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How to Make Your Apartment FINALLY Feel More Like a Home

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 11, 2007

After waking up and finding myself in a haze of “did that really happen?” blues on Saturday, I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long damn time; I went apartment shopping. That is to say I went shopping for some things for my apartment.

I’m sure any of you that have lived with someone know that when you move in together you go from having 2 of everything to having 1 of everything, and you get rid of most of that extra “1”. 2 microwaves become 1 microwave and the extra goes to a friend that just broke up with his live in gf. It’s the circle of city life, really. It works. And somehow that “1” microwave that you kept becomes the Microwave of Undying Love.

Me? I didn’t want the Microwave of Undying Love (1) because well, it’s false advertising and (2) my food wasn’t going to taste quite right coming out of it. Say what you will, but I’m all about Karma and my leftovers should not be tainted with the seasoning of my failed love life. So, when we spilt up I left just about everything behind and started fresh. I got the big things out of the way first; a new bed*, a new couch, and things like that. I was lucky that I had some friends who had just moved in together and had the extra “1” of some kitchen supplies left over, and that was all I needed to get started.

Then I got really, really complacent. I didn’t add much else to my place, and that was fine by me. I’m a simple cat and stuff is just a pain in the ass. But recently I think I’ve hit another gear, because I’ve started wanting my apartment to feel more like my home. Granted a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was just in Maine with my family. But so what? Bottom line is that I wanted stuff…

So, on Saturday morning I peeled myself out of bed and headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with the idea that I was going to start with my kitchen. Plates and silverware and that sorta stuff I had, but the big stuff? The cooking stuff? That I needed. Dig this; INPY LOVES to cook. Love it. Not reheating. Cooking. But, when you’re dealing with one shitty frying pan, one small pot, and not much in the way of knives…well…yeah. And honestly, I’ve been eating like crap and I figured, this is all going to fall in to place.

The first thing I bought? Cuisinart Pots and Pans. And no,they are not all created equal.

Shiny, bad ass cookware. And it’s heavy, too…GREAT for home defense.

Next? a block set of Henckles knives, which I’ve always wanted and now I have. You never realize just how big of a deal it is to have good, sharp knives until you are trying to slice a tomato and pretty much squish it.

You know when the bad guy come in to the house in a horror movie and the lead character grabs a knife out of the block? I’ve got that now…

And no self respecting New Englander can have a kitchen without a Crock Pot…none, you just can’t do it…so I got one of those, too.

Is there anything better than slow cooked pot roast in the dead of winter? Oh wait, there really isn’t a “winter” in the mid Atlantic.

Then I proceeded to throw all sorts of random crap in to the cart. A full set of Corningware “bakeware” (for everything from broiling to casseroles) a rug for the kitchen, Calphalon utensils…it all went in.

When I got home it was like Christmas. I tore in to everything and ooh’d and ahhh’d over it. I rearranged the entire kitchen to fit stuff in to the “right” places. Then I stepped back, surveyed the new look, and headed out to go shopping…

At Giant.

Several hours later, I had a pot of pasta sauce made from scratch simmering on the stove and my place felt more like a home. Wanna come by for dinner? I take requests. You bring the drinks, I’ll do the rest.

*This is KEY, folks. I don’t know how people can sleep in a bed they shared with a long time ex. It’s creepy, it’s all KINDS of bad Karma, and really, shouldn’t you get rid of that before you bring someone else in to your bed? Ditto for going the other way; if you’ve been in the “playa” mode for a few years and then settle down, you just gotta get rid of that thing and start over.


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  1. suicide_blond said,

    yeah..you need to spruce that shit up..so you can invite me over…and cook for me..
    and youre lucky im outta town..cause if id found out you ate a big ole thing of pasta without calling..well id ..be uber bitchy for days…or until you fed me..

  2. Bruce said,

    Sounds like the makings of a perfect stabbin cabin

  3. Meokat said,

    Agreed!! Buying cookware is ALMOST better than buying SHOES! but then I’m a girl.

    btw, kudos to being a man who can cook

  4. sarahleigh said,

    I am in wholehearted agreement with this post and ideology. The old stuff has to go.

    My most recent ex decided that he should pack all of my things up in his house for me to “find” while he was doing laundry when I arrived at home after a business trip. ( long story)

    the next morning after the break -up, I just looked at a life together, shoved into a brown bag, and immediately threw everything (with the exception of my favorite t-shirt) in the trash on my way to my car.

    It’s better that way, than having to unpack my toothpaste, hairdryer and extra bottle of perfume.

    Kudos on the pots and pans, it must feel good to be your own man (and chef) again. Funny how a crockpot can make you feel whole.

  5. Yeah … I definitely realized during my recent move that I have waaay too much shit. I’m dumping a ton of it before the next jump, for sure. However, I have boxes all over my room. It is not progressing.

  6. Suicide Blonde; so that’s one order for the pasta. Got it.

    Bruce; I’m probably gonna make all kinds o’ stuff for the series this weekend with my new toys.

    Meokat; Thank you for the kudos. Shoe shopping doesn’t quite rate as high, but the analogy is well taken. It’s almost like guitar shopping would be similar for me. 🙂

    Sarah; that last line really, truly summed it up…I wish I’d used it as the title.

