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My Doppleganger in the Blogosphere

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on August 29, 2007

When I started this blog, I didn’t really think anyone would read it, and that was pretty much fine by me. It wasn’t for anyone but exFiance anyhow. But then, of course, I wanted it read because I’m vain and I thought once we got married it would make it more entertaining when I let her see it…so I started leaving comments on other blogs that I liked and lo and behold the rest is history.

Having said that, there were lots of things I never thought would happen. For example, I never thought a whole group of people would freak out and call me a liar and start posting my IP address. I never thought that I would meet the people in the DC blogging community, let alone have some of them become my favorite people and closest friends. It never occurred to me that I could learn things about myself by keeping a running commentary of my life…

And it damn sure never crossed my mind that what I would write would help someone, and that someone’s writings would help me. And in that, I was more wrong than in anything else.

Back in May, the Blogger Requiem linked to my site by reposting something I had written. At first, I didn’t think a great deal of it, really. Flattering, sure. But in the words of Ministry

So what?

So I started reading his blog…turns out that he and I were dealing with a laundry list of similar issues. But um…like his? Well, his issues put the one’s I blogged about in perspective for me, while my blog apparently helped his perspective.

The more I read about him dealing with the crushing end of his relationship, his daughter, and the fact that he was doing all of this while on Active Duty for the Navy in motherfucking Africa, the more I liked him. And the more that I felt like I was being kind of a cry baby…I mean, this cat had a daughter a few thousand miles away that he couldn’t see PLUS he’d just gone through the ringer and did I mention the Active Duty?

I mean, if anything said “OK, man up INPY” it was reading his stuff.

And ironically enough, he would state that reading my observations from the bottom of a SoCo bottle helped him feel less alone and better about the possibilities that were still out there for him. Through this mutual admiration socitey, he and I (did I mention we have the same name? No? Yeah) went from commenting on each other’s blogs to an email correspondence discussing everything from sports to music, the military to relationships. During this time, I also introduced many of you to his site and you were kind enough to take an interest in him, offer encouragement and kind words, and genuinely care about someone that you didn’t know.

See, just when we think DC’s got no soul…

At any rate, one of the things that I said to him was “keep your head down, be safe, and get your ass the fuck out of Africa in one piece…and when you do that, come to DC and the first round’s on me”. I didn’t know that it would really happen, but I always held out hope that it would.

This week, my friend Justin is coming to DC to collect on that offer.

On Friday night we’ll be at Cue Bar. If you’re a DC blogger, come say “Hi” to a great guy who’s been reading your blog from overseas…and if you’re not, just come by and meet a great guy anyhow.

Oh, he doesn’t know we’re going to be meeting him there…well, not until he read this he didn’t.

Looking forward to it, Justin. Thank Hanna. If there’s any painkiller out there better for you than her, I’d like a presciption. She’s a keeper.



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  1. Average Jane said,

    I cannot believe you’re doing it THIS friday! I am starting to seriously thing that this whole blogosphere is out to get me socially. This friday is a no-go and I am just… well… I’m real upset. I miss you all so much. Please don’t forget about me!

  2. I-66 said,

    Well now… This is actually a possibility.

  3. Cheers to the positive power of Blogfrica. (Blogosphere? Too much time at NOIS and The Starting Five of late, ha.) I’ve poked around Requiem before, but you just earned him another subscription. Have fun Friday.

  4. Bruce said,

    Damn, I wish I had some more advanced notice otherwise I would stop by.

  5. gn said,

    Muahaha what a clever surprise!

    I’m going.

  6. megan said,

    I can’t remember how, but I found both your blogs the same week and was floored by two men who were a) insightful and b) willing to acknowledge this fact (and the fact that they have *feelings*) to the rest of the world. It’s neat to know that you two connected in such a way – come to think of it, I think I found Requiem first and then followed a comment you made on his blog over here. Regardless – you are clearly kindred spirits and I only wish I’d found both blogs while I was still in the throws of my break-up because I could have used the insight!

    Have fun on Friday – and have him tell you about Tusker and whether it really is the best beer in Africa…

  7. Arjewtino said,

    Way to keep things under wraps.

  8. suicide_blond said,

    who is hanna???if i thought there would be SINGLE guys..id try to make it out there!! lol…

  9. freckledk said,

    It is TOO a Blogger Happy Hour! Now I actually have to wear makeup and shave my legs. Darn you, INPY! Darn you to Hell!

    Argh! I need a Midol.

    You can make it up to me by bringing me my present. And, since it is now officially a Blogger Happy Hour, you can also treat me to a SoCo and Lime. I’ve never gotten to participate in that Blogger ritual, and it pains me.

  10. Jo said,

    Ditto what Brookly boy said.

    And I’ll prob be there Friday… all my “real” friends are out of town you know πŸ˜‰

  11. Virgle Kent said,

    wait what’s going on? awwww man this is like the grab a date N dash mixers I had in college, were I ended up naked on the lawn just wearing my tie…..

    hmmmm sounds like fun

  12. Hmmm… sounds like a fun time. I’ll do my best to make it out! πŸ˜€

  13. I-66 said,

    Frecks is lying.

    She never shaves her legs.

  14. SO glad y’all are coming…but keep in mind this is NOT a Blogger Happy Hour. One of those is coming, too.

    Jane; who could possibly forget about you?

    I66; Dig it. You can continue my futbol education that AJT has started while we do shots.

    Brooklyn Boy; Once October gets here we’ll have shots together.

    Bruce; Keep next Friday open…just sayin’.

    GN; Nice! See ya there.

    Megan; Sorry you won’t be there.

    AJT; Under wraps?

    Suicide Blonde; Hanna is a long time friend of Justin’s who has becme more than that since his return. And, of course there are single men there…come in your Free Gas Shoes.

    Freckled K; No it’s not a HH…but please do shave your legs.

    Jo; Sweet. Wait, real friends?

    VK; Somewhere someone has pics of that.

    Dagny; It’s about damned time you came out.

    I66; Well, not once fall comes around.

  15. Lisa said,

    Yippee! I want to meet Justin! And I will be in town for this one!

  16. Haha. Shots? That’s upping the ante, ha. Aren’t we supposed to at least attempt to remember enough for the obligatory blog recap?

  17. roissy said,

    i made myself a soco and lime at home. a self-administered orgy ensued.

  18. Mandy said,

    How is it that you can get a date from your blog – and I cannot?

    I mean seriously? Seriously.

    I’m much prettier INPY.

    I’m there with bells on πŸ™‚

  19. TracyLord said,

    so how many hookups have resulted from these blogger happy hours?

  20. Lisa; EXCELLENT! I know he wants to meet you as well. This is shaping up pretty perfectly…which of course makes me wonder what’s going to go horribly awry….

    Brtooklyn Boy; Why would we attempt that?

    Roissy; I dig that type of orgy. The clean up is WAY easier.

    Mandy; I don’t have a date from my blog. Well, not this week. Ands yes you are prettier. Let there be no doubt.

    Tracylord; Well…errrr….maybe like a few…hundred.

  21. Good question. I’m in.

    Ah, the beauty of peer pressure. Or common sense. Or my proclivity for consuming the alcohol. However one would care to interpret that.

  22. […] Speaking of sticking around, I am going to be in town this coming Friday.Β  I hope to see everyone there, especially those I didn’t get a chance to catch up with this past one.Β  […]

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