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Jim Caple and ESPN Are Stealing My Stuff!

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on September 28, 2007

Your blogs aren’t safe when I’m on a deadline.

That’s right, Jim Caple, ESPN columnist, published author, and notorious Yankee hater is ripping off my stuff and using it for his own columns! Seems Jimmy decided to take umbrage with the fact that Rick Ankiel (accused of using HGH) was being compared to the Natural by saying that Roy Hobbs wasn’t all that. That we don’t really see Roy Hobbs and the Natural for what and who he really was.

Sound familiar? Well it does to me! And god damnit I am mad as hell about this…so mad in fact that I sent him an email saying, effectively, “what gives, Seamus O’Boston?!” I mean, I know that bloggers rip off other bloggers all the time. It is what it is and whatever. But this man is getting paid (and paid more than I make I’m sure) for my words!

No reply. What a shock. (Much like when the Sox couldn’t get back to the playoffs after they won the series…the silence? Defeaning.)

This my dear friends is just not right. Allow me to show you that INPY is not just blowin’ smoke. Here’s a link to the article that he “wrote” on September 20th, 2007, and a here’s a link to the post that I wrote on July 23rd, 2007. (Notice he not only used some of the same content, but the exact same format!)

Allow me to point out the obvious:


He Was a Womanizer: As mentioned above, Hobbs deflowered his girlfriend in a barn after promising to marry her. Yet less than 24 hours later, he hit on a mysterious older woman on a train, then visited her for a little canoodling action in her Chicago hotel room. Later with the New York Knights, he started sleeping with his late teammate’s fiancée while the dead player’s body was still warm. This was a particularly cozy relationship for him, given that she also happened to be the manager’s niece. Hobbs’ playing time skyrocketed about the same time, and once his role was secure with the team, he dumped the niece.


Roy Hobbs is a nymphomaniac. Why why why is this never brought up? Roy gets ready to go to Chicago…KNOWING that he’s heading out of town for bigger and better things, what does he do? He does Iris, sans protection.

He’s ON THE WAY THERE…on the damn train, and what happens? He can’t resist the charms of the creepy ass dark and sultry Harriet Bird (Barbara Hershey) after striking out the Whammer…and she shoots him. Shoots him. I mean, he JUST got laid, and he’s can’t keep it in his pants for a day?

And then there’s Memo. (Kim Bassinger) Oh GOD do I hate Memo, and you’d think Roy Hobbs would, too. First, she moves from the recently deceased Bump Bailey to Roy in like, what? 46 seconds. Not only does Roy not mind stepping over the corpse of his former teammate, but he seems to relish it…the first time they have sex? It’s on the beach, under the boardwalk. Classy Roy. Reeeeal classy.


He Was Surly and a Difficult Teammate: Hobbs repeatedly was rude to the media, refusing to cooperate with columnist Max Mercy’s simple interview requests. He also operated under his own rules, walking out of required team meetings and not even glancing back when his manager ordered him to do so.


Roy Hobbs is a crappy teammate.

People get mad when I say this, but it’s totally true. Think about it; he gets up and walks out of meetings because he doesn’t see the point. I mean, after all, he’s been on the team for what? Maybe 3 weeks at that point? He’s got a right to be pissed he’s not playing? That’s not cool…that’s Terrell Owens! But he wants to be taken seriously and allowed to play…and to further prove it, he…dates Memo? What team would put up with that crap? You start walking out of meetings everyone else has to sit through and sleeping with the just deceased center fielder’s gf, and you’re not making any friends. But Roy? Roy’s beloved. Go figure. Must be the dimples.

And you’d think that was enough, right? Hell no! In for a penny, in for a pound. Check this out from later in “Caple’s” article:


The Ankiel case is yet another glaring example of the double standard held against baseball. While the media leaps on Ankiel for taking a prescribed substance that was not banned by baseball at the time, the NFL’s Shawne Merriman is getting a Nike commercial that glorifies outrageous hits.

From Septemer 12th in VK’s Comments regarding, you guessed it, Shawne Merriman;


It’s amazing what some steroids can do for a guy, huh? This actually makes me nuts. If Merriman played baseball he’d have lost every endorsement deal and been suspended for half the year. In the NFL? He almost wins defensive player of the year and is now featured in commercials.

You see what happened, don’t you? Caple was out on the ‘net, readin’ some blogs the week before he had an article due and he stumbled upon VK’s Empire of Dirt…he watched that video of the Merriman/Nike Commercial, read the comments as said “that INPY guy knows what’s what…” He clicked the link, started reading, and the rest is history. He figured, no Yankees fans read me…what are the odds….

Well the odds were good, sir! I demand restitution…think I’m kiddin? I’m sending this to ESPN, CNN, Al Jazeera, Faux News, and anyone else I can think of. I want satisfaction god damnit, because this is some BS of the highest order. Getting screwed over, by a SOX FAN no less, who won’t even give me credit?! Won’t even acknowledge what he’s done? Oh I can just imagine the shame! Plagiarizing a Yankees fan?! The HORROR! He’d never be able to live it down!