    Brooklyn; I had to get rid of the boxes that I DID have, as that was tres depressing.

  7. Tracy said,

    i love a good henckels knife. germans do 3 things well…beer, cars and knives:)

  8. Jay Gatsby said,

    Very good choice in knives. I’d also opt for a Wusthof or two, depending on what other knives you need. Are your new pots and pans aluminum, steel, or copper core? Finally, and most important, do you have a blender? You cannot be without a good blender.

  9. Jay Gatsby said,

    Very good choice in knives. I’d also opt for a Wusthof or two, depending on what other knives you need. Are your new pots and pans aluminum, steel, or copper core? Finally, and most important, do you have a blender? You cannot be without a good blender.

  10. Tracy; I LOVE these knives. Although I will avoid using them while engaging in activites with the other 2 german products youlist.

    Jay; The pots and pans are stainless steel with aluminum encapsulated bottoms. Very cool thing that keeps the aluminum out of the food but gives you the perks of the heat distribution. LOVE the Wusthoff knives, which I’ll probably add a few of at some point.

  11. MK said,

    duuuuude! I bought anew bed in June for the EXACT same reason- I couldn’t stand getting in my bed every night, knowing its history. Right on.

  12. carrie m said,

    holy crap. a single man actually stepped into a Bed, Bath, and Beyond on his own? I never thought I’d even *hear* about the day! And then went to Giant? I know that single men have to grocery shop at some point, but spotting them at a Giant without a significant other (male or female) is like waiting for a hummingbird to come around your soda can.

  13. MK; you’re a wise woman!

    Carrie M; hell yes I did…

  14. Hey Pretty said,

    Two words: Le Crusette.

    It’s funny, as a New Englander, I had no idea I was required to own a crockpot. Must remedy that soon…

  15. TravelGirlDC said,

    Love my All Clad pots. I am not living with someone, but if I bring a $1,000 worth of cookware into a relationship then at the end of said relationship I am getting my pots. Luckily, I bought the pots single so they aren’t attached to the relationship.

    As far as knives, I personally love my Wustof Santuko. This one knife is the mack daddy of all knives. It does just about everything well but slice bread. I could literally get by with just my Wustof Santuko and a bread knife!

    I have a few of the Cuisinart pots and they are really good value. I would suggest getting one non-stick 8-inch skillet, which is key to a quality omelet.

  16. megan said,

    I second you on the new bed (though I haven’t been able to convince my boyfriend of the same unfortunately), Jay on the blender, and Travel Girl DC on the omelet pan.

    Happy shopping!

  17. tandpractice said,

    linens “n” things has a sale on 10 and 12 inch calphalon omelet pans (both for $50). i had to get some this weekend for the same reason as you. and i think you can use bed bath and beyond coupons there and vice versa. they’ll take even expired ones. i got my last one from sunday’s washington post.

    (and yeah, i’ve been an occasional lurking reader for a bit. but nothing brings me out of my shell like sharing kitchen equipment finds and coupons.)

  18. J said,

    honey, I have no idea from which CVC channel my ex-husband, beer in hand, purchased my current set of knives… all I’m saying is, nothing helped with the mac and cheese!

  19. janet said,

    Are you in the market for a mircowave? We need to sell ours for the big Move in 10 days. It’s been well loved (and cleaned)!

  20. Lemmonex said,

    One must always rid themselves of a bed of shattered dreams. I have no idea how my ex screws his new gf in that bed knowing that mattress has seen the best it will ever see. It is unfair to her, almost…

    Re: pots and pans. Amazon has amazing prices on top notch kitchen goods. It is one of the best kept secrets out there.

  21. Hey Pretty; thank you for that! Also, HELL YES you are required to own a Crock Pot if you’re from New England.

    Travel Girl; I’ve got the skillet, as it came with the set. PERFECT omelete pan indeed!

    Megan; I understand that you can’t always just run out and get a bed, so I’m all for like a 6 month window. But after that, you gotta work your own karma in to an issue free mattress.

    tandpractice; Thanks for commenting as opposed to just lurking! Good to know about the coupons, too!

    J; lemme guess; they cut a (beer) can AND THEN slice right through a tomato?

    Janet; Ahh the rejected microwave…it’s kind of like my pawn shop guitar, really.

    Lemmonex; first, you gotta know I’ll bne hitting your blog for recipes. Second, that is friggin’ excellent *”t’s almost unfair to her”. LAstly, thank you for the Amazon point, I never knew that!

  22. Jay Gatsby said,

    Let me jump in one more time. INPY, you have the right idea. Go for quality over quantity, namely, buy high quality slowly over time, rather than hit IKEA for everything. You’ll be a great deal happier, and you’ll end up keeping your kitchen stuff for decades rather than a couple of years (if that).

  23. kate.d. said,

    i’ve just read the last three posts and my brain is attempting to compute. you’re from new england, you say? this is muy confusing to me, based on your stated plans from the weekend…

    oh wait, lemme guess: connecticut? 🙂

  24. TravelGirlDC said,

    Well the picture above doesn’t show the non stick version of that cookware set. If you make eggs in the pan shown above you are going to have a messy sticky mess.

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