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2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad, it’s BRILLIANT -and- My Favorite New Show

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 17, 2007

“There’s more theater in this thing than you could ever imagine.”

-Joe Torre on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.

I said 2 out of 3, and today I am exhausted, slightly hungover, and right. What a weekend for baseball! I honestly didn’t watch more than maybe 30 minutes of a single NFL game, and really? Couldn’t care less. To wrap up and move on;

Friday night; Had a house full of people screaming at the TV in what may well be the best game I’ve seen all year. Yankees come from behind in the 8th to win 8-7.

Saturday; Had no one over to watch the Yankees play the worst game I’ve seen this year (OK, not true at all) and lose, 10-1.

Sunday; I went to the Nationals-Braves game with 40 something of my employees and their families on a glorious 70 degree day and watched the Nats lose, 3-0. Then went to the company president’s house, had a few beers and watched some football before heading home to watch a ridiculously good, back and forth game capped off by Derek Jeter’s 3 run home run; Yankees win, 4-3.

The last 2 weeks of the season are here. Feeling good about that AL East banner, RSN?

Moving right along.

Last week I stumbled in to a new TV series. TV series are hard for me, because while I do indeed get sucked in to the occasional plot line, I can’t ever make it important enough to watch that I remember to actually sit down and watch it. Inevitably I wind up missing two episodes and getting lost in a sea of “who the hell is that friggin’ guy?” and “since when is she sleepin’ with that dude?!”. There have been rare exceptions to this rule, of course. Oh, and please note, I’m not really counting sitcoms here. Sitcoms are…well, sitcoms. You miss one, so what. You can figure out what you missed in like 2 commercials.

Twin Peaks had me on the edge of my seat once a week for every year it was on.

-I damn near never missed the Sopranos.

Six Feet Under was just too good for words. (I still get chills when I think about Nate dying in front of David)

Heroes rocks out loud. Even though it finished with a whimper, not a bang, I have high hopes for a comeback.

-I fucking LOVED Dexter. But didn’t pick up Showtime, so I missed season 2 (this will be fixed in a rent-them-all-on-DVD-orgy of episodes)

And now, I am feeling that old “make sure you remember to watch this on Sunday night” feeling for Tell Me You Love Me. And not just for the so-surprisingly-graphic sex scenes, either. Oh no. (I mean, there’s a lot of…well..cock. Cocks getting stroked. Cocks getting ridden. I mean, it’s like “Hey look, she’s totally jerking that guy off) This show is just straight up edgy. If you are in a relationship, or trying to be, it’s hard to watch together. It makes you wonder and question the nature of your sex life and how it pertains to your day to day life. How important is it? When are you putting way too much importance on it and when are you not putting nearly enough?

Tell Me You Love Me delves in to the lives of three couples and the therapist they share.

Don’t speak…just strip.

-Jaime and Hugo are 20something white hot lovers who are engaged. The fuck like rabbits (he goes down on her in one of the most shockingly sexual fuck scenes in cable TV history) to avoid intimacy and she breaks off the engagement in the first episode because he can’t imagine never fucking another woman. It’s painful to watch them try to talk about something important because they clearly don’t talk much at all.

Knock me or up so help me friggin’ GOD

-Carolyn and Palek are 30somethings who can’t conceive and it’s starting to wear on them. Badly. These are two successful people who aren’t used to failing at anything. She can’t take it, he can’t take her not being able to deal. Watching her domineering ways come out in bursts and him trying to hold it together is painful. Watching her blame him without actually coming out and saying it is awful. Watching her give him a handjob, however, is actually kinda hot. (and I do mean watching her giving him a handjob…as in, ‘hey ummm…is that like…can they actually show this guy getting his cock stroked? Apparently they can)

So, are we just like never going to have sex again?

Katie and Dave are 40 somethings with 2 great kids. From the cheap seats it looks like a perfect marriage. But something is clearly missing…and you come to find out that it’s sex. As in, they haven’t had any in like a year. A year. To see them go from reading their kids bed time stories as perfect parents to a marital bed that might as well have a divider down the middle feels like a kick in the gut.

Tell Me You Love Me is TV for the deep end. Or at least it has been so far. I give it 4/5 Returned Wedding Rings on the INPY ratings scale. Give it a shot as a counter-balance to Scrubs and the Office. But don’t watch it with your Significant Other unless you are prepared to dive in to some heady conversations about the nature of your sex life.

