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Honey, I’m Hoooome

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on August 20, 2007

I’m somewhat saddened to say that I am indeed back from Maine. I don’t even know where to begin telling you about this trip up North, really. It was everything that I wanted it to be and everything that I’d hoped for and more…yet it was nothing like I thought it would be…

For example; usually, when Kid Brother and I get together on one of my jaunts we start partying within an hour of me getting there and we stop at 3:00 AM the day I leave. This time? It was all about the kids…

Rather than drinking and raising hell straight up throught the floor boards, I spent my time watching Barnyard with my 3 year old niece, Cameron. (She will explain to you what’s about to happen, and then scream “SEEEEE!!!!” when it does. This NEVER gets old.) I also watched the Sprouts Good Night Show (Hosted by Nina, who replaced the original host who it turns out had done a little porn…) and the Backyardigans. When I wasn’t learning all about the slightly odd world of Children’s Television (Scooby Do ANYONE?!) we were playing Pirates (Her favorite…the ARRRGH! alone kills me) chasing each other around the house and trying not to let the new puppy get her.

I also hung out with Alayna, the 10 year old baseball playing pragmatist of the family. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets to this girl. She is the personification of “still waters run deep”…she’s always thinking. I love her. We would go for rides in my rental car and talk about whatever she was in to at that particular moment. Playing her guitar (oh yes) getting ready for the 5th grade…how she likes being the oldest of 3 and when she gets to come and see me in the big bad city of DC.

And then, of course, there was the Belle of the Ball; Braelyn. My new born niece who’s hair stands STRAIGHT UP no matter what they do to it. What can I say? She’s gorgeous. Her smile pretty much melts you on the spot (until it gets pointed out that usually, infants are poopin’ when they smile) and when she falls asleep she twitches. It’s adorable. The first time I picked her up (pictures to follow once I get them off the camera) she burrowed in to my shoulder and passed right out. I mean, how cool is that? She basically let it be known that she’s down with Uncle INPY. And I’m down with her, too.

I woke up early every morning with the kids and the family. Kid Brother had taken most of the week off and we would get the girls together and play with them. Take them in the pool, run around the yard and have a blast. Lunch is an ordeal that would have us both cracking up as the oldest would want one thing, the 3 year old wouldn’t eat it, and the baby would go after her bottle like it had the antidote in it…

I loved lunch time.

When I wasn’t with the kids, I was cruising around snapping pictures and smiling…I’ll share them with you tomorrow and give you some details about the town. But this post is about the girls and how much I loved having them around me.

I mean, how could you not love this face?

(That’s Cameron, after being told that she can’t go outside at bedtime.)

Kid Brother handles these three girls like an acrobat/traffic cop. He can hold the Braelyn while Cameron is tugging on his jeans and Alayna needs help finding her other shoe. I saw this with my own eyes…and not only can he do this, he loves doing it. It’s what he’s best at, being a husband and a dad. And seeing a man doing exactly what he should be doing is a special thing to behold.

I miss them already…but, the good news is that my batteries are fully recharged and I feel better than I’ve felt all year. Literally. My trip was EXACTLY what I needed. I needed wide open spaces without buidings blocking my view of the skyline and hugs from 3 year olds. I needed a 10 year old to remind me that it’s never too late to learn something new and an infant to twitch on my lap while she slept. I needed clean air and the Atlantic Ocean, and a storm that rolls in through the fog. I needed to drink a $2.75 Budweiser on a Friday night at the Eastern-most Pub in the US and visit the only mustard company in North America that still stone grinds. (Something of a local treasure) I needed to eat Fish Chowder on a wharf and argue baseball with Red Sox Nation.

Speaking of Red Sox Nation…isn’t this ice cream going just a little too far?


Either way, it was good to be back in New England. I’d made up my mind by mid week that I’d be going back for Christmas. And by the end of the week, I knew that I couldn’t stay in DC for too much longer.

But we’ll get to all of that tomorrow when I post pics and you can see what I’m talking about.


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  1. aileen said,

    sounds like your paternal instincts were kicking in, big time! 🙂

  2. Arjewtino said,

    If the Yankees made ice cream, [insert clever joke here I’m too lazy to come up with]. That’s right, I said it.

  3. Aileen; I would have a hard time arguing that point…

    Arjewtino; if the Yankees made ice cream it would outsell the Dodgers brand 26-6.

  4. Heather said,

    sounds like the time spent with your family was better than amazing and long overdue. i’m glad you went and glad you’re back. can’t wait to read about it. 🙂

  5. janet said,

    I am home right now too (also holding babies) and I know just what you mean. It’s the best.

  6. Erica said,

    Feel free to call me for a good time to deliver my gallon of that ice cream. 🙂

    Ironically, I often get the same feeling for upstate NY….when I get the desire to go fishing…or not pay a kabillion dollars for something…or when I’m craving pizza. And then I remember the snow lasts till mid-May….and the NYS Museum exhibits haven’t changed since I was in grammar school…and “culture” or “bistro” are things you experience if you drive 3 hours to Boston or NYC. Always a trade-off always a trade-off….

  7. Airam said,

    I love how being with family can bring you back to basics. Especially the kids .

  8. Heather B. said,

    Hmmm…I’m intrigued. I’m beginning to re-love the North as well. It’s not that bad.

  9. roissy said,

    when i’m in Good Guys, i feel like i’ve come home.

  10. Good to hear the trip went well, bud. I always love hanging out with the wee second cousins. The catch is now they’re no longer wee! (The oldest are in high school, the youngest is 8ish) Crazy. It’s time for my generation to start popping out babies, which is weird, though easier to wrap my brain around now that two cousins have been married off, and a third will be soon. Smart money’s on my younger bro to beat me to becoming a family man.

    Apologies for rambling. I think this proves I’m still drunk.

  11. freckledk said,

    Yankees ice cream would be verrrrrry expensive. The best ice cream money can buy.

    Welcome back!

  12. Jo said,

    Oh how cute! Welcome back!

  13. Heather; You’re right…”amazing” is underselling it.

    Janet; I saw that on your blog…cute kids ya got there!

    Erica; I can live with those trade offs…really,I think I can.

    Airam; Kids make everything relative, don’t they?

    HeatherB; I know the area you’re in, and that’s not a hard sell for me!

    Brooklyn Boy; You? Still drunk? NO!

    FreckledK; I did bring you a souvenir, as threatened…errr..requested….

  14. startingtoday said,

    You’re just jealous you don’t have your own ice cream.

    Can’t wait for the Sox / Yankees series next week. And don’t bother telling me how the Yankees are going to come back and the Red Sox are going to screw it up.

    That always happens. You don’t need to remind me. So even if the Yankees come back, beat the Red Sox, win the world series, whatever…at least we’ll have our ice cream.

    (Yes, I know that’s a lame consolation…. “At least we’ll have our ice cream..”)

  15. WiB said,

    What you haven’t seen is the Boston-area ice cream called “Yankees Suck.” It’s actually colored a rather deep shade of green and flavored with sour grapes, so it doesn’t sell very well.

    But then, the Yankees could try to put out an ice cream, but they would spend twenty times their original budget on the finest ingredients and still not manage to put together a flavor that works. The packaging would sure look nice, though…

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