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Superbowl Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on February 3, 2008

1) What a game. Seriously, that was just amazing. The Giants absolutely earned it. I kept thinking “there’s no way the G-men can hang on to win this game…” and “the Pats are going to erupt any second now.” It just never happened. Low scoring, hard nosed, amazing game, and my hat is off to an NFC East rival that I never thought I’d find myself rooting for…


I now have decided that Bill Belichick is absolutely the biggest douche in all of sports.

There’s time left on the clock, Bill…don’t come on the field. Contrary to your belief, the game doesn’t revolve around you and you don’t get to decide when it’s over. Oh, and stick around for a few minutes there sparky. The only other player I’ve ever seen leave like that was…oh yeah, Randy Moss.

Bill Belichick; classless when he wins by running up the score and tries to justify it, classless when he loses and leaves the field when he decides they can’t win…so it’s over.

Congrats to the Giants. Simply amazing.

2) Eli Manning? Good for you. I read the New York newspapers regularly and no one takes a beating quite like Eli. That drive to win it? The way that he bought time on the last drive by breaking out of the grips of two Patriots to keep hope alive? The cool he displayed? That should get ’em off his back for a bit. Oh, and maybe the “Eli Sucks” t shirt they are selling in New England will be revised?

3) Was it just me or were the commercials just …eh…?

4) Tom Brady is truly amazing. He just didn’t play like it tonight. In fact, the Patriots looked tired from the word “go”. Maybe the season finally caught up to them? I’mnot taking anything away from the Giants, but that team just didn’t look ready to go like they usually do.

5) So what’s the first company that’s going to scoop up the Mannings for a back-to-back Superbowl MVP ad?

6) It does kinda suck that we have to keep listening to the damned ’72 Dolphins for another year…but the Pats fans wouldn’ve been worse.

All in all, one of the greatest Superbowls I’ve ever seen.


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  1. janet said,

    7) My 7 layer dip and cupcakes kicked some ass too

  2. usually… the game is ..eh…and the commercials are great….this year the game was great….commercials were ..meh… i like it this way best!!
    eli pulled one out for little brothers everywhere!!

  3. TracyLord said,

    or maybe brady should have left giselle at home. in words of the great crash davis: …a player on a streak has to respect the streak.

  4. jess said,

    i called it 🙂 gotta give mad props to tyree for that catch too. and, as usual, the giants’ defense does an amazing job and gets far too little credit for it. justin tuck had a spectacular game. put persistent pressure like that on brady and he’s much more human… this article just made me grin:

  5. skip said,

    You know, the talk of the 72 Dolphins will die in a week or two. if the Pats had won, it would take years for it to die out. I can put up with two weeks, compared to the interminable Pats fans’ idiotic blathering.

    And I agree. Belichick is a douche.

  6. aileen said,

    This is the first time in quite awhile that the game was the best part of the superbowl! Commercials…I agree with you…and half-time show? yawn!

  7. Bruce said,

    Greatest superbowl in recent history….at least the best one that I have ever seen. There wasn’t a single minute of play where either team had a serious point advantage which is just unheard of for the Superbowl. I have to say that final hail mary pass to Moss made my heart skip a beat, the ball sailing in the air like that for what seemed like an hour and a half. I was sitting there thinking…crap..Moss is going to get this….damn it, when will this pass come back to earth….football begining re-entry….HOLY CRAP MOSS ACTUALLY DROPED THE BALL!!!!

    Big props to Eli Manning. His shuffle to break off all of those guys to complete an amazing pass in the 4th made me spit Brooklyn lager all over my new TV.

    As for Brady, yes, he is an incredible quarterback. Although I have always said that he is a little over rated because he has ten times the protection and time in the pocket than anyother quarterback, we saw him neutralized for the first time all season last night. Mayber the ankle was a factor?

    Bill Belichick can eat a d*** as far as I am concerned. The man has no class and as we saw is a very sore winner AND loser. His team may have been 18-0 which is incredible….but that doesn’t earn them a ring.

  8. roissy said,

    as a giants fan, this was great, but a part of me is disappointed that the pats didn’t complete a perfect 19-0 season. perfection is to be honored. the odds of another nfl team in this era of league parity going 19-0 are zero in our lifetimes. and giselle should have had the decency to stay the fuck in ny. anytime a guy is banging quality pussy it clouds his mind and takes his eyes off the prize. everytime.

    the pull my finger ad was the best. “ok, we’re back.”

  9. startingtoday said,

    Roissy – You’re telling me you think Tom Brady can’t prioritize between the most important football game of his life, and the fact that his girlfriend is in the stands? I thought women were supposed to be the emotional ones, and men were the ones who were able to compartmentalize and prioritize? He’s an adult. If he didn’t want her to come, he should have asked her to stay home.
    Aileen- I agree. Half time was so boring that I made my way to the kitchen to do dishes.

  10. Lemmonex said,

    Tom Petty rocked my socks off. He may be old, but he still has it. “American Girl” is one of the best songs ever.

  11. roissy said,

    Roissy – You’re telling me you think Tom Brady can’t prioritize between the most important football game of his life, and the fact that his girlfriend is in the stands?

    correct. once a man is satisfying his primal lust, his will to win suffers. there is even a study proving it:


    giselle should have known her presence would be a distraction and stayed away.

    now it’s interesting that peyton’s presence presence may have actually HELPED eli’s performance, as it is well known that younger brothers tend to overachieve to win their parent’s approval away from the favored eldest son.

  12. startingtoday said,

    Roissy – Didn’t have time to read the whole thing while at work, but not sure how the article you referenced connects to this. It specifically targets the occupation “scientist.” Anyway, maybe Tom lost because he didn’t deserve to win and his coach is a disrespectful asshole.
    Agreed about Peyton’s appearance; nothing like a little family rivalry to motivate.

  13. roissy said,

    oh btw i heard giselle was seen leaving the booth sobbing. what’s the over under on her dumping tom before the spring?

  14. Krystle said,

    YES!! Wasn’t Bill an asshole… god. Now who’s the poor sport? It was TERRIBLE. Embarassing. And, the prick didn’t even talk at the news conference. Brady talked more than his head coach… that’s low.

    It was a thrill beyond belief to see the Giants pull this off. It was well deserved, and the cheating lying, worthless team of the Patriots deserved every bit of this. 19-0 would have been pretty cool, but I don’t think after they’ve lied and cheated their way through and video taped other teams that the 19-0 wasn’t all that deserved after all. That’s just my opinion.

  15. I am a Patriots fan from Argentina. Very nice Patriots information.
    I am a big fan of Tom Brady and Wes Welker.
    I hope to be in Boston for a game this fall.

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