I hate the fact that this is part of sports coverage now.

    Yours makes me wonder why I didn’t care. The Romans analogy is spot-on. And any card-carrying Buddha hugger like myself knows that. Any daughter of an attorney should have considered the rest.

    Laws predict the scope of human behavior. They are in place so we don’t act on our worst urges – and when we do there are consequences for our choices. Making the point that this is about who we are as a culture is resonant.

    Vick is a modern gladiator in all senses of the term.

  3. Virgle Kent said,

    It’s not racist he’s getting arrested for a crime he clearly committed. I don’t think that anyone has excused him or agreed with his actions at all. The racisms do come in the reaction. Same way everyone hated on the Duke lacrosse players because they were rich white kids. There was prejudice and outrage from the public based on status and ethnicity.

    My point was that amount of outrage over it is crazy when other athletes have actually harmed or killed HUMAN BEINGS. My whole point was that there is no way an animals life is more important than a humans. I have actually seen animals get killed for food, clothes and even jewelry on a daily basis being born in Nigeria.

    But don’t talk to me about animal rights or dogs and then buy your fiancé or accept conflict diamonds that some 9 year old child lost an arm for. Are you serious? There is hypocrisy and blindness in there somewhere.

    And next time I see you, you’re getting a Tequila shot but we’ll pretend its Soco… Us guys and sports….

  4. Heather; great point; it’s not like he didn’t have options for ways to entertain himself.

    Jess; as always, well said.

    VK; I agree with what you’re saying, absolutely. There are a lot of people who will cry racism and who will use racism without knowing any of the facts involved. I would add though, that dogfighting is setting up a mentality that lends itself to more violence against people. It’s a peripheral effect.

    But yeah, the Patron’s on me next time.

  5. roissy said,

    it’s really too bad. pit bulls had a sterling reputation before this incident. you can play with them when they’re puppies… their bites won’t go to the bone.

  6. Roissy; there are lots of things that don’t have great reputations…should they all be rounded up, tortured to make them “game”, then put in to pits and made to fight for amusement?

  7. roissy said,

    i was making a joke at pit bulls’ expense.
    i agree with you on the coarsening of culture and the slippery slope threat.
    not to mention that dogfighting, or any arranged animal fighting for profit and fun, is low class. idiocracy is not looking so far-fetched now.
    still, if i had my way, i’d humanely exterminate all pit bulls that weren’t registered with the AKC. their sole purpose for many owners seems to be as a projection of power; a flesh n blood gun to wave threateningly in the face of society.

  8. Roissy; My bad. Thanks for the follow up. I’m a big fan of not catering to the LCD.

  9. Beach Bum said,

    Great post — 100% agree.

  10. I understand the point about citing racism as the reason for the indictment, but I’m with VK on the amount of coverage being race-generated. A woman was raped at white NFL player Patrick Kerney’s house WHILE HE WAS THERE, and that was a blip on the radar. Not to mention that white NFL player Jared Allen had a 4-game substance abuse suspension reduced to two games for good behavior, which is unprecedented under Goodell – also largely unnoticed. Also, the comment boards re: Vick on AOL’s Fanhouse (many now deleted) were wildly racist, dropping n-bombs and lynching references all over the place.

    Dog fighting is bad. If Vick did it, he should be punished. But the complete character assassination before all the facts are in is wack. Also, while they’re not fighting (potentially to the death), there are egregious mistreatments taking place every day in the meat packing industry. Do you feel as strongly about pigs and cows, and persecuting their abusers?

  11. PS
    I’d check out The Starting Five for a broad, incisive look at the coverage. Even when I don’t agree with them, I feel better educated for having read their take.

  12. BB: First, it’s important to understand that this post is not a point/counterpoint to VK’s. He touched on issues that I have been hearing more and more lately, but that wasn’t his point. I didn’t link to him and this isn’t intended as such.

    Having said that;

    I do think that there is a WORLD of difference between what is done in the meat packing industry to make food and what is done in the dogfighting world for entertainment. You can say that the end result is no different for the animals but I think you’d have a very hard time finding a psychologist to agree to the same for the humans involved.

