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Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on August 9, 2007

Today is a day that very little work will get done. I can’t focus for the life of me…there’s just no way. Understand, I am the guy that takes 2 of his 3 weeks of vacation time in cash at the end of the year, every year. I rarely go away because, well…I’m working. And I like to work. No really, I do.

Along those same lines, when I start telling stangers “fuck off” because they stood to close to me(although not this close) on the train and shoving pedestrains out of my way…or I catch myself fighting the urge to kick a cat…you know what I mean, right? Hello? Anyhow, when that happens, I don’t take vacations. I take a day off. Maybe half a day.

So you can understand how being just one more day away from getting on a plane has me in a “no work will be done today” frame of mind. I just want to get a few quick errands done tonight, pack my bags, and GO. I already know that tomorrow night it’s going to be dinner with my grandmother (and finding out if there were any other survivors on the ship, thanks FreckledK) and my dad. Saturday is a full day withmy nieces, then dinner with Kid Brother and his wife, followed by the local bar (Formerly Turtle’s now…I’m not so sure what it’s called) and seeing old friends.

I doubt I’ll be posting, as I’m determined to not use my cell phone or touch a keyboard. I will, however, be taking lots of pictures…I intend to get a picture of the Robinson’s house that I am determined to own one day, and Quoddy Head. I’ll be snapping shots of the Bay of Fundy and the local Quick Shop, too. You’ll see it all, folks!

So have a great week, be good to yourselves and to others (except that guy…he don’t look right to me) and I’ll be typin’ at ya in 10 days. Of course, that assumes that I don’t snap and sign up for what approximately half of my rent could buy me….



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  1. sarahleigh said,

    Enojoy the vacation. We’ll miss your witty prose.

  2. roissy said,

    i saw that home in cleveland park for 1.2 million.

  3. carrie m said,

    happy trails!!

  4. average jane said,

    My dad is a native Mainer. Lewiston. His uncle sat on the Maine supreme court. I grew up with stories of Old Orchard (Old Horseshit according to my grandpa), and large fish in bathtubs. I had the pleasure of visiting once. Ogunquit and Lewiston. Gorgeous. I can see how people can become addicted to the state. The people. The nature. The culture. The friendly faces at the dock. The fresh food. The fresh outlook.

    Have a blast, big brother. And say hi to everyone for me.

  5. […] 9, 2007 · Filed under Washington DC, men, Travel A friend of mine is heading north for some travel soon, and it appears he is really in need of this vacation […]

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  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. littledupont said,

    I need pictures of Quoddy! I miss that thing!!

    (I might call, whether you answer your cell phone or not, just to know that I am hearing a ringer that is going off in Maine. Yes. I’ve reached pathetic levels of missing the place.)

  9. megan said,

    That house is adorable. And would be at least $700k in California. You should buy it and rent it 🙂

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