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I Always Kinda Liked the Red Headed Step Child

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on August 23, 2007

You know that 80’s band’s big hit? The one that everyone LOVED? Yeah, I liked that one, too…but I always had a thing for the B Side. The forgotten hit. The one that went to number 37 with a bullet on Kasey Kasem’s top 40 and then disappeared. OR the tune that was overshadowed so completely by the other hits people forget it. You know, the other single that didn’t do quite as well…

I mention this because for the past few days I’ve had a Men at Work song stuck in my head. No, not that one. Not the “Vegemite” (which is friggin’ NASTY) tune…and no, not that other one, Who Can it Be Now…I mean Overkill.

So of course, this got me thinking of the other “#2 Singles” that I love…and in the interest of (1) getting some songs I love stuck in your head (we all remember the great “Sanford and Son Fiasco”, don’t we?) and (2) making your afternoon just a little bit brighter, here are 5 “also ran’s” that I love…

1) Don’t Cry, Asia

Asia, the $60/ticket bastards…everyone always loved the Heat of the Moment and Only Time Will Tell. Hell, so did I…but Don’t Cry? Where’s the love?

Oh, and this is SUCH a great example of 80’s video making…

2) Foolin’ Def Leppard

You alll know that when Pour Some Sugar On Me comes on, you sing. Don’t front don’t you even think about frontin’. And when some DJ wants to show he’s old school he goes and plays Photograph. Whatever. Foolin’. That’s the jam. The only other acceptable answer? Bringin’ on the Heartache.

Oh, and to this day? I love Def Leppard. There. I said it.

3) Since You’ve Been Gone The Outfield

I’ve made no secret of my love for the Outfield’s CLASSIC, Your Love. I don’t even pretend. It’s like trying to deny there’s a huge zit on your nose…just own it and get on with it. However, really, I love Since You’ve Been Gone almost as much. I mean, this might be the one that gets stuck in your head after you watch this. You’ve been warned.

4) Girls on Film Duran Duran

Quick, what’s your favorite Duran Duran song? At least 80% of you just thought Hungry Like the Wolf. (Don’t lie..you know the words…) And you know what? That’s cool. It’s a great song (and an homage to oral lovin’) Me? I prefer the other sex tribute, “Girls on Film”…dedicated to porn stars everywhere.

5) The Walk of Life Dire Straits

THIS one I expect to get a little flack over. I mean, look, there’s the BIIIIG hit, Money for Nothin’…then there’s the classics; Romeo and Juliet and Sultans of Swing...plus there’s the Ride Across the River and the Skateaway type songs…

But come on…the Walk of Life? Everyone always forgets this one…and the video alone makes it worth it. Yeah, I know, there are better DS songs…and I love me some DS. But this song makes me smile and everyone always forgets it.

And in the interest of authenticity, I give you the B Side Selection…the Bonus Track if you will.

Reptile The Church

I had a thing for the Church the second I heard Under the Milky Way…I remember hauling ass to the Record Rack to buy the tape (yes, the tape) and popping it in for the first time only to find that I got tired of the first release even when the whole world loved it….but Reptile to this day rocks the casbah in my house. (In which there is a framed, autographed Church tour poster, btw)

Care to share your B Side favs?


13 Responses to 'I Always Kinda Liked the Red Headed Step Child'

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  1. suicide_blond said,

    you are reading my mind…arent you??? i was JUST thinks about GIrls on Film last night while i was walking to dinner…
    i was kinda humming it to myself…and lets just say..it put a little extra swing in my walk…

  2. Sarah Leigh said,

    I love the Church. Good call. I had a HUGE thing for Crowded House. All songs, not just the Don’t Dream it’s Over wonder-hit. I think my personal favorite of theirs would have to be Fall at your Feet and World where you live. Although Hole in the River is pretty good too. Funny enough, they just released a comeback album last month. Not gonna lie, I bought it purely out of childhood devotion,even though, mind you I was four when they were at their peak in 1986. I guess I have my thirty something brothers to thank for my penchant for eighties music, as Tears for Fears was also among the collection of Cd’s I played on repeat in my youth. I made up coordinated dances to Head Over Heels in my driveway with cassette player.

  3. Andy said,

    Colin Hay released an acoustic version of Overkill that is better than the original in my opinion.

  4. The Colin Hay acoustic version is on the Scrubs soundtrack. Amazing.

  5. Suicide_blonde; Love me some Girls on Film…that and Planet Earth are my favorites.

    Sarah Leigh; Crowded House?! Gooood Call!

    Andy and Pagan; The acoustic version of Overkill is FAR better. Colin Hay is a bad ass.

  6. tracylord said,

    i don’t know how foolin ever made the b side – it is an a side material song.

    these were both a sides, but they could have been b sides:cool it now and want a new drug. i would totally do huey lewis.

  7. WiB said,

    “Walk of Life” is the first DS song I think of, almost entirely because of the video. “Money for Nothing” has to compete with Weird Al’s version in my head, so it tends to show up a little later.

    U2 did some great B-sides. They did covers of “Paint it Black” and “Fortunate Son” and a bunch of others that were really, really good. Had them all on cassette, but it vanished years ago. Stupid gremlins.

    The best part of the acoustic version of “Overkill” is when Dr. Cox comes out and smashes Colin’s guitar against the wall of the hospital.

  8. roissy said,

    wow. blast from the past.
    now i remember why i adopted grunge as my cultural identifier.

    ya gotta hand it to def leppard, tho. for a lot less they could’ve bought a drum machine instead of a custom designed kit for their one-armed drummer.

    and i want
    and i need

  9. Tracy Lord; Whenever I hear Huey Lewis I think of Patrick Bateman…it’s actually made his music better to me.

    WiB; THANK YOU for reminding abotu Dr Cox smashing the guitar…I had forgotten about that and laughed out loud when I read it.

    Roissy; I used to love grunge (Soundgarden however will always be a fav) but looking back at it now i find it all rather smug and self important. Like that damned Butterstick Panda.

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  11. Ms. Tart said,

    I’m partial to Duran Duran’s Rio, but that was probably also an A-side.

  12. SarahLeigh said,

    BTW, the eagles have a new album out. whoa.

  13. b deondo said,

    winning it all the outfield

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