    Also, while I do agree that substance abuse is a bad thing, it’s a common thing. And someone being raped at your home while you’re there is NOT the same thngs as doing it yourself. Furthermore, who on the street even knows who Kearney and Allen are? To say that their race made those stories smaller is not, in my opinion, a valid argument. You’re talking about two men 90% of the audience for their sports couldn’t pick out of a line up.

    Vick is one of the faces of the NFL. This gets all the attention is does bc (1) he’s a poster child for the NFL (2) he’s only been in the spotlight off the field for his ever growing list of negative issues and (3) because this is an atrocity that demeans society.

    The Feds have been after the dogfighting community more and more for years. If that house had belonged to Brett Favre, I DO believe he’d have received the same treatment from the FBI and the press. The press would have written about shock and outrage and the Feds would have indicted him. There’s no racism there. The league would have told him to stay away, and we’d be right where we are today.

    The ONLY place that racism exists in this equation, in my opinion, is in the reaction of the public. And if it’s news to anyone that we live in a racist society, then you’ve got bigger issues than Michael Vick. But to say or to even infer that the actions of the press and the Feds is racially motivated takes away from the fact that this is a barbaric practice that has no place in this society…

    And that is the point I am making with this post.

  13. I gotcha. The Kerney thing I used as an example b/c Vick is linked – mostly – as a “facilitator” (money, travel) vs. actual participant, which seems to me a parallel role. And while not faces of the league, Kerney’s got a $39.5 million deal and Allen’s regarded as one of the top DEs. Both notables, for sure, and both stories were blips, even locally.

    While reporting the news and the feds prosecuting it are both well within reason, the viciousness of the media opinions and immediate jump to character assassination, well before the smoking gun revealed the indictment with its as-of-now-alleged information, make it seem – to me – like race has been playing a role.

  14. I still say there’s huge difference between guys that no one can identify and someone marketed as a face of the league, know what I mean? Also, Vick’s indictment is more than a facilitator; he’s not just a “money man”. The Feds are going to show that he was actively involved in this providing the place and taking part in the fights.

    With regards to the idea that he was attacked before the indictment came out;

    Still, I don’t know that I buy it as race. Vick has been in the news for nothing BUT trouble, and to the press; “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. If this had been, say, LT, he wouldn’t have been attacked as much b/c he hasn’t given people as much of a reason to do so. He’s kept his nose clean. Vick hasn’t even attempted to do that and he can’t have it both ways. If you want to run afoul of the law AND court a “thug” attitude, how can someone be surprised when that’s the reaction? You can’t cry racism at that, as the reaction is based on a style and approach to life that you cultivated yourself.

  15. LT … like Lawrence Taylor or LaDanian Tomlinson … cuz those are quite different ends of the spectrum, ha.

    It’s sometimes quite difficult for athletes to be in the news for “good” reasons – Stephon Marbury is likely one of the most charitable athletes in the US, and things like his $4 million pledge to city agencies (NYPD, FD, Board of Ed and EMS) are bumped to blurbs or beat writer blogs. Instead, all you generally hear on the mass/national level is his character being bashed for basketball-related issues. (not wholly undeservedly)

  16. HA! Tomlinson, yo.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s any harder than you want it to be…Marbury is an ass who does great things. (His affordable sneaker being my fav) But he’s an ass. But Shaq seems to be able to do it. Jeter, too. Big Papi. DWade. McNabb. Reggie Bush (and Drew Brees) with is New Orleans charity work. Charles Barkley was as bad as they came, was outspoken, but kept his nose clean and was beloved. If you want to be controversial, you’re going to be treated as such. If you don’t you won’t.

    You can’t rule out character when the race conversation comes up. Chances are if you’ve got it, you’re going to get more of the benefit of the doubt than if you don’t.

  17. Hmm … Barkley perhaps strikes me as a questionable example – he notably threw that one dude through the storefront window. Oh, and Jeter doesn’t count – “He ain’t all the way black.” Haha. Sheff. Love it.

    The character point is a good one. You’ve got legs to your positions, I respect that. I like picking people’s brains to see what’s really good. Keep doin you.

  18. Lothar said,

    It’s disheartening that all of you are so concerned with the fate of some dogs when, as taxpayers, you are funding two wars against humans.
    But then again, who needs priorities when the Simpsons movie is around the corner and you’re all getting trashed on Friday?

