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Exodus Happy Hour; Goodbye Roosh, Hello Homer

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on July 25, 2007


Just a reminder that Friday night is the Exodus HH; your last chance to say goodbye to Roosh. He’s going to autograph some copies of Bang, use the pricipals laid out IN Bang (ladies, he will try and remove your socks first…) and shout “Bang!” for no apparent reason. For the record, I’ve got a fin bet with one of my co-hosts that he will autograph at least one pair of breasts. Though hopefully, not those of my other co-host.

Oh, and this co-host and I are going to see the Simpsons movie before the festivities. (It’s good to be friends with the boss…really.) We’ll try not to ruin it for you…


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  1. Roosh said,

    Girls don’t wear socks in the summer… duh

  2. Brunch Bird said,

    Oh you guys are going to see it right away on Friday, huh? Yeah, that’s cool (looks casually down at fingernails.) Mind you, not as cool as the fact that I HAVE TICKETS FOR THE MIDNIGHT THURSDAY SHOW. But enjoy your Friday show…chummmmmps!

  3. Roosh; See, this is why you are the guru.

    BB: I would never claim to be as cool as the bird.

  4. Justin said,

    Damn. I’ve already ordered Bang… but I won’t be around for the HH, thus: no autograph.

    Get one for me?

  5. cc said,


  6. Julie said,

    Im going to the movie Friday also.

    Can’t wait!

  7. Lisa said,

    Alas, I will be in New Orleans for work starting Friday. Have fun!

  8. Ms Anthrope said,

    Oh Boy! I can’t wait. I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate!!!

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  10. roissy said,

    the autographable breasts will be mine.

  11. […] for a weekend sendoff (since I’m too damned broke to make it to tonight’s Exodus BHH), here’s a new LOLmouse, just for […]

  12. Jessica said,

    Hm. Did I meet you? Were you the one who signed “please use condoms” on the inside of my copy of Bang? No? Hm… I guess I’m still awaiting the pleasure…

  13. janet said,

    hey – sorry I missed the happy hour. I have several very lame excuses that add up to one big fat no good reason for not going. hope it was fun!

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