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One Night Only with DC Icon, Julia Nixon.

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on November 19, 2007

Saturday night I was invited to attend the CD release party for Ms. Julia Nixon at the Lincoln Theater. Now, honestly, I didn’t know anything about Julia Nixon other than the fact that she’d been in Dream Girls and, I was told, she’s a DC icon…which to me means you gotta go check it out, right? I mean, the word “icon” isn’t something that I take lightly. Really, how many times have you gone to a show to see someone called a “legend” and thought, “what the hell are they talking about?” But, I figured why not…if it’s no good, I’ll write about that.

SO glad I went.

Right off the bat, I met up with our hosts and my man, Listen to Leon. If you can’t have fun at a free concert with Leon, you can’t have fun. Well, unless there’s an open bar. Which, ironically enough, there was.

Yee. Ha.

After a rousing introduction from Allison Seymour we all settled in for what turned out to be an extraordinary show…Julia stood in front of a full string section, drummer, percussionist, two guitar players, a pianist, a bassist, and 3 back up singers…and made you absolutely forget that they were there. From the second she opened her mouth you just knew that this was not some run of the mill singer. Oh no. God no. You can hear the Opera background…the stage training…the control and more than all of that…the straight up emotion. Honestly? It was nothing short of inspiring. To see someone perform when you know none of their music and have them capture your full attention? That’s a gift, and she’s certainly got it.

Personal favorites were the smoldering R&B song Southern Boy, which really, truly turned the heat up in the Lincoln, (not to mention the audience, who was lettin’ her here it with a chorus of “that’s RIGHT girl!”) and Bring Back Springtime which…umm…well…OK, see what had happened was that there was this spec of something that flew in to my eye right as she was really gettin’ in to it and, see…yeah…

It’s a sad damn song, ‘k?!

Julia engaged the crowd while sipping on a Martini between songs…explaining exactly what she was thinking about when she recorded her new record Keepin’ on Track and furthermore, what she intended to share with us, her audience. Understand, this is not a weak voiced trollop bouncin’ around in skimpy outifts to a song she didn’t write with an army of producers finding ways to make her sound like she’s talented. Julia Nixon is a powerhouse, and if you like this type of music (Adult Contemporary R&B) or you just appreciate truly talented people, you owe it to yourself to check her out.

You’ll see in no time why the word “icon” is, in her case, well deserved.

Special thanks to Livinston Buzz for the invite!


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  1. Jo said,

    I’m gonna have to check her out. Your description is amazing. And you know how I appreciate a good voice!

  2. […] Credit Note: If you want to read a much better description of this, check out related posts by Listen to Leon or INPY. […]

  3. freckledk said,

    My reading comprehension is poor. I thought you were talking about the redheaded gal, Miranda, from Sex and the City and thought, “Oh? She sings?”

    Then I realized that was Cynthia Nixon I was thinking of. Hmmph.

  4. So far every music recommendation you’ve made has been awesome: Duncan Sheik, Chris Wheatley, Govt Mule… I will definitely check out Julia Nixon!

  5. Tim Buck said,

    i just found your review of the concert. i have known Julia for over 20 years and i actually produced her first full live CD in 2003. this woman is everything you said and more, of course i would think that, and she deserves a place at the top of the list of popular singers in this country if not world, and that means WAY ahead of Beyonce. A gift of song is truly a gift, and Julia has always, and i do mean always, inspired her audiences with awe and amazement from the beginning. Now why she hasn’t been sucked up by the record industry and turned into a big star that she deserves to be is beyond my comprehension. Let us all hope that this is finally her time because God knows the music industry needs her voice and persona.

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