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2007, We Hardly Knew Ya’

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on January 2, 2008

Happy 2008, Kids! Where do I even begin to get you caught up?

I just got back not so very long ago from the frozen North East, having spent Christmas with my family. Seriously, it gets better and better every time I’m up there. Maybe I’m getting old or something, but the feeling I get of being connected to my family is, quite simply, better than absolutely anything else I have in my life. Seeing my brother and his wife and their three gorgeous (and growing) daughters is better than sipping Jack and Coke all morning I kid you not. And my dad? My dad is doing great. Really, really great. This trip was just what I needed, and being up there in the cold, quiet expanse of Maine was just what the Dr. ordered. I cleared my mind, tickled my nieces, and generally just felt relaxed and at peace with the world…

For New Year’s Eve, I did NOTHING. Not a god damned thing and you know what? It was awesome. I contemplated hitting some bar or a house party and getting blotto. But you know what? After a whole week+ of not drinking and being with my family? Eh, I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, NGF and I hit the couch, ordered some Chinese, and watched the ball drop. Oh, and I watched the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci Fi. THAT was some great TV, kids. (The Howling Man is my personal fav episode)

I realize that this might sound lame, boring, and underwhelming. I assure you, it was not. It was nice to just BE instead of feeling obligated to DO. And after the year that I had, a little quiet reflection was in order.

Last year at this time I had just started planning my wedding. This year I’m knee deep in a new relationship. The good news is that I didn’t need a lawyer or an annulment to get a new girlfriend. I’m taking that as a good thing. A big plus. And since that day in March (St Patrick’s Day for those of you keeping score) I’ve gone all kinds of up and down and evened out somewhere on the high side of “good”, with a whole lot learned. Chief among my shiny new list of lessons learned is this;

Once you’ve been kicked, you toughen up. It’s never going to hurt as much as it did the first time, really…so think of it as a good thing when you’re licking your wounds by realizing that you’ve just made yourself a bit stronger. It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to care…but it does mean that the punch you don’t see coming isn’t going to drop you the way it did before. You learn, you live. Seeing yourself get up off the ground makes you less afraid to try again because you’ve already lived through the Uber Bad so really, what’s there to be afraid of? It’s like a kid getting a shot. Sure you cry and wail and scream the first time, but hopefully you realize that it’s just a little pin prick and next time it’s not so bad…

Unless you’re a total friggin’ baby about it.

Some other thoughts on and lessons learned in 2007;

-Super Bad was super good. Anything with the Seth Rogan/Paul Rudd et al crowd in it is a movie that I’m seeing.

-I hate Hate HATE the musical stylings of John Mayer, and listening to him speak is almost as bad. I find him, like Butterstick, to be smug.

-The Mitchell Report was a joke. A total, complete joke. There will be much more on this to come.

-I might need a baseball rehab. Losing to Cleveland and watching the Red Sox win was like having a knife embedded in my rib cage. Really.

-If there was a baseball rehab, I wouldn’t go. I’m already jonesin’ for my next fix.

-Smoking cigarettes makes me feel absolutely nasty. My hangovers are doubly bad if I smoke even a few during the night, so I need to cut out even the occasional puffs. I went from being a full time hard core smoker to the “Just when I drink” guy…I have to knock that off in ’08.

Heroes? You shot your wad half way through season 1. I won’t be watching you any more. You had your chance. Peter Petrelli taking his shirt off does nothing for me, and I’ve decided that I want to drown the cheerleader to save my Monday nights.

Dexter, on the other hand, is brilliant and just keeps getting better and better. If they did a Christmas musical episode, I’d make popcorn and watch it.

-DC has an amazing blogger scene. I’ve made some great friends and met some hip cats through it…you know who you are.

-DC Blogger Happy Hours are like keg parties when I was in highschool; no matter what, I’m going to be there. It’s just too much fun to even think about missing it.

-Blogging is addictive. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

-Contrary to my belief that I am bulletproof and don’t need to be careful with my body, I can wind up in an ER just like everyone else.

-I will be seeing every Govt Mule Show that I can get myself to in 2008.

