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Take Your Ungrateful Ways and Shove ‘Em Up Your Ass

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on October 18, 2007

Thanks for the memories, Joe.

Today, Joe Torre turned down a $5MM+ (the plus being incentives that would have made it $8MM) offer from the New York Yankees to coach for one year. My guess is that to say the Yankees owners were stunned would be a gross, horrific understatement. It probably never entered their minds that Joe (or Mr. Torre, as Jeter calls him) would ever say “screw you” and walk.

I’m going to assume that it was the “one year” part of the offer that made him pass. He’s earned better than that. When you’ve succeeded at the level that he has, you aren’t interested in test drives or suffering through probationary periods. You deserve better…that one year offer was the Yankees daring him to say “no”. Joe said “no”. And you know what?

I think it’s great.

Am I nervous? Hell yes! As a Yankees fan, to go from Joe to an uncertain replacement is terrifying. However, there comes a time where you’ve done enough to warrant better treatment than you’re getting. To succeed at the level that Torre did and still have to sweat his job was absurd. At some point you have to just look ’em in the eye and say “fuck you, you ungrateful spoiled child, I deserve better than this. ”

We should all have a bit of that in us for when push comes to shove.

Good for you, Joe. Good for you.

Just please…for the love of GOD…don’t manage the Red Sox. I don’t think my heart could take it.


14 Responses to 'Take Your Ungrateful Ways and Shove ‘Em Up Your Ass'

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  1. wes285 said,

    That also would have been a $2.5 million paycut. I think the Yankees gave him that offer hoping he would turn it down. Along with it only being a one year contract, he couldn’t take a paycut without looking weak and probably losing the respect of some of his players. 12 years is a long time, they both needed a change of scenery.

  2. Cheers, man. The Yanks dicked around a guy they had absolutely no reason to. Good for Joe. Here’s to hoping they don’t choke it and stick in Donnie Baseball, who I think would get slaughtered by next season.

  3. Christie said,

    I agree with wes. He made some smart decisions, I mean, hello young pitchers this year who really helped step up the team. But, it was time for him to go.

  4. skip said,

    and this is why I hate the Yankees. No offense, INPY… this is like what the cowboys did to Landry. Not quite as bad, though. I say this having two favorite NFL teams. the Redskins, and who ever’s playing the Cowboys.

  5. Wes; They wanted him to prove himself, and he has already more than done that. The issue now is…who’s next?

    Brooklyn Boy; It’s so odd to root against Don…but I am. I want either Girardi or Bobby V.

    Christie; He showed a lot of faith in those kids this year, and it paid off.

    Skip; It’s hard to disagree with this aspect of people hating the Yankees. On the other hand, George played a bigger role in turning baseball in to what it is now than anyone else…for better or worse.

  6. SweetEscape said,

    Oh the wildly entertaining posts that would come out of you if he goes to the Sox! The thought almost makes me want to wish for that to happen… 😉

  7. Justin said,

    Much like my revered Raiders’ Al Davis, maybe its time for George to go, too, despite what the historic effect they’ve each had on their respective games…

    Admit it: can you imagine Mr. Steinbrenner, ten years ago, publicly declaring that “If we don’t win the Series, Joe’s gotta go,” and then, promptly after losing said Series, offering another contract? No way.

    George has gone soft.

  8. Baby Bien said,

    When the Dodgers ditch Grady Little for Torre, your beloved Yankees will then be able to have Grady all for themselves.

  9. The next dickwad manager's anal wart said,

    I think Grady Little would be a good fit.

  10. Eric said,

    Wes285 pretty much nailed what I think about this also. Fortunately I don’t think we have to worry about seeing him in a Red Sox uniform (or any other for that matter), I have a feeling he’s just going to call it a career and do some broadcasting and get paid a shit ton of money to give motivational speeches. He’s to ingrained as the manager of the Yankees to take a managerial job elsewhere.

  11. Bruce said,

    Torre would never manage the Red Sox. I really think that he is going to retire and wait for the call from Cooperstown. It’s sad, but I agree with you…up yours George et al!

  12. Sweet Escape; Of all the things I hope to never write…

    Justin; He’s lost his edge, and given up control of the team…maybe it was time to go. I just wish it had been handled differently. Joe deserved better.

    Baby Bien and Dickwad; While I can see Joe in LA, I can’t see the Yanks ever hiring GL. Seriously, now.

    Eric; I think you’re right, and I hope you’re right!!

    Bruce; Just pray with me now; NOT DON MATTINGLY.

  13. Bruce said,

    Again, I agree about Mattingly. Next year is too big of a transitional year for an untested manager.

  14. Baby Bien said,

    I didn’t say anything about Grady going to Boston. I said that the Dodgers and Yanks would be swapping managers.

    I meant the Yankee would never hire Grady Little. I’m amazed anyone did really.

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