  19. Lothar; If you would like to discuss the “War on Terror” and all of the ramifications, please feel free to lead the discussion. However, since that wasn’t the topic of THIS particular thread, I fail to see what your point is. Also, questioning priorities based on Friday night activities smacks of a little ummm…pouting whiny self aggrandizing bullshit. What are YOU doing Friday night that is so very righteous and important? Probably much of the same.

    But hey, thanks for reading.

  20. Lothar said,

    The point, INPY, is that you expressed outrage over the fact that Vick broke the law regarding dog fighting. Where is your outrage over the fact that the President breaks the law on a daily basis with far greater repercussions? If it’s pouting and whiny and self aggrandizing and bullshit to express disappointment that you’d rather think about the mistreatment of dogs versus humans then I’m guilty as charged. And you’ve resorted to name calling.

    Just so you know, I’ll be doing the same thing I do every Friday night. Trying to take over the world.

  21. What I expressed outrage over is the fact that people are saying this is no big deal. I disagree. I disagree because it goes to the standards of our society. Things like this idea that “it’s just dogfighting” actually go to the core of your misguided argument. If you creat a socitey where life is cheap, why should you be surprised when no one reacts to war?

    Reread my post instead of trying to use my blog comments as your soapbox.

    Also, you questioned my priorities bc I’m going to see a movie and going out to a HH with friends. I called you out. That’s not name calling. That’s calling you out as someone looking for attention.

    And lastly, Lothar, I served in the US Army Corp of Engineers. Don’t ever think for one second that people dying in uniform is something I take lightly.

    Good luck taking over the world.

  22. WiB said,

    I think that, in general, people have the racism thing backwards. Think about it: if it turns out that it was Favre/Brady/Manning’s house, coverage would somehow be less? Oh no. The media/nation would freak. the. fuck. out. Although it might be less racist than image-ist, if that makes any sense.

    You expect the thug to do thug things. It fits into a pattern of expected behavior, one that is somewhat less than law-abiding. Granted, this is an extreme, extreme case, but you could argue it falls into the culture of violence-glorifying, high-stakes gambling that is associated with a significant subsection of professional atheletes/rappers/etc. Iverson smokes weed? Sure. Dr. Dre? Yeah, makes sense. Drew Brees? Not so much. You would be less surprised if it were Eminem, but more if it were Tiger Woods. Hence the image-vs-race idea.

    I just think it’s interesting that people naturally assume, as Chris Rock says, that as long as it’s white, it’s all right. I dont’ think that’s true. I think the reaction would be more severe because of the shock factor. On the other hand, I suppose Brett might get a little more benefit of the doubt, but that would make things worse in the end if it turns out he was guilty.

  23. If you cultivate an image, you can’t be surprised when people react to it accordingly. Totally agree.

  24. Lothar said,

    All right, let’s take this one at a time. The Vick situation is not a big deal. Life is cheap because people like you refuse to differentiate between human and animal life. And as long as you’re talking about the degradation of our society, that’s a stretch. What do you think of cultures where people eat dogs? Are they not human?

    I’m not looking for attention – I don’t have a blog whose comments section I closely monitor. I just strongly disagree with you.

    I’m glad you don’t take people dying in uniform lightly. But what about the Iraqi and Afghan civilians we kill every day? The civilians in Darfur being butchered every day because the great superpower is too mired in Afghanistan and Iraq to help? Things are very wrong all around and giving attention to something as trivial as the Vick situation is ridiculous.

    Cheers, Lothar.

  25. I find you wholly misguided and your logic makes no sense. The cultures that eat dog do not slaughter it for entertainment. If anything, they value it completely differently and wouldn’t abuse it and waste it’s life as such. Maybe, just maybe, you should take a look in to the psycholigical repurcussions of seeing an animal tortured for fun.

    You couldn’t be more wrong about this. This dogfighting idea contributes to the mindset that allows people to look away. Do I care about Darfur? Of course. But I don’t think we should be there, either. I was against invading and occupying Iraq, just like I’m against invading and occupying Darfur. I’m against both. You need to world to step in, not the US.

    And this BS that you’re spouting; you are asking for the US to have an EVOLVED and somewhat enlightened approach to world politics. How can that be if you allow something like this?

