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Congratu…ugh…lations and What I Hope For

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on October 29, 2007

Congratulations to the Red Sox and their fans. I know what it feels like when your team wins a World Series; it’s a high unlike any other in sports, especially if you’ve been following the team all year. It’s an investment to pay attention for a whole baseball season, and the payoff of a trophy is simply amazing. It’s part joy, part relief, healthy dash of hysteria. Also, a big congrats to the Colorado Rockies and their fans. I know what it’s like when your team loses a World Series, too. It sucks. It’s a drain and it feels just awful. But boys, I have never seen a team come down the stretch like that. 21/22? Simply amazing. Chins up, lads. You still get the pennant, and that’s no small feat.

Here’s to both your years…


As for ARod opting out…

Fuck him.

I once summed up how I feel about ARod and his lack of accountability, which if you’ve been reading you know how I loath…

But now, he’s taken it to a whole new level. Blowing off the Hank Aaron award? Opting out on the day of game 4?

Piss off, ARod. I hope the Yankees stick to their guns and refuse to negotiate with you. I hope the Red Sox decide that your numbers aren’t worth your drama. I hope the Dodgers decide to go ahead with hiring Joe Torre and he tells them under no circumstances should they bring you in. I hope the Mets realize that David Wright is juuuuust fine at third and Jose Reyes rocks at SS, and they don’t need you.

Leaving you with the Angels who suddenly don’t have to compete with anyone else and who I hope offer you less than what the Yankees were prepared to give to you.

And above ALL ELSE, I hope that someday soon Derek Jeter hoists another World Series Trophy high above his head and looks right in to the camera and says “Fuck You, Alex”.

As for the rest of the off season…

I hope that;

-Joe Girardi gets an offer from the Yankees today and revitalizes a team that sorely needs it.

-Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera come back and pitch for the Yankees.

-Roger Clemes doesn’t.

-when pitchers and catchers report for spring training, Jorge is catching a lineup of Chamberlain, Kennedy, Hughes, Wang, and Pettitte.

-they pitch as well as I think they can.

-Joe Crede or Adrian Beltre winds up at third. (I would say Ryan Zimmerman, but honestly I want him right here in DC)

-I hope that Joe Torre winds up in LA with the Dodgers, and he steers them back to the Series in ’08 where they meet the Yankees. Oh what a story that would be…

Any Dodgers fans wanna bet on it?

And with that, I put baseball to bed for 2007. I already can’t wait for opening day, 2008 in the new stadium, and I already know that I’m going to be there. Who’s with me?


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  1. Baby Bien said,

    Isn’t it Opening Day in 09 for the new stadium?

    And Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Caple continues to be a douche….more on that later.

  2. I-66 said,

    Word around the campfire is that they’re not reverting to the old soccer configuration at RFK just yet for a reason.

    I want baseball out of RFK very badly, but even I am reticent to believe that the Nats’ new ballpark will be ready for opening day.

  3. Arjewtino said,

    @ Baby Bien: Opening Day for the Nats in the new stadium is next season, ’08.

    The potential for Beltre returning to the Dodgers, actually, has been talked about all year. I would feel ambivalent about it since we need a power third-baseman but his leaving the team after a great year, despite years The Dodgers put into that guy and offering him a really good contract, still stings.

  4. BB; No, it’s supposed to be next year…but I’m starting to wonder if that’s going to happen.

    I66; My fingers are crossed, but I expect to be right back at RFK for opening day.

    Arjewtino; The Yankees are going to shell out for someone bc they have the money. There are lots of big contracts that are up, and that money is going somewhere…Santana? 🙂

  5. Bruce said,

    I really just can not say enough about how awful A-Rod is as a person. What a fucking asshole. I now hate him more than Schilling, not only because of what he has done to the Yankees, but also the negative implications this has for all of baseball. I hope he doesn’t even get an offer. That wont happen, but seriously…FUCK YOU A-ROD

  6. kate.d. said,

    i am so fucking tired 🙂 happy, but tired.

    also: let’s not leave scott bora$ out of the “you’re a total asshole” league. not that we didn’t know this before, but still – dropping the a-rod announcement during the late innings of what was probably a title-clinching game for the sox was digustingly audacious. just what we’ve come to expect from the guy, i guess.

    and finally, i’ve really got to hand it to those rockies fans. they hung in til the end – loud, supportive, invested. that’s the way baseball games should be!

