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Objects in the Rear View Mirror….

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 15, 2007

I’m sorry Red Sox Nation…suddenly, I can’t hear you so well. You were saying something about it being all over?

Not. So. Fast.

I’ve said it all year. When the Yankees were 14 1/2 back, I said it wasn’t over. You didn’t want to believe me. You wanted to be allll smug in your new found AL East lead. You wouldn’t hear me when I said “Don’t you know that this is going to come down to the last series of the year? Haven’t you learned anything form the last, oh, 100 years of baseball?” You wouldn’t listen.

When I tried to explain to you that you should be 20 games up? You rolled your eyes.

When I told you that the Yankees were only going to get better, and that the Sox couldn’t live forever off of Mike Lowell’s RBI’s? You wouldn’t hear me.



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  1. Sarah G said,

    Uh huh….not so cocky the next day, eh???

  2. Miss B said,

    Obviously this was written before tonight’s 10-1 loss.

    How’s it feel now? 😉

  3. I’m still feeling more than confident. Beckett pitched a great game, no doubt. But I’m standing by my call; Yanks take 2/3 and finish the weekend 4.5 back.

  4. Christie said,

    I am with you, I have faith. The Yankees will prove them all wrong in the end. Like I always say, slow and steady wins the race (espicially when you have my boy Kenedy in the rotation!)

  5. Christie said,

    Kennedy. wow. my bad. I can’t even spell my brother’s best friend’s last name right.

  6. Bruce said,

    I’m starting to think you are some kind of psychic. You should set up a 1-900 number….or start a bookie operation.

  7. Videotaping your moms for scouting said,

    Hi In Pee. This is Red Sox Nation. You people are not interesting anymore. Please take your roll of paper towel and Jeter pictures to a stall, don’t do this right in front of the rest of us.

    GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bruce said,

    Ah, the nation shows its ugly obnoxious head. You would think that a team who has only won 1 time since 1918 wouldn’t be so full of themselves.

  9. Videotaping your moms for scouting said,

    I’m not on the team. But speaking of New Yorkers and teams that have won one superbowl since 1918, who is going to QB for the Jets next week?

  10. Christie; Please mail 1 Kennedy autograph to INPY. Thank you in advance and thank you for reading.

    Bruce; Thanks! I’ve been saying it all year…you know this.

    Videotaping; Isn’t that just like a member of the “Nation”…to defend the Patriots cheatin’ ways AND be show your paranoia all in one comment. Not feelin’ so locked in today, are you?

    Bruce; Man even the Marlins had more than 1 in that time!

  11. BB eats NY babies said,

    I’m paranoid? You’re the one being videotaped, In Pee.

  12. As for the Marlins said,

    Which was your favorite Marlins victory? This was a moment I treasured…

  13. Marlins; Yeah all we got for that year was another Pennant. It’s awful to have that. What did the Sox get that year, and every other year for damn near a century?

    Pretty much nuttin.

  14. Bruce said,

    I was at game 6 of the World Series when the Marlins beat the Yankees, that sucked.

  15. Bruce said,

    Since we are sharing pictures, here are a few of my favorites:


  16. Bruce; THat must have sucked. I had tix to game 7 of the Yanks/Mets. Ugh. And seriously, how can someone in “the Nation” (So lame) want to compare histories with the Yankees?

  17. Joe Torre's anal wart said,

    Ah the ancient history argument. I often pull that out when people make fun of the Celtics or the Montreal Canadiens. Oh hell, I might as well bask in the two world cups won by motherfucking Uruguay while we’re at it. How about the illustrious career of Secretariat – BEAT THAT OTHER HORSES!

    It’s charming and effective.

  18. I’m more than happy to stay right here in the present;

    The present; Sox lost again last night. The lead is 3.5.

    History; The Sox are doing what they do best; a fall swan dive. 2004 was an anamoly. RSN knows it. The Yankees fans know it. No team has achieved less with as much talent as the Red Sox in all of sports. I will happily debate this anytime, anywhere.

    A little more history? 1978. 14.5 games lead. You do know what they called that, right? Or do you have a shiny new Red Sox hat like the rest of the “Nation” and think Manny is just the cutest bestest Sawx playah EVAH!!!

    Baseball is all about history. If you don’t get that, stick to football or basketball…or perhaps “motherfucking Uruguay’s World Cup bids” and horse racing.

  19. Joe Torre's anal wart said,

    well slap my ass and call me a bitch. Now he’s making fun of accents. My Red Sox hat is not so new, it smells like sweat and needs frequent washing, like Giambi.

  20. Giambi was hitting dingers in Fenway…where was Manny? Oh yeah, he’s wicked so-ah.

    Buh Bye.

  21. Joe Torre's anal wart said,

    Fine go punch ivan in the face. I gotta get to work.

    GO SOX!

  22. Bruce said,

    New York Yankees:
    World Series titles (26) 2000 • 1999 • 1998 • 1996
    1978 • 1977 • 1962 • 1961
    1958 • 1956 • 1953 • 1952
    1951 • 1950 • 1949 • 1947
    1943 • 1941 • 1939 • 1938
    1937 • 1936 • 1932 • 1928
    1927 • 1923

    AL Pennants (39) 2003 • 2001 • 2000 • 1999
    1998 • 1996 • 1981 • 1978
    1977 • 1976 • 1964 • 1963
    1962 • 1961 • 1960 • 1958
    1957 • 1956 • 1955 • 1953
    1952 • 1951 • 1950 • 1949
    1947 • 1943 • 1942 • 1941
    1939 • 1938 • 1937 • 1936
    1932 • 1928 • 1927 • 1926
    1923 • 1922 • 1921

    East Division titles (15) [1][2] 2006 • 2005 • 2004 • 2003
    2002 • 2001 • 2000 • 1999
    1998 • 1996 • 1981 • 1980
    1978 • 1977 • 1976

    Boston Red Sox

    World Series titles (6) 2004 • 1918 • 1916 • 1915
    1912 • 1903
    AL Pennants (11) 2004 • 1986 • 1975 • 1967
    1946 • 1918 • 1916 • 1915
    1912 • 1904 • 1903

    East Division titles (5) 1995 • 1990 • 1988 • 1986

    As for your name Mr. Anal Wart, I guess that just proves that you are what you eat.

  23. Joe Torre's anal wart said,

    OMG I haven’t been double teamed like this since I spent the weekend in the Wsst Village. Stats? Years??? Wart eating?????????

  24. Julie said,


    Gotta love it.
    3.5 looks damn good to me.

  25. Joe Torre's anal wart said,

    I think it’s come to this, sugartits.


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