-After almost 8 years of whining and crying about GWB, the best the Democrats can come up with is Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama? Are you kidding me? Someone pass me the paperwork to join the Libertarian Party, please.

-After almost 8 years of watching GWB run roughshod over everything your party believes in, the best you Republicans can come up with is Giuliani and Huckabee? Are YOU kidding me? Here’s the paperwork to join the Libertarian Party.

-I’m happiest when I’m being creative. In any way.

-The Gillette Fusion Power Razor is the BOMB. I was convinced this was a gimmick. I stand corrected. Just make damn sure that you hide it from your (N)GF, becasue once she gets her mitts on it, you’re going to have to double your razor cartridge purchases.

-For all the whining people do in DC about how they’d rather be anywhere else, somehow they don’t ever seem to go anywhere. Me? I love it here, but I’m still looking forward to the day when I head North. But I’ll always love the time I spent here. Always.

-Even when you know she’s going to say “yes”, proposing is terrifying. I learned that in 2006. However, more terrifying is the feeling that you have to climb in to an empty bed even after you’ve mustered up the courage to ask anyhow. I learned that in 2007.

-That goes away and gets replaced by a feeling of “que sera, sera”. Well, if you let it, that is.

-I don’t look good in a moustache. Period.

And a few New Year’s Resolutions;

-Somehow in the last 2 years I have gained weight. This simply put, must be reversed. Now, granted I gave up all kinds of things over the last 2 years, and that certainly lead to this…but by god, this has gone on long enough.

-Drink less, live longer.

-Play guitar, damnit.

-Write, write, write.

-Volunteer. It’s good for the soul and it’s been too long.

And, lastly…

-Be good to the people that are good to me, and be thankful that I have them in my life.

Yeah, that should do it.


11 Responses to '2007, We Hardly Knew Ya’'

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  1. oh my INPY.

    you do sully the name of John Mayer. Shame on you.

    And you looked fine with a mustache. For an insurance/used car salesman. 🙂

    kidding, kidding.

  2. jess said,

    I think it’s amazing that so much can happen in a year and you can spin silver from all of it. I like that even though your life is 100 times nuttier than mine will ever be, I learn from what you learn from because of how you tell it. And I really like the Buddhaness of that last resolution, and plan to emulate it 🙂

  3. janet said,

    love this post. you really did have a crazy year didn’t you?

    Here’s to getting skinny and staying happy in 08 🙂

  4. Lemmonex said,

    Yay, you are back! I missed you, darling. To a creative, altrusitic, and thinner 2008.

  5. tracylord said,

    thank god you’re back. you left a void. the upside to your blogging absence is i realized the appeal of INPY – you’re a man’s man and ladies’ man which makes you a…MAN:)

    ps – you only get one body. be good to it! maybe you can get creative and sponsor some kind of challenge on the blog. like…if you reach your target weight, you could get the female bloggers to pose nude with you (w/ NGF approval of course). not exactly vicki’s models but i’d sign up;)

    08 – gonna be like a ’89 bordeaux. an excellent year.

  6. curtheartscock said,

    Welcome back INPY

  7. Bruce said,

    Um, apparently someone was messing with my screen name and I just realized it now, sorry about that.

  8. Whutup buddy? Glad to have ya back … and am looking forward to the Mitchell Report analysis.

    Also, for the record, I’m likely back down later this month, and we need to work on that DC-to-NY HH blowout spectacular …

  9. skip said,

    1) guitar is creative. you feel better when you express yourself.
    2) tobacco is a motherfucker to kick. I’ve got 4 days under my belt and I’m ready to rip the arm off of a baby just to see if it can cry as bad as I feel.

    If you want to get together and play, let me know. Music is like skydiving and sex. It’s fun by your self, but it’s more fun in groups.

  10. NGF said,

    tracylord – That’s quite the reward for a blog challenge! Only if I can be right up front in the picture! And why just female bloggers? Lets get the men in there, too!

  11. TracyLord said,

    @NGF: you would be front center (hiding all sentive parts). and hell’s yeah, i like the way you think…get the boyz in too!

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