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Flirting with Disaster, Close Calls, and Brushes with the Next Step in the INPY Quest for World Domination

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on October 18, 2007

This past week, several local bloggers were interviewed by the Washington Post for a piece that was to appear in the Sunday Source. Myself included. Sadly, at the last minute there was a change of plans because the editor decided that he wanted to use our real names and…well…that’s just not going to fly. Not for a lot of us anyhow. Rather than take a chance I politely declined to have my interview used in the piece which sucked because, well…I mean, come on! It’s the Washington Post!

At any rate, this marks my second brush with wider exposure I’ve had since I’ve started this blog. The first was when a local establishment wanted me to act as an online personality of sorts…part blogger, part spokesperson I guess you could say. I met with the owner who is something of a local celebrity (you’d all know him, believe me) and had a fantastic conversation about what I could bring to the table and then…

It just kinda died on the vine.

I won’t get in to who it was because I’ve still got high hopes that the whole thing could jump start itself and we’ll be back in business. But, if you see me at the HH and you’re curious, just ask. The story and the irony alone make it a great story, and if/when I’m sure it’s dead, I’ll tell it here.

However, there is something else that I’m getting involved with coming up that I’ve got really, really high hopes for…it’s a surprise for now but when the time is right, I’ll let you know. It’ll be by the end of the month and worth the wait.

Ultimately though, these near hits and chance opportunities that haven’t materialized have been about my writing. Which, when I distill it down even further, is about my voice. It might sound odd to anyone that knows me to hear me say that writing this has really helped me find my voice, as I’ve got a mouth that is the stuff of legend. Even still, it’s true. You realize when you’re writing just where your internal censors lie and, more importantly, why they are there. And in the words of GI Joe, “Knowing is half the battle”.

So, oddly enough, I owe a certain amount of my current clarity to the fact that I blog. Which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. But, it’s true…once I open up and let fly the slings and arrows of my inner most workings, I find that I’m more dialed in to what I’m really thinking about. That in turn makes it easier for me to write. It’s a pretty hip cycle really.

In other words; there are about a million things that I am now ready to dive in to and I can’t wait. There is more self examination, more life decisions, and generally well…just more. This year, from getting engaged, ditched and back up, to making efforts and falling out with a part of my family, all kinds of things have been turned up and over. Weird stuff. Forgotten stuff. My stuff. And all of this “stuff” (I feel like George Carlin saying stuff over and over again) is what makes me, me. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Also, don’t forget that the Happy Hour is now just one day away. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new DC Bloggers…just come on up and say “Hi” when you get there. We don’t bite. Well…she does.


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  1. I-66 said,

    I do too, but only when asked nicely.

  2. Bruce said,

    You should have just asked to be referred to as Deep Throat. I’ve heard they have done that for people in the past.

  3. You’ve come a long way and have become a stronger person.

    And I agree with Bruce, a nickname would have been sweet!!!

  4. You’ll take over the world one day, good sir. And about that thing we mentioned with the bus and the writers … I might well be able to set it up from the motherland. Potential new jobs are awesome.

  5. I66; If she bites me, I’ll get you to bite her back.

    Bruce; DAMNIT! Why didn’t I think of that?!

    Photobugchick; Thank you!

    BB; You’llhave a good job in my cabinet when I do take over.

  6. freckledk said,

    Easy. Marion Barry’s Kingdom of Crack, open 24-7, year-round.

    I don’t need to confirm – I know I’m right.

  7. FreckledK; That sounds like an SNL routine!!!

  8. Justin said,

    I’ll bet a six-pack of Tusker that you were asked to schlep for Elliot in the Morning, weren’t you?


  9. Justin; I’ll take that sixer! It wasn’t Elliot in the morning. I thin kthat would have been cooler.

  10. janet said,

    I was interviewed. I reluctantly gave my name. AM I STUPID AND SHOULD I TAKE IT BACK?!?! (I am really good at doubting my decisions, can you tell?)

    Does it matter that I don’t assume I’m anonymous? I also don’t generally shout my name off the rooftops either…

  11. Janet; I think it’s just a matter of where you work. That’s what it boils down to…I can tell you that for a lot of us, we don’t want our identites revealed to the whole world, as it’s got possible repurcussions that we’d rather not chance.

  12. roissy said,

    i was not asked to interview.

    i wonder why…

  13. I don’t like to mix my real name with my personal blog…but I have a feeling that sooner or later in my line of work – it’s going to all come out…

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