  7. Bruce said,


    It’s Girardi

  8. Julie said,


    I would looooove to see Beltre at 3rd….

  9. erica said,

    kate d.: yes, yes, yes. Scott Boras is a douche.

    Otherwise….Arod: great player, sucky teammate. McCarver hinting how oh the Cubs and hmm whom else, could afford him now. We don’t want him and his diva-attitude, we already got a kicking 3rd baseman: Mike Lowell. Course, now that we waited around, Boras will prolly see to it that we pay out the nose for him…but for Lowell, I’m ok with that, he’s worth it.

    And the best line I heard last night: Every time Tim McCarver talks, an angel loses its wings and dies.

  10. Hammer said,

    Between the graciousness of this post and Arjewtino’s new banner, I have literally fallen out of my chair twice today…

  11. janet said,

    I was sad for my Rockies, but oh well…

    There’s a long profile on ARod’s agent in last week’s New Yorker. If that’s your kind of reading?

  12. Baby Bien said,

    I thought you meant the new stadium in New York. My mistake…I am tired from some game I watched last night.

  13. A-rod can't hold Lowell's jock said,

    Thanks for the classy post, InPy(ee). I would definitely not return the favor if the situation were reversed, but then I’m a Masshole and it’s an incurable disease. I am ecstatic that baseball season is finally over. Now on to Peyton “The Billboard” Manning…

  14. brookem said,

    Go Sox!
    What a diplomatic congratulatory post. I’m digging that.
    Boston doesn’t want A-Rod or his skeevy ways. Blah.

  15. Bruce; This is why I’m glad he’s gone. And if one more person say s to me “oh NOW you don’t like him” I’m probably going to choke them to death. ARod was never comfortable in NY, and NY was never comfortable with him.

    And thank GOD it’s Girardi.

    Kate.d.; the Rockies fans were EVERYTHING you would hope fans would be.

    Julie; whoever it is, they are going to get one hell of a welcome to NY.

    Erica; that is funny as hell.

    Hammer; Glad to provide a little shock to your day!

    Janet; I don’t think I can read anythign about either of them…and sorry for your boys. But really, what a year!

    Arod can’t hold …; you do realize it’s that attitude that in short order is going to have the “nation’s” popularity plummetting, right?

    Brookem; I really hope they don’t…stick with Lowell. That’s what the Yankees should have done forever ago when they brought him up through their farm system.

  16. Christie said,

    Just like Julie said… amen

    ARod is so full of himself. I’m sorry all of that money isn’t enough for you, but good luck finding someone who can bankroll your demands.

  17. exeverything said,

    The Dodgers have one of my least favorite stadiums EVAR. That’s the important part, right?

  18. exeverything said,

    Oh, boo, that posted as my nonexistant WordPress blog.


  19. Girardi might have warts too... said,

    The nation’s popularity can be at an all time low as long as they have to put down plastic sheeting in October.

  20. Sweet Lou said,

    Ya just KNEW I’d reply, right? I’d like to gloat and say “Yankees suck,” but I can’t. Their second half was extraordinary. Good season.

    Which of ARod’s actions are the worst: (a) opting out of a ridiculously lucrative contract; (b) announcing it in the middle of the WS; or (c) bailing on none other than Hank Aaron?

    My vote is “C,” but it’s a tough call. What’s clear is that AFraud’s douchebaggery knows no bounds. Here’s hoping he somehow ends up in Baltimore with Peter Angelos. They deserve each other.

  21. PreteFunkEra said,


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