    I’m sorry that you don’t see that. I find it actually kind of funny that you don’t, yet you’re so hopped up on Darfur. You want an evolved, compassionate society, you need to have your ducks in a row. Your ducks, Sir, are all over the yard.

  26. Lothar said,

    I’m shocked and appalled that you would reference something as barbaric as duck hunting.

    And you’re an utter imbecile if you think our dog laws have any influence over foreign policy.

    Also, thanks for clarifying that the US is not part of the world.

  27. What the fuck are you talking about?

    One, you are clearly not as bright as you think you are. ALL laws are the moral standard by which a society exists. That you don’t get how that connects to foreign policy and everything else a country does is comical. No, strike that. It’s sad. You probably own one of those “Stop Bitching and Start A Revolution” shirts, clearly missing the irony of an Anarchist marketing campaign.

    You’re welcome. But maybe I should clarify further; unilateral actions aren’t such a good idea. Oh wait, were you in favor of that sort of thing last time? You were all for the invasion and occupation of Iraq? You’re jumping up and down to…do it AGAIN?

    You can’t have it both ways. But it’s no big surprise that your logic isn’t exactly linear.

    And on that, I’m done. Please feel free to post me a link to your political blog which I will happily read, if only to point out your inconsistencies.

  28. WiB said,

    Lothar’s logic seems to stem from the idea that you can only meaningfully pay attention to one thing at a time. You’re mad about Vick, so therefore you can’t possibly be adequately interested in/pissed off about Iraq, Afganistan, Darfur, et al. Specious comparisons between dogfighting and cultural food choices, I’ll conveniently ignore (although the notion that life as a whole is somehow “cheaper” by virtue of elevating one’s concern over non-human life is completely fascinating, in an ironic kind of way).

    Of course, if the US had actually pursued the one-at-a-time doctrine, we wouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place, and Bin Laden might very well be in jail right now. But I digress.

    The Vick case is a big deal, precisely because a large portion of the populace has decided that it is. Nobody would suggest that it’s bigger or more important than Iraq or Darfur, but it’s newer, and that goes a long way in the news cycle. Be pissed about that if you want, it’s probably healthy. While you’re at it, ask the question of how New Orleans is doing, and why it is that there’s so little current coverage of that issue. The fact is that media coverage is driven first by novelty, and second by everything else (otherwise Paris Hilton would just another rich girl nobody had heard of). It’s an unfortunate truth, to be sure. But that sort of criticism is appropriate for the media writ large, not for an individual blog which happens to voice an opinion about something. The irritation is understandable, but misdirected. Get on CNN’s case, not INPY’s. Heck, we’re lucky he sobered up long enough to put a few paragraphs together in the first place, don’t mess it up for us now.

    Reading a blog post about one thing and drawing conclusions about agenda or ideology with regards to anything else is at best shortsighted, and at worst thoroughly ignorant.

  29. Erica said,

    I’m aghast at the whole Darfur situation and against the war in Iraq. And I vote in elections. I see the big picture of things beyond this situation.

    However I think y’all may be missing one aspect of people’s outrage (or at least mine and that of some friends): Vick’s conscience/moral factor. That is, “how the fuck could you possibly do these things and live with yourself”. From the indictment,

    “On or about April 2007, Peace, Phillips, and Vick executed approximately 8 dogs that did not perform well at ‘testing’ sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road by various methods, including hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”


    “Vick was also involved with the electrocution of one female dog who was losing by “wetting her down and electrocuting the animal.”

    Dog fighting in itself is awful. There is a documentary called “Off the Chain” that should you have the stomach to watch it, is all about dog fighting with footage and such. Folks who engage in it have to have a high amount of brutality in themselves because…well they just do to stand by and watch 2 dogs rip each other to shreds, allow a dog to be tied to a rape stand (which is how fighting dogs breed), or any of the actions Vick in under indictment for. Race is inconsequential here I think. If Vick were purple and green, it would be the same.

