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Where to Go -OR- TAGGED!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by inowpronounceyou on May 17, 2007

OK, I got tagged…TAGGED DAMNIT! And it’s kind of like a “man, you just gotta do it”…

So the deal is your 5 Favorite restaurants in DC, and why you love ’em. Now, I am NOT a food snob, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you the 5 Zagat rated places that are sure to make you get off in your pants right at the table like you were a 14 year old on your first hot date.

No no. Here are the places I like the most for many different reasons. IF you want to know what I think are the BEST DC places, I’ve got a very different list. These are the places I’ve gone the most and enjoy the most, all for very different reasons, as they stand right now.

Luigi’s I have had more great dinners with friends in this place than I can even remember. It’s Italian comfort food done right. Not great, but damned good. I’ve gone in with large groups of people and been treated like we were blowing a grand. I dig it. I dig it alot. You can find far better Italian, but that’s not the point.

Aditi The world is full of knock offs of the originals…of the good stuff. Bastardized version of something great are everywhere…and the real deal is hard to find. Like the Blues. You don’t hear many Johnny Langs but JESUS you can’t turn around and not hear John Mayer. But I digress. I LOVE Indian food. Aditi is the real deal. It’s John Lee Hooker. Simple, fantastic, and classic. I love this place.

Georgia Brown’s Three words. Write them down and remember them when you walk in…

Fried. Green. Tomatoes.

Tonic The food? Better than you would ever believe when you walk in…for real. The owners are cool and the atmosphere is hip whether you just want a beer, a burger, brunch, or just a good meal. You can’t lose, really. Oh, and when exFiance and I got engaged, they gave us Champagne and a toast. Nice people, really.

Wait…maybe my karma there is shot.

And lastly, the Mad Hatter. Shut up and wait a second!

This is for no reasons other than the following;

1) EVERYONE that works there is a baseball fan. Danny digs the Twins. Darren is a Tigers guy. Chris the bouncer and Jess the bartender? Sox fans. Tre and Seth, the resident Texans? Astros and Rangers, respectively. They ALL know their baseball, and they subscribe to the Baseball package. Whatever game you wanna watch, it’s on and this is the place to watch it. Everyone there can call for the suicide squeeze at the right time, knows the difference between a 2 and 4 seam fastball, and can (and WILL) talk shit about your team. There is nothing like a playoff game in the Hatter. Nothing.


2) Good stiff drinks. Especially if you’re watching and talking baseball. They tend to have vapors coming off of them if you’re rooting for one of their teams, too.

By the way, this is where ARod Bingo was conceived.

I don’t go after 9 on Friday and Saturdays because that ain’t my scene. But this is the place to catch a big day game or a weeknight must see match up. Oh, and the burgers? Perfect for watching a baseball game.

And now I have to tag 5? I just can’t do it…if anyone WANTS to tell me their favs, please do. But I can’t do the chain letter thing. But I would like to hear your favorite (NOT “best”…YOUR favorite) places to blow your money on food and/or drink.

Fire away, and thanks Heather. Let me know the best places to eat in London. (So friggin’ jealous.) And she tags me and she’s not even coming to the HH. Can ya stand it? I get homework, she’s not coming despite the bribe.



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  1. Hey Pretty said,

    To be fair, Mad Hatter does have a good brunch.

    Perhaps it’s because my brain is lazy today, but I don’t think I can come up with 5 favorites. I love Obelisk. I know it’s chi-chi and all that, but the food is lovely, the service is mellow, and the atmosphere is really nice and low-key. I love Bourbon simply for their tater tots; Belga Cafe for their Steak Frites; St. Ex for the atmosphere although I wish the service was friendlier and less pretentious/hipsterish; and surprisingly, the best BLT I have ever had was served to me recently at Open City (the rest of their food I find mediocre).

  2. All of these are my favorites because of the memories, though some provide stellar food and drink, too. I’m a sentimental sap, I guess. 🙂

    In no particular order:

    (1) Matuba Sushi, Arlington. Cheap, walking distance, they do takeout. ‘Nuff said.

    (2) Jaleo’s, Bethesda location. GREAT memories with my friend, venting about law school over vats of sangria.

    (3) Tabard Inn. Chocolate Creme Brulee. I repeat: Chocolate. Creme. Brulee.

    (4) Irish Inn at Glen Echo. Great brunch, a beautiful drive to and from on the back of a motorcycle.

    (5) Pizzeria Paradiso, G-town. Filled with lots of great memories, and I discovered my favorite wine there! 😀

  3. Hey Pretty; I like Bourbon, and Tonic has bad ass tater tots, too. Obelisk I don’t know, but “mellow service” is a big thing with me….so I might have to check that out! St Ex, the attitude KILLS for me. And that BLT? I’ve had it, and it ROCKED. But thanks for the head’s up on the rest of the menu!

    Dagny; Pizzeria Paradiso was THIIIIIS close to making my list. Love that place. And I like Jaleo’s but I like La Tasca a little more. The Maragrita Sangria is a hallucinogenic…I kid you not.

  4. Jo said,

    The Majestic in Alexandria has some good Fried Green Tomatoes as well and some good comfort food.

    BTW, does today feel more like spring to you ;-)? The rest of the week is supposed to be cooler and less muggier.

  5. WiB said,

    Luigi’s has one of the best cream sauces ever. Rich as hell, and damned tasty. One of my favorite places in the area. If you haven’t tried the filled pastas (ravioli, tortellini or the agnolotti), order those next; neither will disappoint. Hand-made and delicious. What’s great about that place is that it is very good Italian food, but more like home-food rather than restaurant-food. Uncomplicated but excellent. Service is on the slow side, but a great spot if you have time for a long lunch.

