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Three Tuesdays in a Row

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on October 19, 2007

“What an ugly morning.”

That’s what I thought when I looked outside today. It’s dark, humid, destined to storm and rain and be just, well; ugly. I hate this weather, just like I’ve hated this whole week. This was one of those weeks where you swear that somehow it’s been at least 14 days since you last had a weekend. Has to be. You can’t pack as much crap as I’ve dealt with this week in to 5 days. Can’t be done. Impossible.

All week long I kept looking at Friday and it felt like it was getting further and further away. It was as if I’d had three Tuesdays in a row. And, after three Tuesdays in a row, you start to get pissed off at everything. Nothing feels right. Everything is harder than it should be and you really do start to think “maybe I should just (coughfakecough) call in sick and take a break”. But,since I don’t do that, I pushed on.

And today, the seas have parted, the manna has fallen, and the heaven’s have finally delivered me from my 40 year long 5 day work week.

I just have to get throught this one dark, humid, ugly day…and then I get to exhale at the Blogger Crush Happy Hour. I’m hoping to see lots of new faces and blogger crushes tonight! Love me some new faces…and, if you’re on the fence about showing up, let me tell you again; the community here in DC is really something special, so don’t be afraid to brave the nasty storm clouds and come out and be part of it. Dive right in, the water’s warm. Just find the hosts and we’ll make sure that your transition from newbie to member is smooth sailing.

Trust me, we’re professionals. Just get yourself to the Chi Cha and we’ll take it from there…

On another completely unrelated note, a huge, HUGE, “GOOD FUCKING LUCK” to my friend, the Brooklyn Boy. For those of you that don’t know him (cause he just came down to DC to check out our scene) or haven’t read him (you’re missing out!) here’s the deal;

He’s a writer for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but his heart lies with basketball. And, on Monday, he’s interviewing for a gig with the NBA. To me this is blasphemy, but to him, it’s nirvana. (the heavenly perfection “nirvana”…not the buckshot mouthwash “Nirvana”.) Go get ’em, BB.

And on that note, see ya tonight!


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  1. average jane said,

    My week has been short, so literally it started on a Tuesday and has been Tuesdays ever since. It’s been a long time since I’ve made it to one of these fiestas but tonight I break my streak. See you there. And don’t worry. I’ve given up on asking for my SoCo and lime. 🙂

    Miss you, Big Brother.

  2. Kathryn said,

    I am cringing! I don’t know Brooklyn Boy, and I wish him the best, buy I’m hypersuperstitious about job interviews and jinxing yourself… I don’t tell details until it’s over… double crossing my fingers for him.

  3. Good look, my man. The love is appreciated. I heart me some baseball, but after a lifetime as a fan and three straight jobs, it’s time to diversify. Also, Cooperstown is fucking small.

    Kathryn – Thanks! Anonymous well wishing is awesome. I waited until I had the interview lined up to say anything, and only then to pressure myself into coming through in the clutch. Don’t wanna let people down, so I gotta do me, you know?

  4. have a tequila shot on me.. oops..i mean for me..

  5. Ray said,

    Hmmm…this would have been fun to go to. I have a serious blog crush on… well, nobody. But, still. I like beverages.

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