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Magnum PI says "Even Higgins knows Prostate Cancer is no joke"

Of all the things we men do NOT like thinking about, Prostate Cancer is probably near the top of the list. That and the shower scene in American History X. At any rate, this is one of those “if I don’t think about it, it’s all good” things that we men do to ourselves because…well…because we’re men and we hate doctors. So, despite the fact it’s the most common form of non-skin cancer in the US, or that it’s going to hit 1 in 6 (1 in 6!) of us, or even that 27,000 of us will die each year from it…

We don’t think about it, we don’t talk about it, and we damn sure don’t get checked out for it.

That attitude is the reason that Movember is all the more necessary.

The Bandit would totally fight Prostate Cancer

Movember is an annual fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Each November, “Mo Bros” around the world will grow moustaches in an effort to raise both money and awareness to fight Prostate Cancer…and this year, I’m on the Movember team, the Committee for the Restoration of Trebek’s Upper Lip Hair.

The team;

Team Captain and fearless leader, FoxyMoron,





And Shiftless Badger

Starting on 11/1, The Committee will be growing out some big beautiful moustaches and not shaving them off until 11/30. This is a month long grow-your-mo fest culminating in the Movember Party to celebrate our newly found 70’s cool and the money we’ve raised for a great cause.

Now, for me? This is going to be one serious ‘stache, folks. A month without shaving the mo? Yikes. I could look like something out of a Hells Angels meeting! Especially if my father is any indication. That man’s mo houses endangered species I kid you not. But, it’s for a damn good cause so I’m down with going all Ron Jeremy. And, since it is a fundraiser, here’s where I hit you up for your help;

By clicking here, you can make a donation and sponsor me in my Movember Endeavor. Even $1 is greatly appreciated! And as an added incentive, high donation gets to help me shave it off…

If you’re in to that sort of thing.

Sponsor INPY…it’s the feel good thing to do.

I’ll keep you posted throughout the month with updates on how my fundraising is going and how the ‘stache is coming in. In LA, NY, and Europe they say the goal is to hit $200. I think that’s a fair target and totally doable. In the meantime, if you’ve got suggestions about which mo I should grow, send me an email and let me know. (wait…is that like haiku?)

Thank you!


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  1. Bruce said,

    I’ll support you, but I’d rather not do it online. Is there any other way to donate?

  2. Eric said,

    A friend of mine invented a mustache called the comma (or apostrophe depending on how you look at it), it’s basically just half of a mustache. I defy you to top that.

  3. Jo said,

    Bergle said he’d do it. He’s going to attempt the trucker ‘stache.

  4. Sweet Escape said,

    I’m sorry but Tom Selleck is STILL hot as hell! Model your stache after his! You’ll get all the chicks that way – ages 25 thru 63! 😉

  5. startingtoday said,

    Just made a donation! If I’m the highest donation, I’m holding you to your word – I’m shaving it off for you!

    But on a serious note, my grandfather is seriously ill with prostate cancer. In his case, he’s definitely the kind of man that avoids the doctor. By the time they found out about it, it was really too far gone to treat. It is a terminal illness for him, but if you all get checked out regularly, that fate can be avoided. It is highly treatable if caught early. So boys, go get checked out!

  6. Are we going to be seeing pictures of just your upper lip? So we can track your progress? Because, that my friend would be AWESOME. squared.

    How’d you like that Ian Kennedy picture BTW? Signed and everything.

    love, the artist formerly known as Sarah Leigh

  7. Perhaps you and the boys should check this out. Found this little gem for you .


  8. whoops. go here, not there.

  9. Bruce; I’m not sure if you can do that or not…honestly, I don’t think so. But thank you anyhow!

    Eric; I couldn’t touch that!

    Jo; Very cool that Bergle’s in!

    Starting today; thank you!!!

    Slightly; I’m going to work on putting some pics up…stay tuned!

  10. I love a man with a mustache, and I hate that Frank Zappa died of prostate cancer, so I just donated. Don’t forget to post “stache-in-progress” pics!

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  12. […] the boys from the Committee for the Restoration of Trebek’s Upper Lip Hair…you know, my Movember team, for our last shave and to discuss how we can hit our goal of raising $1000 for Prostate […]

  13. […] honor of Movember, here are some comics I came across. Visit participating bloggers! It’s for a good cause – Cancer […]

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