    I may have to try Aditi now, if only because of the blues analogies. Nicely done. My only question is: which restaurant is the Kenny Wayne Shepherd of Indian food?

  6. Jo said,

    And my five:

    1) Ichiban – Sushi in McLean
    2) Las Tapas – Alexandria (Live Flamenco music and dancing and better tapas than Jaleo)
    3) Boulevard Woodgrill – for Brunch in Arlington
    4) Fogo do Chao – For good steak
    5) Restaurant Eve – for a gastronomic epiphany

  7. Jo; It DOES feel better today!! And the FGT’s and ajestic ARE good (I used to live near there) but NOTHING like the one’s I’m talkin about…as for your recommendations, I don’t go out to VA that much, but for live Flamenco and Tapas? Oh yeah…

    WiB; I have had those at Luigi’s and they are GREAT! As for the KWS of Indian? Heritage. Still traditional, but a little more flashy and commercial. (Did you kniow he’s married to one of Mel Gibson’s 326 daughters?)

  8. Heather said,

    See, that wasn’t too painful, was it? Sounds like Luigi’s should be next on my list.

    And am I ever going to live down missing this HH? Gah!

  9. Heather; no, I admit it wasn’t that bad…but I’m STARVING now!!!

    Luigi’s is great with a group of friends. Drink lots of wine, try the eggplant app, and enjoy. And no, you will not live this down…well, not until the next HH.

  10. Kayla said,

    Cashion’s Eat Place (and not because I used to work there.. and not because my ex is the chef there ;)) – the food is absolutely amazing. It’s a mix of everything heavenly (‘normal’ portions – meaning most people complain that there’s not enough food, seasonal and organic… it’s just how it should be).

    Palena – ok, this is a special occasion restaurant for sure.. but you can do the “bar” up front where everything is $10. Ok, you could even skip the dinner and just go straight for Ann Amernick’s homemade caramels… they are slap your mama good.

    Cheap Eats (aka my budget):
    Amsterdam Falafel (ok, and Scotty the owner is a friend..and a bad ass) in Adams Morgan. Don’t eat falafel anywhere else. DON’T. If you have eaten falafel in Amsterdam (with all of the pickled salads, etc) or in Israel – you will be in heaven.

    St. Ex (bar) – I will say this… Fried Chickpeas – $3 = crack (and it is not whack)

    All time favorite: Lost Dog Cafe (Arlington) – Pizza, Sammiches, a beer list to die for… Heaven.

  11. Kayla; My office orders from the Lost Dog all the TIME!! LOVE that place. the #1 HCBLT? SO good…

  12. jess said,

    ray’s the steaks — i never knew what they meant by ‘marbled’ in terms of how beef tastes before going here. heavenly.

    poste — the best. roasted. chicken. evah.

    eighth st. lounge — lady in the back does the cooking. it’s clarendon, so take with a grain of salt… but esp. good stuff for bar food.

    i also have a soft spot for breadline and levante’s … but there are so many places i wanna try. kayla, hook me up with your badass restaurant knowledge!

  13. katinka said,

    Kotobuki sushi- cheap great eats and you gotta luv the only music they play is the beatles
    The Diner-Drunk or sober I love this place.
    Chef Geoffs- the $5 burger and super mug combo cannot be beaten
    Palisades Pizza is another spot you have got to try, think of it as Jumbo slice size but Paradiso quality.
    Yummm I think I’m going to get some right now….

  14. Kayla said,

    I want a job in your office!!

    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, since I was pluggin’ all my friends spots (hells, they can cook!!) – I neglected to mention Curry Club in Georgetown… british/indian.. Soooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood.

    (also, the mini burgers at matchbox are the beee-omb).

  15. Kayla said,

    OMG, I am sluttin’ up this post today…

    I have one more – I swear..

    Greek Deli!! (the food is the absolutely the best greek food in the area.. ok, scratch that.. my ex – mentioned above – is greek.. yikes, his IS the best..BUT the Greek Deli is the best Greek grub in the city)..

  16. shadowsofourselves said,

    Can’t say I’ve been to too many places in DC. But you liked Georgia Brown’s, huh? The Fried Green Tomatoes are VERY good. Never had anything else like it.

  17. erica said,

    Luigis really?? Oh man, and here I thought you had taste (heh). But GBs’ FGT are amazing….and the fried chicken/mashed taters. To die for.

    If I did a list it would be….

    1. Ooohs and Aaahs. Think GBs but without the linens and credit card ability. Fried chicken and mac and cheese are beyond amazing. Top 3 in best I’ve ever had (Mama Dips in Ch-Hill and Weaver Ds in Athens, GA take the other 2 spots).

    2. Matchbox: love the little parmesan crust thingy on the salad and the pizzas rock…great little bistro place where you can go dressed up or down. Every dish is good.

    3. Little Fountain Cafe: and not just cause I work there. 1/2 price wine nights on Wed, and not a bad dish on the menu. For realsies, I’d tell you otherwise. Great little oasis in the madness that is AdMor.

    4. Cafe Milano: and not just cause I used to work there. Dominico can cook his ass off and at the very least go for the wine and grappa listings. And for goofing on the pompous Eurotrash.

    5. Moby Dicks: oh.my.god. Convinced they coat the kabobs with heroin, it is that addicting.

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