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Observations From Maine

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on August 15, 2007

Things I’ve been noticing and enjoying on my visit to Maine;

1) There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like sitting around a big table withyour entire family and sharing dinner. Nothing.

2) Having your 3 year old niece climb up on your lap to watch her favorite movies is a joy unto itself.

3) Infants can be far, far louder than you remember.

4) I have to get out DC more frequently. It’s really good for the soul to not be surrounded by the “man made”.

5) Home really is where the heart is….

6) I should eat more fish.

7) “Uncle worship” is really, really, cool. From 3 year olds and 11 year olds it’s just unmatched.

8 ) Kid Brother and his wife make having 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog look like the greatest life a man could imagine. I have no idea how they do it, but they do.

9) The Old Man cut off all of his hair. In my 34 years I’ve only seen it short once. He’s a handsome (and sober) SOB.

10) 2 years. I’m giving DC 2 years and then I’m heading North.

I’ve got tons of pics I’ll post when I get home. You won’t beleive how beautiful it is here. You just won’t.


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  1. irina said,

    Though no where as beautiful and wild as Maine, I went to Delaware this past weekend with my family. It was like all of the crap from New York living had to be released. I actually laid on the bare sand, no towel, and played with sandcrabs. I talked to my parents.

    It’s like your entire mindset changes when you’re in nature, in reality. You realize that a lot of the “progressive” attitude of the city is really kind of worthless. I think I’m giving myself 2 years as well.

  2. I’ll extend “Uncle worship” to older cousin/camp counselor, and affirm its amazingness. Makes you want to set a good example … when you’re not letting them break minor rules their parents would never let them get away with.

    One check on the two-year plan, and obviously I’m coming from my situation and not yours, but as a city kid who’s now spent 1 1/2 years in Central NY, with “nature” readily available, unless you’re family-oriented (ie starting/have your own), it can get boooring. I feel like I know pretty much every non-college 20-something by face, if not acquaintance, and even if that’s false, it’s wholly depressing to think I might be right. I’ve found ways to make it work (see: spoken word; also: fraternity), but the energy can be very staid – people get “stuck” in small towns, and if you’re the motivated sort, that’s draining and something you’ll want to run from. I’m on a (less-than) one year plan in the other direction at this point …

  3. irina said,

    Brooklyn boy, I came from a small town and I fled to NYC for the same reasons. But it becomes stale too, and fake. Besides, I imagine that as I get older I’ll be really anti noise, dirt, and new kids running around wanting to change the world.

  4. Airam said,

    Home is where the heart is …. so true. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself!

  5. sarahleigh said,

    Aunt Worship is similarly intoxicating. And having been an aunt since I was 12, I’ve pretty much got the market cornered on hip and cool. That or My 7 nieces and nephews are just really smart and know to humor me.

  6. carrie m said,

    awww…I have no brothers and sisters, but I know enough kids to know how wonderful it is to have kids love on you. And I agree about family dinners. they are the best. glad you’re having a nice time.

  7. megan said,

    I was at our mountain cabin last week and thought the same thing as we all gathered around this gorgeous circular table that fits us all was made by one of my cousins. My three year old neice also proclaimed repeatedly that we are “best friends” and ya – it doesn’t get much better than that (although along with being best friends comes the role of “stand-in wiper” when her parents aren’t around…)

  8. Miss B said,

    So glad you’re enjoying your vacation – can’t wait to see the beautiful pics!

  9. Irina – You make a fair point; when visiting my aunt this week, she reminded me of all the hassles you have to deal with in NYC that you don’t elsewhere. I want to be clear that if you’re starting/raising a family, that whole move to nature or a small town can work out great, and is something I’d even consider. Why make my kids go through a semi-rough upbringing just because I did and it worked?

    It’s just that otherwise – to me – it’s one thing to take a break somewhere small/quiet and feel recharged by it and another to move/live there as a single person who’s been in cities for a time. Point of information from my perspective as someone who’s doing it, that’s all.

  10. Heather B. said,

    Getting out of DC does wonders for the soul. Especially with the nature and mountains and soon to be changing of the foliage. It’s not to bad up north.

    And yes, I did move. Like with a uhaul and everything, so now you can’t tease me relentlessly.

  11. EDW said,

    I’ve been an aunt since I was 19. It’s the best. Your vacation sounds so nice. The way life should be! 😉 Have some lobster roll for me.

  12. Ah, I’m jealous of you being in Maine!

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