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“I Used to Think You Were a Dick” and Zakk Wylde

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on October 23, 2007

From the time that I could open my mouth I’ve dealt with the ugly side of the Perception v. Reality debate from most of the people I’ve met. That is to say that I have heard “you know, when I first met you I though you were (insert negative adjective here)” more than you can imagine. I’ve been told it’s my Sagittarius’ nature; that I come across as being a touch arrogant and conceited when really, I’m just comforable being talkative and love the back and forth of debate and conversation…without being the sort to just say “you’re right” in the interest of making friends. The fact that I’ve got a rather outgoing personality can seem, at first, fake. That I’m “on” for certain people at certain times.

Then, people get to know me and realize it’s just the way I am. That arrogance doesn’t weigh in to the equation and that I’m not saying “you’re wrong”, but rather, “this is what I think”. In short, people see certain aspects of the often debated “Alpha” and assume that I must be all of the aspects of “Alpha”…

I’ve heard it from damn near everyone that I consider my closest, dearest friends. They started out one way and wound up completely turned around. It’s actually sort of funny to think of all the times I’ve had the same conversation.

Having said that, it does go both ways. I’m prone to making snap decisions about people and saying “yeah, I know who you are” without really having enough data to have the right to it. I hate it when I do it…because I know how much it sucks to have it done to me.

I’m working on that.

So, in the interest of not rushing to snap decisions about things, plus a touch of broadening your musical horizons…I give you Zakk Wylde.

Zakk is Ozzie’s guitar player. He landed that gig when he was 19…19! Legend has it he’d practice playing from the second school let out until he had to go back the next day…he’d catch up on his sleep in class. He’s played with Damage Plan, has a sick hard and heavy band, Black Label Society, and is just a jaw dropping guitar player.

Now, just for a second take all of what “being Ozzie’s guitar player” means and set it aside. He’s not just that guy…he’s also this guy. This is why I dig him.


Also, Zakk has been on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and done sketch comedy with Jim Breuer. Never judge a book by it’s (Heavy Metal) cover.


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  1. carrie m said,

    i’ve always been strangely attracted to zakk wylde. that’s my secret metal shame. not that i used to love poison and the like, but that i think zakk is kinda hot and have for many years. that’s a kickass clip.

  2. gn said,

    I think I am the WORST first-impression-maker. See: wrong foot.

  3. freckledk said,

    I used to think you were overwhelming. Now I dig that about you.

  4. Virgle Kent said,

    Zack is the shit, that’s all I’ve got to say actually I’ll say he’s dick nasty

  5. Carrie; Zakk’s the man. Kills me how good he is…

    gn; maybe that’s why we got along right away?

    FreckledK; Aww, thanks girlie!

    VK; Amen

  6. Kiraa said,

    I’m the Queen o’ Snap Decisions about people. Most of my best friends are people I hated right off the bat. It really works out well because if we break up? I can just go back to hating them.

    Also, Jim Breuer is the awesomest.

  7. Torre can always clean my bathrooms. I have low expectations said,

    Long time reader, first time commenter – Ozzie is a 50s sit-com character. Ozzy is a ex-rock god turned shivery old man ex-reality TV pioneer.

    In other news, this spinless pandering little c#nt.


    I’d sooner vote for a Dick Cheney/Idi Amin ticket than this turd burglar.

  8. Torre can always clean my bathrooms. I have low expectations said,

    The way you can tell is he has his name tattooed on his fingers (leaving the thumb out of it) and it fits.


  9. i havent really “met” you… but my first impression about your blog..was that you were a wedding planner….i like to think i just… wasnt completely RIGHT…as opposed to thinking i was WRONG…

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