Oh, and prepared to get uncomfortably horny, too. There’s really no other way to describe it.


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  1. Damn … moving the other month cost me DVR, and knocked my TV watching off the radar (lotta NBA 2k7 now, ha) but this definitely sounds like something I’d watch. And using a returned wedding rings scale is … wow. Gosh, man.

    Also, this baseball season needs to end so the good NY team is the only one that wins a division.

  2. freckledk said,

    Poor Chloe Sevigny…stuck playing a frumpy polygamist on Big Love when she, given her Brown Bunny experience, is clearly suited for this show.

  3. roissy said,

    moral of the story – don’t get married!

  4. Lemmonex said,

    A deep fear of mine is having an unfulfilling sex life if I ever get married, though I think it is something that can be avoided if both people work on it. Right? God, I hope so.

    I just wonder: are you a model parent if you have such a disconnect with your partner? What are you teaching the kids? I think children pick up on the fact that something is asunder.

  5. Kiraa said,

    The scene with Hugo and Jaime when he went down on her? I’ve never seen balls from that angle. EVAR. It was uncomfortable.

  6. maybe THIS year..ill get HBO… or….maybe one of my friends that likes to cook AND has HBO will invite me over …..

  7. erica said,

    thbittt….The magic number is 9. We’ve got 12 left and the Yank’s have got 13. So, say we go 50/50, win 6. The Yank’s have got to win 10/13 to take first.

    In the words of Lenny Kravitz, it ain’t over till it’s over tough guy….

    and when are we doing drinks???

  8. KassyK said,

    Great show…GREAT. And I love Dexter as well (you know my love for Heroes as well). Dexter and TMYLM are just both very daring in different ways. HBO is bringing it back with this new one, Big Love & Flight of the Conchords.

  9. sarahleigh said,

    Yeah I tivo’d it, so I am planning to watch tonight.

  10. Theory and Practice said,

    Interesting. I didn’t think the sex was at all erotic, which is what made it so…real. Both the relationships and the sex, I mean. I’m just about to watch last night’s dvr’ed ep, and this got me excited (not in that way!).

    Dexter is also fantastic, as is Weeds and Californication. You need to get Showtime back. Seriously, everytime you call Comcast, you’ll get a different special. Two calls yielded me free HBO and Starz and Showtime for cheap.

  11. anonymous said,

    Television rots your brain 😉

    or at least the commercials do – get Tivo!

  12. Lemmonex: Yes, it can definitely be avoided; yes, you can still have hot sex after marriage. I’ve been married 27 years; I speak from experience. (Sorry if that skeeves anybody out, but hey.)

    That said, I’ll have to check out this show — especially if there’s horniness to be had. (It’s nice to have someone next to you to help with that!)

  13. BB; You’re a…a…METS FAN? Awww geez man why didn’t you say that in the beginning?

    Freckled K; I thinmk that’s the only part of Brown Bunny anyone remembers. I know it’s the only part that I remember.

    Roissy; They should have a counterpoint show, where all three couples single friends talk about how lame they are.

    Lemmonex; I’m right there prayin’ with you on that one…and I don’t know if I agree with you on the idea that you can’t hold it together for the kids. I mean, not that you should stay together for the kids, but I tihnk you can certainly go through a bad patch in a marriage (which I think this couple is) and still be good parents.

    Kiraa; Yeah, I felt a little awwwwkwaard watching that.

    Suicide Blonde; You’ll have to come to one of the playoff parties. 🙂

    Erica; So, one day after you say this the math gets easier for the Yankees. It’s 3.5 games now.

    KassyK; I love HBO’s line up, but I do have to get my Dexter fix back!

    Sarah; Oh you’re gonna love it. Or your money back…errr something.

    Theory and Practice; I think you’re right. Replace “erotic” with “graphic”.

    Anonymous; Tivo will make me watch twice as much TV. Not interested.

    Bozoette Mary; You just made every Gen x’er that reads this very, very happy.

  14. Arjewtino said,

    I just started watching Dexter, am halfway through Season 1. I like it a lot except the very last scene in the intro credits bugs the shit out of me (when they show Dexter walking on the balcony of his apartment and smirking at the camera).

  15. sarahleigh said,

    Yeah, uncomfortably horny is a perfect description. It was weird but real.

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