    Now I”m not all PETA-like here, I’m not advocating all this as “oh allll animals are wondering and should be saved…group hug!” I come from a family that hunted and fished; I love a good steak. VK brought up how folks eat dog in other cultures and he’s right. But that’s not the case here, Vick wasn’t doing this out of a love of animals or nourishment or culture; he was doing it out of greed. And some twisted moral fiber that says “wetting a dog down and electrocuting her b/c she’s not winning a lot is ok.” It’s the inhumanity of it all that’s gotten people riled. If someone was going around killing people in the ways that Vick supposedly killed these dogs, the person would be called a sadistic mass murderer and we’d all wonder how the hell this person developed into someone who could do such a thing. Vick makes 086876876876 dollars a year, he’s not engaging in dog fighting to make a living so he and his don’t starve. His jersey is the 2nd biggest seller in the NFL, kids admire him and look up to him. The outrage for all this is not about race and all that crap, it’s about “Why would he kill, or be involved in a sport that kills, or allow a sport that kills to take place on his property?”

    erica now leaving soapbox (heh)

  30. Lothar said,

    People are “going around killing people in the ways that Vick supposedly killed these dogs”. Have you seen the Darfur pictures? Focusing on the Vick situation simply shows the rest of the world that American dogs deserve more sympathy and judicial action than non American humans.

  31. WiB; There’s a great article in the new National Geographic about New Orleans. HIGHLY recommend checking it out, as it’s about what is being done and what should be done. What they recommend, in reality, is not rebuilding it at all. Definitely worth the read, adn thank you for the comment. I do alright in my moments of sobriety. 😉

    Erica; Well said. Very well said.

    Lothar; What a surprise, more of the same.

  32. Lothar said,

    It’s called consistency, Pinko.

    Intelligent discourse aside, you are far too abrasively uninformed to be taken seriously.

  33. Yawn.

  34. Erica said,

    And dude I said “IF someone was going around killing people in the ways that Vick supposedly killed these dogs, the person would be called a sadistic mass murderer and we’d all wonder how the hell this person developed into someone who could do such a thing.” Which is exactly how anyone with a heart and a conscience views the chinese and those doing the killings in Darfur, as well as government types who aren’t doing something about it. If you’re gonna quote me, get it right.

  35. nullp0inter said,

    He is an alpha. He follows his own desires. It just so happens that he gets a kick out of watching dogs rip each other to shreds.

    It’s sort of like UFC, before they cleaned it up.

    The only problem I see is that he got caught. If you’re going to do something illegal like that and you have that much money, don’t get yourself caught.

    Obviously, it’s wrong, but I’m not really surprised something like this happens.

    In fact, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often, considering the selection process for the NFL would probably favor people with large amounts of inherent brutality and aggression.

    In fact, I’d argue that all of us are no better than Michael Vick. We just make our dogs wear pads and stop them from killing each other.

    Let he that is without sin, cast the first stone.

  36. Will said,

    First off, I am a huge football fan. I love Mike Vick, he is the most entertaining player to watch in the NFL. However after seeing the clips of these dogs killing each other, not only am I sick to my stomach but most importantly Mike Vick is dead to me. I hope he goes to jail. The only way he won’t go is because he has money. Kind of like Paris Hilton. Lets hope that does not happen. Mike Vick is obviously guilty, there is way too much evidence pointing to it. Is he the only one? No there are so many other famous dog fighters shitting their pants right now that Vick or other don’t rat him out. This is kind of like the whole steroid issue in baseball. When is Jose Canseco going to write a book about this?

  37. Don Craven said,

    Mike Vick, should be removed from all sports in the future. He is a very tallented young man and of all things got involved with dog fighting. I do not care if a person is white or black they should be held responsible for their actions. He was made a very rich individual, now all property he owns should be sold and the money utilized for assisting poor working people that are having a hard time. This is not a black/white probolem it is one stupid individual that ruined his life.
    I don t care how long he will be in prison, but he should not be allowed to make any money on this problem with a book, or be allowed to play football again. This should be a lesson for all pro players. NFL or NBA

  38. Troy said,

    Vick broke the law yes, why does this country pick and choose which laws are important and which one arent. Race plays a factor because other celebrities are gettting slapped on the wrist. Britney Spears. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton. DUI’s that endanger human lives, why isnt the justice system going after them. Drunk drivers kill thousands each year but yet they go un punished. And if you call being locked up at a spa jail time your crazy. Im not condoning what he did but the law should also prosecute others who break the law just as harsh.

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  42. Michiko said,

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