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Just in Time for This Weekend’s Series; The Yankees-Red Sox Drinking Game

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 12, 2007

With all due respect Sir, I beg to differ

This weekend the Yankees and Sox play their final series of the regular season on their way to the playoffs where there is a fair chance they could meet yet again. I’ve been saying all year long that the Yankees would make the playoffs…down 14 games? Not a problem. And here we are, 5 back in the AL East and in control of the Wild Card, ready to make some noise…

Damnit Rocket, I said I wanted a BUD light!

Now, in the interest of doing some bonding before the post season and retaining my friendships with those in the (ahem) “Nation”, I’ve devised a drinking game to accompany this friendly contest. A little something that we can all share while we watch these two great teams get ready to battle in the Post Season. I mean, after all, we were deprived of this last year when the Sox became the most expensive team to not make the Post Season just one year after “the Comeback” and winning it all…I know, the hangovers can be a bitch and consistency is hard, even with all that cash.

A little love between Sox…no photoshop required.

I digress.

Without further ado…

The I Hate You, Too Drinking Game

Standards (everyone drinks):

Any dingers; shot
Double play; shot
Double or Triples; Last one to touch their nose does a shot

Inciting a Riot (everyone drinks) :

Bean balls or buzzing the batter high and tight; shot

Nemesis Rules (Other team’s fans drink) :

Anything that your team’s Nemesis (defined below) does on the following list is a shot for the other teams fan:

RBI; shot
Dinger, double or triple; 2 shots (1 for it being a dinger/2b/3b, one for the Nemesis factor)
Sweet play in the field; not a routine catch, but turns a dp, etc; shot


HE commits an error or strikes out with runners in position, YOU do a shot.

Sox Nemesis:


Yanks Nemesis:

Manny (or Lowell if Manny sits because, well, it’s the end of the year and that’s what he does now)

Anyone care to play?

Why do the ladies love Jesus? Because he’s hung like this…


16 Responses to 'Just in Time for This Weekend’s Series; The Yankees-Red Sox Drinking Game'

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  1. roissy said,

    after too many shots this system will get very confusing.

    what the hell is going on in the sox love pic? that’s not a hetero ass pat, it’s an ass cheek squeeze. waaay over the pink line.

  2. Bruce said,

    THANK YOU for finally finding a shot like that of Varitek and Schilling. I am going to have to reuse that at some point, but I will give you full credit. Do you know how sick I am of those stupid A-Rod with the purse etc etc pictures?!!?! We should really propose a happy hour saturday night!

  3. Roissy; Dont’ all drinking games get confusing as they go on? I don’t know what’s up withthat picutre, really. It’s ummm…well…

    Bruce; You’re welcome, but I think that’s Millar.

  4. Bruce said,

    Crap, I guess at least I can say that I can’t tell who they are from behind. I really need a good shot of Schilling running a dog fighting operation, beating a baby seal with a club, or just punching a baby in the face. Is that so much to ask?!

  5. suicide_blond said,

    yeah..um..disturbing lil cheek squeeze ya got there…

  6. Arjewtino said,

    I’ll be dead before the game is over.

  7. Arjewtino said,

    Let’s hope, if the Yanks and Sox brawl, it’s as entertaining as this one:


  8. jess said,

    what about running outside the baselines to avoid getting tagged between second and third?

    or (ahem) swatting the arm of the first baseman to avoid getting out?

  9. freckledk said,

    I don’t like to think, so I’m just going to drink constantly.

  10. WiB said,

    Something tells me the drinking game would quickly become more entertaining than the baseball game.

  11. startingtoday said,

    This sounds complicated, especially since I am typically drunk after about 3 beers to begin with!

    How about I just watch my team, the Red Sox, choke and lose, as they typically do this time of year?

  12. Can we play a Subway Series special edition during Game One (Saturday the 27)? It will be on, Nemesi. Nemesis? Is that singular? Ah, fuck. I give up.

  13. tracylord said,

    hmm, too complicated. i like “never have i ever…”

  14. Julie said,

    Oh you know that I will be playing….
    I have to do something to deal with all the jerks up here.

    That picture of MIllar grabbing Varitek’s ass is priceless.

  15. Cyrus said,

    First off – Millar is obviously just putting back Varitek’s copenhagen.
    Secondly, I thought Jeff Karstens was the Yankees #1 nemesis.
    Finally, I think you’d run out of SoCo by the fourth inning so you’d never get hear: “Down by the river… down by the banks of the river Charles…”

  16. Christie said,

    I love this game, and as a Yankees fan, I am all about it 🙂
    Can’t wait to try it out!!!!

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