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Monday Night TV -OR- You Know, I’m Really NOT Ready for Some Football (Plus, Accountability continued)

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 25, 2007

Last night I curled up on my couch with a great book, dinner, and the remote. As I’ve mentioned before I am really just no good at remembering when something that I want to watch is actually on, and therefor I wind up hearing how great said program was the next day…without having even realized it was on in the first place…

Well, I damn sure wasn’t going to let that happen with Heroes. And for that matter, I was kinda curious about this show Chuck, too. KNow what I wasn’t curious about? The Saints-Titans game. In fact, I wonder what the ratings were last night between the NBC lineup of Chuck-Heroes-Journeyman v. MNF?

I’m not much of a recap guy, so let me just say the following, in list form.

1) Chuck? I really dug it. There were a few things that felt a little forced, but the fact is that it’s a drama and a comdey, and for some reason that gives it a liiiittle more leeway in regards to how solid the backstory is….for example; isn’t Chuck a little too good lookin’ (in that Jim from the Office way) and a little too funny (in that Jim from the Office way…wait a second…) to be such a geek? To have not had a girlfriend in 5 years since college? And how is it that with the CIA’s and the NSA’s files all in his head that he can recognize a Serbian demolitions expert…but not a CIA agent that is hitting on him? I digress. The way that he accesses the information in his head is cool as hell, the chick CIA uber agent is hot, and the supporting cast is just good enough to make this fly. I’ll try and remember to watch it next week.

2) Heroes? I really, really hate to say this but I’m going to; It’s all downhill from here. Unlike Chuck which felt a little forced, this already feels really forced, folks. Nathan Petrelli is down and out with a beard and…a perfect haircut!? So sad. Hiro is stuck in 1600’s Japan and Kenzei (sp?) is (GASP!) BRITISH?! Oh, the horror. And hey look, Peter Petrelli is stuck in a shipping container in Ireland with…wait for it…amnesia. Because nothing says “we don’t know what to do” better than amnesia. Be afraid.

The last few episodes of Season 1 (which I LOVED) spiraled downhill until the season finale which I thought was the biggest let down since Jenna Jameson’s new face. I had been hoping that the Season 2 premier would rectify this. “Four Months Later” was certainly an improvement on the end of last season, but no where near as good as Season 1 in its prime. And this is the season premier. Color me worried that one of the few network TV shows I latched on to in a good long time is fading.

3) Nissan has this new car out called the Rogue. Have you heard of it? Well, if you were watching Heores last night you have, as Nissan sponsored the Heroes premier and EVERY FRIGGIN COMMERCIAL WAS FOR THE ROGUE. Congratulations, Nissan, you have officially made sure that I will never rent, let alone buy a Rogue. There is no way you can show what is essentially the same commercial 3 times in a row at every commercial break and not piss people off. Next time, make a series of really great ads, each one picking up where the other left off and run ONEJUSTFRIGGINONE of them at each break.

And just to put a bow on my “Accountability” rant from yesterday…

Milton Bradley, the notorious hot head baseball player (as opposed to the notorious game and toy manufacturer) tore his ACL Sunday. He did this when he attempted to attack an umpire in mid game and, while being physically restrained by his manager, lost his footing and popped his knee.


You can see it for yourself…

Bradley, who has had issues throughout his career due to his, well, temperament, stated that the umpire called him a “piece of shit”, and that’s why he reacted the way he did. Now, if that’s the case, that ump should be suspended immediately. Like yesterday. Bradley then went on to say “because of him, I hurt my knee”…

Umm, no Milton. Because of how you reacted to something I am sure you’ve heard before, you hurt your knee. If the ump gives you the Nancy Kerrigan, then it’s his fault. But if two of your managers are trying to keep you from what is certainly going to be a physical confrontation, (thus getting you kicked out of baseball and wasting all of the money that they are paying you) then it’s YOUR FAULT. You and you alone are responsible for how you react. That you injured your knee in the process? Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Did I mention that the Padres were right in the thick of a playoff chase? Most likely they aren’t anymore…not without his bat in the lineup. Way to go, Sport. One insult and you’ve all but doomed your team (a small market wonder competing to get in to the post season) to miss the playoffs. But you know, you’ve got your honor to defend and all.

