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Happy Hour? There was a Happy Hour?

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 10, 2007

The Ball Sweat of the Devil

Oh sweet, sweet Tequila how I love and hate you so.

So yes, Friday night there was indeed a Happy Hour. I was there. So was Elvis. I know this because I saw him…and that’s about all you need to know about how much of the aforementioned vile South American Liquid I consumed.

See, here’s the problem; I met my cohost AJT at the Hat early. We proceeded to get our game on and wonder aloud about how the night would go. You know, standard stuff…like the odds of the seeing someone flash (40%) or two hot girls make out (89%) …that one of us would black out (100%) or that the bar tab would pass $150. (Fucking guaranteed) So you see, by the time the rest of the gang started rolling in, we’d already started rolling.

And roll downhill was exactly what we did.

I would love to give you a break down of who was there, but my other cohosts have already beaten me to it and there list is far more complete than mine. I did however meet some very cool bloggers that I’d always wanted to, and that was pretty damn hip. Honestly, there were a whole gaggle of bloggers there that I hadn’t ever met but have read, and that is always freakin’ cool…

But this was a night of excess across the board. I know for a fact that I was a car crash…and not a single car bumping in to a guard rail. I’m talkin’ a full on multi car pile up. And, much like a big accident, I remember the moment it started to go awry…when everything sorta slooooowed doooown right before I let go of the wheel and said “awww screw it”.

It was the first Patron shot that I did with one of my rockin’ co hosts, who shunned the lime and salt and went straight for the glass…a girl after my own heart.

From there, well…yeah. I mean, what can I say? It’s like the red light district in Amsterdam; you go in with the best intentions and then before you know it things have gone straight to hell. Seriously, put yourself in the situation;

-You are surrounded by cool guys and gorgeous women who are all there to drink and get rowdy.

-The DJ is playing such classics as Don’t Stop Believin and Pour Some Sugar on Me.

-Every one is doing shots and chasers and posing for pictures that you don’t want your mom to see, but you’re totally keeping copies of.

Umm, yeah.

Elvis, is that you?

If you didn’t come, you’re missing out. I don’t know what else to tell you. You are flat out, straight up, missing out. We’ve got the right hosts in my Patron Partner, Kassy K, Virgle Kent, and Arjewtino…as well as this amazing idea of special guest hosts who this time just so happend to be DC Blogger legend Stream of Jessica (who is the queen of shots, yo)..

There are already rumors about what we’re going to do next. My thinking is that I’m going to put together one of those ’round the city scavenger hunts for directions to my apartment, get a few kegs, a stripper pole, a case of Patron and 50 disposable cameras, then open the doors and grease the rails for my trip to hell.

I don’t like waiting in line, and this seems to be a guaranteed way for me to skate right in.

Who’s interested?

To everyone that came, I salute you and can’t wait to see you again. To everyone that didn’t, well…get yourself to the next one. We seem to be on a roll, and these things just keep gettin’ better and better, crazier and crazier. Who knows what will happen next time…

But if you don’t come, you’ll never know.


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  1. startingtoday said,

    I like how you and Arjewtino put the odds of two hot girls making out at 89% when you discussed it pre-happy hour. Then when it actually happened, literally in front of BOTH of you, neither of you really remembered it. Ha ha.

  2. gn said,

    Thank you for the shot(s)!

    (That is not what I was thinking on Saturday, when I felt like absolute shit.)

  3. Damn … your idea for the next one sounds craaaazy – I’m almost afraid for what happens when I get down there.

  4. Jessica said,

    Enabler is the most understated understatement. Not that I exactly require a lot of arm-twisting… I am just thankful Kassy grabbed me to dance before the Patron came out.

  5. Red said,

    I was good to finally meet you… Now you know incase you didn’t remember. I think it was prior to the girl on girl action.

  6. startingtoday; we remembered! After we saw the pics, that is…

    gn; Anytime. I was determined to see you holding up a tree.

    Brooklyn Boy; be afraid…be VERY afraid.

    Jessica; Yea, I didn’t sense a need for much arm twisting. Thank God for friends that intercede!

    Red; HELL YES I remember meeting you! I told you about my favorite post of yours…see, told ya.

  7. Virgle Kent said,

    When did we go from just taking shots to punching each other in the face??? Wait what

    I don’t even want to know what the next level is. Hopefully not kicking each other in the balls

  8. Arjewtino said,

    You still punch like a girl.

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