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Got Rings?

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 14, 2007

I know that football season has started for most of America and that we are all consumed with “Patriotgate” and the sad, unfortunate story of Kevin Everett. I however, am not a football first and everything else second kinda guy.

I’m a baseball man, as you well know. Football doesn’t start for me until the World Series is over…even if the Yankees aren’t in it. Having said that, I am finding it damn hard to concentrate right now, as we are under 5 hours to go for the first pitch of a three game series that is sure to turn me into a raving psychotic inside of a few innings. Tonight, Dice-K, who has just completely fallen apart in his last 5 games is pitching against my guy, Andy P. Dice-K, the Japanese uberstar that Boston so famously bid $50something million for is 1-4 in his last 5 starts with an almost 10 run ERA.

I called the sweep last time…I’m calling 2/3 this time. Already I’m hearing members of the “Nation” making excuses and saying “I’m really more of a Pats fan”.

And you heard it here first; I like the Yankees to win the series right now. Best record in baseball in the second half. Just ran off 9 in row, and our kids are pitching like men. Just remember I’ve been saying it all year, folks.

Tonight I’m going to have several friends over for the game. I’ve gone all out. There’s all kinds of food, beer, and of course, shots for the “I Hate You, Too Yankees Red Sox Drinking Game”. I will be wearing my “Got Rings” shirt, and touching the framed cover of Life Magazine with Roger Maris and the Mick for luck. I will curse. I will yell. And I will love every second of this.

Whatever you do tonight, I hope you have as much fun as I do…and if you’re in the ‘hood, stop by. It won’t be hard to find me…just listen for the sounds of someone yelling “ANDY-FUCKING-PETTITTE is the MAN!”


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  1. I’m driving up to Long Island for a wedding this weekend. If I don’t hear you screaming from there, I might just be a little disappointed. 😀

  2. Bruce said,

    Nice post, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I like football and all, but I’m a play baseball first ask questions latter kind of guy.

    I said at the beggining of the season that I thought once batters figured him out he would head down hill, and he has. I admit that he is better than I thought he would be, but he sure a hell isn’t worth the 50 million they paid.

    As far as I am concerned “The Nation” can suck my hair balls.

  3. roissy said,

    as a fellow yankees fan (cause, you know, i only keep winner company) who lost touch with them after mo proved his mortality against the dbacks, lemme just say… aw who the fuck am i kidding, i stopped rooting for uniforms right about the time i discovered the power of the Neg.

  4. Kiraa said,


    So true. SO TRUE. He is so underrated.

  5. startingtoday said,

    We shall see.

    However, I have a feeling you may be right about the Yankees winning 2/3. As a Red Sox fan, I should not admit this, and it almost makes me a little teary, especially on this very Yankee friendly blog.

    But this IS about the time every year when the Sox start to choke. I’ll cry a little when they lose, suck it up, and then wait for next season.

  6. Julie said,

    Oh My god.

    They just took the lead in the 8th inning.
    And I am so not moving from the spot that I am in.

    Oh my relationship with my red sox boyfriend may be in turmoil.

  7. roissy said,

    motherFer! i walked away from this game when it was 5-2.

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