The only good thing that comes from this is that there’s a fair chance MLB has seen the last of Milton Bradley. ACL’s are no joke, and for a guy who’s been injured as much as he has, isn’t that good in the field, and has worn out his welcome everywhere he’s played? The game is better of without him.

Cheers, loser.


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  1. Bruce said,

    I saw that, what an idiot.

    Do you remember the manager from the minors who earlier in the year went on a two minute rampage and ended up pretending to throw the chalk bag like it was a grenade? Now that is how you argue with an umpire.

  2. Arjewtino said,

    I agree with you about Chuck. How could the NSA and CIA let him go? He says, “You need me so you’ll let me go.” And they comply. If I were that NSA agent, I would have said, “I understand what you’re saying” before knocking him over the head and dragging him to a holding cell.

    You’re being much too hard on Heroes. This was the premiere, where they had to set up what’s going on with all of last season’s heroes (they didn’t even get to the amazingly hot Ali Larter) and introduce new ones (can’t wait for Veronica Mars to show up). There was a lot of exposition, sure, but it’ll get better.

    I liked Quantum Leap II, as well, very good story with enough mystery to intrigue me. Plus, no Ziggy.

  3. Bruce; That was nothing short of hysterical!

    AJT: I dunno dude, I think this is starting to look like a great idea that is running out of gas. Think about it; when you are writing something long term you either have a clearly defined outline of where it’s starting and where it’s going. This is starting to look like they had enough material to get through 3/4 of one season and are now scrambling to write the next chunk.

    As soon as I hear that they are going to Hawaii, it’s all over for me.

  4. which I thought was the biggest let down since Jenna Jameson’s new face.


    Awesome. Yet terribly, terribly sad. I miss old Jenna …

  5. carrie m said,

    I admit, I usually skim through the baseball stuff. But when I read “Milton” and then “Bradley” I thought you might be talking about a board game and went back. What a douche.

    As for MNF – I had nothing to watch at 10 pm and flipped on the game and promptly turned it off. Saints and Titans? Really? This was the best they could come up with for Monday night? I guess they didn’t want to compete with Two and a Half Men.

  6. Julie said,

    Good riddance Milton.
    Hey at least that umpire knows how to “calls them how he sees them”.


  7. BB; Alas I think it might be time to have that wake, because she’s downright odd lookin’ now. In the paraphrased words of Rick Pitino; Jena Jameson ain’t walking through that door.

    Carrie M; Honestly, I’ll find all kinds of things to watch other than football…like baseball. But not 2.5 Men.

    Julie; A friggin men.

  8. Christie said,

    um, so I guess I am the only person around who watched the game. Highlight of the game? Watching vince Young hurt his arm in the first half and my praying that it was serious. Apparenly prayers of pain are not answered, and after an IV, he was back for the second half. sucks.

  9. Me and my remote said,

    I am definitely the only one who watched.. (wait for it)… THE BACHELOR! Sigh, I am a sucker for shows where girls make total fools of themselves. I learned a lot last night.. like don’t get really drunk and tell some guy I just met that he is “sweet sweet sweet sweetness” 100 times… or to lose my fake boob (I am talking the inserts, not the implants.. could you imagine losing an implant?! Christ that would not be pretty… )

    Allow me to redeem myself.. I did watch Chuck… and I liked it, but only cause Chuck is cute (sweet sweet sweetness)… and that hot chick? She’s the bitch from the now defunct (but oh so good) What About Brian (um.. I am stopping now it is painfully apparent how much tv I watch…)

  10. Christie; Can’t imagine where you came by such animosity for Mr. Young…oh wait…yes I can. 😉

    Me and My Remote; I don’t know what’s funnier; the idea of a drunk woman repeating “sweet sweet sweet sweetness” or the “losing an implant” line!

  11. erica said,

    Ok, and the other reason to hate the new Nissan commercials? B/c they fucking use the Clash version of “Pressure Drop”. That’s a fucking travesty if there ever was one. Damn Michael Jackson and his selling “Revolution” for a Nike ad, that’s what started all this madness.

    The horror….

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