Well you did the crime, so you’re doin’ the time, pal. This is soooo not over. In fact, you can help by emailing the hack and saying “hey bud, at least rip off someone from “the Nation”!

I know I’m going to…often.

Oh, and lest you think I’m kiddin’ I’ve emailed this to Sweet Lou the Law Prof for legal advice. I got ripped off here and I want what’s right; good seats for the World Series.

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  1. Virgle Kent said,

    HOLY SHIT!!! This really pisses me off? I’ve got you’re back on this, I can’t believe the nerve of this guy, didn’t people stop plagiarizing second semester of their sophomore year in college. And he’s getting paid?? Do you have his boss’s e mail too.

    On the same note Ron Jeremy totally stole my reverse spider monkey move. I saw him used it then transition to “ATM” and finish it with a money shot.

  2. startingtoday said,

    This just proves what I already know about you – you’re a great writer. So great that people steal your stuff!!

  3. Bruce said,

    I just sent that cum dumpster a nasty email. What an asshole!!!

  4. VK; I know! What the hell IS this?! I don’t have his boss’ email, but I think ESPN now has an Ombudsman, and that might be the best bet. I’m going to try that, too.

    Startingtoday; Who’s sweeter than you…wait…are you about to hit me up for a favor?

    Bruce; Muchos gracias my good man. This shall not stand!!!

  5. startingtoday said,

    Ha Ha! – No, believe it or not, I can give a compliment and not ask for ANYTHING in return!!! Amazing, isn’t it?

  6. Arjewtino said,

    I will not rest until this matter is resolved in your favor. I demand restitution (World Series tickets) and an apology on your behalf.

    But, seriously, WS tix would be nice.

  7. Bruce said,

    If we haven’t heard something back from him in a few day’s I’m going to wait for him in the parking lot and emulate some Tonya Harding on his ass!

  8. roissy said,

    godspeed, inpy.

    seriously, this wild west ripping off of blog writers by paid hacks who figure they won’t get caught is a simmering legal issue ready to explode.

  9. Lemmonex said,

    This a serious bunch of BS. I agree with VK–I thought us adults were way past this. It’s gotta suck for this guy that he cannot come up with an original thought. Good luck and good for you on getting the lawyer. People do this because they think they can get away with it; time to prove they can’t, while hitting them in the wallet.

  10. Thou Shall Not Steal said,

    Welcome to the world of google, my friend. (and the vast, vast information highway).

    Here’s what I learned (the painful, scary – hiding under my covers kind of way) – there’s no law governing the internet. Thus, even having a copyright on your material (do you?) — doesn’t really protect you.

    It’s wrong, wrong, wrong…

  11. Arjewtino; I’ll take that!

    Bruce; It’s good to have support my man. Gracias!

    Roissy; that’s what I’m sayin’. That’s EXACTLY what I’m sayin.

    Lemmonex; I’m on it…believe me. I can be the Larry Flint of Boggers Rights.

    TSNS: I don’t have a copyright. But by god I shall not go quietly! That’s my damn post!

  12. kob said,

    They’ll see this if they haven’t already. Those little Google Alerts are hitting the in-box. Count on it. And it will hit them like a cold chill.

    ESPN has to respond to this. Your case is compelling.

    If ESPN has a blog, post all of this on it.

  13. skip said,

    I’m in the minority of one here, but he didn’t use your words.

    he didn’t share your invective.

    it’s not plagiarism, it’s ‘research’.

    it sucks to see someone making money off of your work, but it’s combined with other’s works… and that makes it ‘original’

    I still think the guy’s a douche bag, but I don’t think you’ve got a case.

  14. Sweet Lou said,


    Actually, you’re wrong. This isn’t a subjective analysis here; it’s law — and pretty cut and dried at that.

    Copyright protects all creative work that’s in any way memorialized or recorded. Web Blogs count. Also, one need not use the exact words of a a creative work to violate the copyright. Violation of copyright includes preparing a work “derivative of” the copyrighted creativ work. See 17 USC sec. 106. In this case, INPY’s comparison of his work with that of the putative violator shows that the latter’s work is derivative of the original work, thus violating the copyright.

    Additionally, contrary to other users’ posts, to protect copyrights, one need not record their copyright or put the copyright symbol on their creative work. As soon as the creative work is in tangible form (which includes web-blogs) it is protected. While there are advantages to registering and affixing the copyright symbols, they are not mandatory.

    This is actually a surprisingly clear-cut situation.

  15. Kob; Apparently, and without getting in to too much detail, you’re absolutely correct.

    Skip; I beg to differ because ….

    Sweet Lou is droppin’ the knowledge, yo.

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    I’m Out! 🙂

  19. King Conte said,

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