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2008 Starts Off With a BANG!

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on January 11, 2008

If the first few weeks of ’08 are any indication, this year is going to kick ass. I mean, it’s really starting to look friggin’ fantastic. A lot of the changes that happened at the end of ’07 are paying off in big, big ways and I’m grinning from ear to ear.

For example;

It’s no big secret that I’ve been MIA. Well, that’s because my work load and even my entire job description changed in the last few months. I’ve been busier than ever and it’s been really great (except for my blogging gig, that is) for my life. A busy INPY is a happy INPY. Well, yesterday I was called in for my yearly review and given a substantial raise to go along with the new set up, as well as some other bad ass tweaks.


And today? I’m looking at a house. That’s right damnit you heard me. A 3 floor, finished basement, fenced in back yard, house on the hill. No more crackheads in CoHi for this cabron. No no. Like the Jeffersons, I’m a movin’ on up. Now, this was set up before I got the raise. It’s just that the raise is going to help. A LOT. Oh, and I’m not buying this place. I’d be renting. Even still, it’s a hell of a lot better to have a house is Cap Hill than an English Basement in Columbia Heights.


Next on my list is a car. I’ve fought it and fought it, but I’ve decided that it’s time. I sort of kind of have to have it for my job anyhow…I’ve just been trying to fudge it and make due but that’s not cutting it anymore. So, yeah. Now it’s a car. I have no idea what make/model I’m going to look for except to say that it will be (1) used and (2) ….well, there is no “2” so far. I used to buy cars based on the “Grrr Factor”. I liked fast and fun. Now? Not so much. Now it’s more about gas mileage and comfort…and OK, yeah, a good 0-60 (and 60-90) number.

So along with cutting out the smoking, lots of the drinking, the eating of meat (had I mentioned that before?) and the Russian call girls, I’m adding more “stuff” to my life. I’m not generally a big fan of “stuff”. I don’t like being weighed down by lots of things. Possessions. Who needs ’em? All it is really is more junk that you’ve got to deal with…

…but, that’s kind of giving way to a feeling that I’d like to be a bit more rooted down and a bit more…umm…stable? That might be the word.

Either way, hello 2008. You’re lookin’ mighty fine this evening.


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  1. jess said,

    i love it when a plan comes together 🙂

    here’s to a sweet 2008, boyo. go ahead and get all tristan — i hope it brings better and better things.

  2. tracylord said,

    a life that is all thrust, no vector is a waste. glad to see you’ve got some vector;)

  3. crys said,

    hey! i’m wondering – what does INPY stand for?
    i’m new to this blog (don’t worry – it’s bookmarked) so i’ll be back – i’m just wondering.

  4. Arjewtino said,

    Of all the stuff you have added or are thinking of adding, you failed to mention the one thing that has made you happier than anything. It rhymes with felectronic reetar.

  5. Lemmonex said,

    There better be parties at this house…hopefully pants optional.

  6. roissy said,

    if cutting out russian call girls is a positive step forward i don’t wanna stop moving backward.

  7. Tell roissy that’s just more Russian call girls for us!! Cap hill?? Its like you wanna be my neighbor or something! Cheers to a soopa 2008!!! And congrats on the raise – guess first round is on you!! Xoxo

  8. T said,

    Hey, sounds great!

  9. Heather said,

    Yay for you! Congratulations.

  10. janet said,

    we’ll be neighbors! I like the Hill, but it’s making me old(er) and boring(er) than living in Adams Morgan for sure. Maybe I just need some happy hour friends in the neighborhood!

  11. onefaller said,

    renting == pissing your dollars away.

    stuff == bad

    that said, congrats, brother.

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